Stories have shaped who you are.

Can your novel do the same for readers?

Virtual Summit Dates: April 21-23


Registration Opens: March 1st

Remember the last book that changed how you view the world?

You want the story you’re writing to be just as powerful. But maybe you’re struggling with doubts about whether that’s possible.

Are you worried that you don’t know how to cut through the dross to unleash the heart of your story?

Do you feel overwhelmed about weaving Christian themes into your story without being preachy?

Are you nervous that readers won’t remember your story’s message like so many novels you’ve read and forgotten after you finished the last chapter?

The Resonant Themes Summit will show you how to imitate Christ, the great teller of parables, and impact readers.

Join us in April for a three-day event featuring 10+ expert Christian authors, editors, and writing coaches who will teach you how to craft themes that resonate.

“We resolve to look for ways to explore meaningful themes while delighting our readers, avoiding futile attempts to depict truth devoid of beauty.”

– Christian Storytellers Manifesto

The Story Embers Summit Difference

You’ve sat through too many virtual presentations over the past two years.

That’s why we’re giving you a fresh, interactive approach that focuses on community.

New for 2022


Daily Discussion Calls

Virtual chat or Facebook discussions aren’t the same as face-to-face conversations. Share the excitement of your learning journey through daily small group Zoom calls.


Peer Critique Opportunity

Team up with other attendees and apply the lessons from the summit together to help each other craft stronger themes. You’ll see instant results in your current manuscript!

Focused Topic

Every session aims at one goal: equipping you to write resonant themes. We promise not to fill your head with miscellaneous tips about other areas of storytelling.

Meaningful Faith Connections

The Bible can teach you about developing and delivering meaningful themes. We’ll encourage you to study Scripture and show you the insights you can glean.

Attendees’ Thoughts on Previous Summits

“Whether taught by well-known professionals in the CBA or Story Embers’ young, enthusiastic, and talented staff, each session presented invaluable information that all writers can benefit from. Highly recommended!”

Dawn Shipman

“The Authentic Characters Summit was the best online conference I’ve ever attended. The intense focus on character development has forever impacted the way I craft my stories.”

Crystal Caudill

Speaker List Coming Soon!

The speakers were impressive and thought-provoking.”

Brian Stansell

“I’ve never attended a writing event that had such a strong Christian focus like this, and that was so refreshing and inspiring. All the sessions I attended gave me actionable steps to create deeper, more authentic characters to connect with readers.”

Jenna Terese

What sets the Story Embers team apart from other groups is their steadfast belief that good storytelling is not at odds with the Christian life, but central to it–and worth fighting to redeem. The quality of teaching that they offer is phenomenal.”

Christopher Babcock

“There weren’t just one or two practical ideas in each session. The sessions were LOADED with applicable tips.”

Tabitha Driver

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Learn What the Bible Says about Engaging Plots

Learn What the Bible Says about Engaging Plots

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