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Why You (Probably) Struggle with Style

Agents and publishers stress the importance of having a unique writing voice.

But how do you actually make yourself sound distinct from other authors?

Contrary to what you might believe, developing your voice doesn’t involve luck or anything esoteric.

Style is more fluid than the clear-cut rules of grammar and spelling, but that doesn’t mean guidelines don’t exist.

One simple principle can supercharge your prose:

Be intentional with every word.

The Core Truth You Need to Embrace

You don’t need to use as many words to express an idea as you probably think you do.

When you scrutinize and weigh each word, you’ll write tighter, clearer, and with a zest all your own.

Studying the masters will increase your sensitivity to excellent (and clunky) prose.

Remember: wonderful stories consist of individual paragraphs, sentences, and words that must be wonderful too.

This requires intentionality.

How to Embrace This Truth

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