SE Podcast #9: Interview with Nadine Brandes about Fawkes

May 11, 2019

Welcome to the finale of Fawkes week!


In today’s episode, Grace Livingston, Josiah DeGraaf, and Rolena Hatfield sit down with YA author Nadine Brandes to talk about her learning experiences while writing Fawkes. Nadine gives a behind-the-scenes glimpse at what inspired the story, the challenges she encountered during the process, and how she felt about switching to the historical fantasy genre. Listen to their conversation below!



  1. Daeus Lamb

    Thanks, Nadine! Really enjoyed the inside scoop.

  2. Emma Huckabee (Emma Starr)

    What a privilege to hear from you, Nadine! Fawkes was so insightful and inspiring–as soon as I finished the library copy, I ordered my own copy to enjoy. (and to let all my friends borrow!) This podcast helped me appreciate Fawkes even more.

    I’m counting the days until my Romanov copy arrives! 😉


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