SE Podcast #8: How Our Faith Impacts Our Storytelling

April 27, 2019

Today Josiah DeGraaf, Hope Ann, and Brandon Miller share how their faith has impacted their writing and discuss how a writer’s worldview can affect a story consciously or unconsciously. Listen to their thoughts below!



Want to share your perspective on this topic? Join us on the forum thread for this episode to continue the conversation!


  1. Emma Huckabee (Emma Starr)

    This podcast helped me so much! I am definitely a writer who overthinks how to incorporate my worldview. After listening, I thought about my favorite authors and realized that many of them don’t write explicitly “Christian” stories, per se. The author’s worldview is strongly infused throughout the story, so I can feel it rather than observe it.

    P.S. Brandon, I love the humor! 😉

    • Grace Livingston

      Same! I also overthink things when incorporating my faith into my stories. (That’s part of why this episode has been one of my favorites so far!) Thanks for listening, Emma!

  2. eden anderson

    Once again, great podcast! I really enjoy listening to them…you do a wonderful job, Grace!👍

    • Grace Livingston

      Thanks, Eden! I’m so glad you enjoy them. 😀

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