SE Podcast #35: An In-Depth Look at Professional Editing

January 23, 2021

Today Josiah, Brianna, and Gabrielle share their experiences with professional editing and how it has helped them grow as writers. They debunk common misconceptions that writers have about working with a professional editor and discuss the advantages of hiring one. Listen to their conversation below!



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  1. Katie W.

    “I counted 50 plot holes and I didn’t finish the manuscript because I fell into one of them.” Brianna’s deadpan one-liner was quite possibly my favorite takeaway. Well played.

    Lots of interesting information in this podcast episode! I appreciated the complementary writer and editor perspectives, and I gained a better understanding of the layers and levels of editing options available to writers.

    I’m also officially requesting that Josiah write a story about flamingos. I’m voting for an allegory, but I’ll let the writer decide.

    • Brianna Storm Hilvety

      Haha, I didn’t realize I could pull off deadpan one-liners until now. But I’m 100% okay with being remembered for that. 😉

      I’m happy to hear that you got value out of our discussion!

  2. Lily

    Thanks so much for this! Beforehand, I’ve had a lot of questions about professional editors, and your guys’ advice and stories and comments have really helped me.

    And yes, I second the request on a story about flamingos!

    • Brianna Storm Hilvety

      You’re very welcome! 🙂 Gracie put together some excellent discussion prompts, and I’m glad our responses were helpful to you. Did you have any other questions about professional editing that this episode didn’t answer?

    • Lily

      Hmm, not at the moment. But thank you for asking! I’m halfway through on my WIP, and so I’ve started looking into professional editing (i.e articles, podcasts, etc. on the subject). I hope to have my manuscript ready sometime maybe this fall…? *Lord Willing*. We’ll see 🙂

      Thanks again!
      May God bless your week! 🙂

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