SE Podcast #3: Our Favorite Contemporary Christian Authors

February 16, 2019

Welcome to episode 3 of the Story Embers Podcast!


In today’s episode, Josiah DeGraaf, Daeus Lamb, and Brandon Miller share their favorite contemporary Christian authors and discuss what elements set them apart. Listen to their conversation below!



Who are some of your favorite contemporary Christian authors? Let us know in the comments!


  1. graceabounds2129

    First off, I’m so glad the SE Podcast is back!

    I loved Josiah’s comment on Christian writers depicting scenarios in which the moral character goes in and rights a wrong situation. It is so important for Christian writers to keep reality in mind that it is ultimately God who saves, not us. But also that we are not promised to have easy, laid-back, perfect lives. We live in a fallen world full of sin, pain, and suffering. And that’s where I think it is important for writers to pray over their stories: is it more important to depict redemption or faith despite suffering?

    As for my favorite contemporary Christian authors, I must say I agree that Andrew Peterson is a wonderful storyteller! I fell in love with his Wingfeather Saga right before The Warden and the Wolf King was released. His stories really are an act of creative worship; Peterson doesn’t hold his imagination back and is able to create a wonderful series that ultimately does point to Christ. I just recently acquired a copy of The Wingfeather Tales and can’t wait to read it!

    I have recently started reading more Christian living/nonfiction books, namely memoirs. Around Christmas time I was able to read Riley Unlikely by Riley Banks-Snyder. This is simply a young woman’s retelling of how she has seen God’s hand work in her own life. It is a wonderful reminder that every story has power when God is working through it.

    I do wonder if there is a way to introduce the panel so that the audience knows whose voice is whose? While this is not necessary to understand the content, I found it a little distracting at times trying to figure out who was speaking. That being said, I love the concept and information. Looking forward to the next episode!

    • Josiah DeGraaf

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts! I’ve heard of Riley Unlikely but haven’t read it… Sounds like a good book!

      Thanks for the suggestion. This is one of the things we’re working on. We’ll actually be switching up our podcast team for the next couple episodes and bringing in some more female voices, which should help with distinguishing people better. 😉 We can see if there are other things we can do on this front as well to clarify the discussion!

  2. Eden Anderson

    Awesome podcast! I think this is probably my favorite one yet!👍

  3. Eliza LeBlanc

    This was a great episode!! I was hoping y’all would mention Andrew Peterson, ’cause he’s one of my favorites. But actually, I think Douglas Bond would have to be first on my list. His books are incredibly encouraging and definitely not lacking in adventure.

    • Grace Livingston

      Thanks for listening, Eliza! Yes, we have quite a few Andrew Peterson fans here on staff so it was impossible not to mention him. 😛

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