SE Podcast #19: Depicting Souls in Literature

October 19, 2019

Today Josiah DeGraaf, Hope Ann, and Brandon Miller discuss what it means to depict characters with souls. How do we show readers the inherent worth of a person’s soul without being explicitly Christian? Listen to their conversation below!



How do you think souls should be treated in fiction? What’s your favorite example of a book that effectively portrayed a soul as valuable? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. DeepRun

    As an author who’s a Christian, your framework would dictate giving value to every individual because they have a soul. That every soul could possibly be redeemed; what a great story starts right there. I personally think in LOTR that soul deptiction happened, without being preachy, because he made you care about someone like Gollum. That he was given a second chance. Without first believing he had soul (something eternal worth redemption), how could he be worth the trouble? And the list goes on with Grima, Saruman, etc. Why would we long for them to choose the right if there wasn’t some higher battle going on?

    Great thoughts, thank you! Especially as I’m currently deep in working out the backstory of my antagonist.

    On Les Mis… Wait until you get to his thoughts on the public sewage system. No joke.


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