We are Rillumen,

That bright silver stream in the darkness of night,

And during the day,

A beacon reflecting the sun’s golden light.

We are Rillumen,

Prisoners of hope and bearers of light,

Taking anything clara,

And shining it boldly into the night,

Refracting it everywhere, ever so bright.

And remember…

Anywhere a Lumenite stands,

Rillumen is there.

Welcome to our place of greeting. Here we invite you to walk alongside us as torch bearers, weaving threads of hope here and there in a fallen world. We strive to fight evil with the words of power, using that which has been given. We reflect the light with the use of beautiful prose, and in the rhythm of poetry we find might.

But in this endeavor, we leave none alone. Indeed, we need our members to help us push forward. Our dedication to critiquing, encouraging, and holding each other accountable to goals (achieved and missed) strengthens us along our journey. We’re not afraid to dive into the nitty-gritty details of our craft and fix the little issues as long as we’re doing it together. And finally, when one of us is in the shadows of doubt, let him reach out to find a friend’s hand to grasp…a fellow torchbearer in the darkness.

Thus we introduce ourselves so that you may know and join us in the battles, with sword of poetry and shield of prose. Eyes alight, let us go forth together as Rillumen.

Illuminate the world!

Guild Master: Brandon Miller

Raised on C.S. Lewis and matured (to whatever extent) on Tolkien, Brandon Miller is a huge fan of Christian speculative fiction. His favorite stories artfully bend the physical reality to reveal spiritual realities that apply to all realms, kingdoms, districts, and solar systems (including our own).

When not writing fiction, Brandon spends his time sportsing (go, Broncos), playing board games, or trying to make sense of the four-year confusion project known in the common tongue as college.

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