Red Ink

May 27, 2021

In case you’ve ever wondered

What goes on in an editor’s brain,

Her desire to conquer syntax

Can cause an awful strain.


A typo, a misspelling,

A hyphen out of place

Will etch a deep, deep crease

Upon an editor’s face.


She raises her red pen,

Or taps the delete key;

To her eyes, poor grammar

Seems like profanity.


Telling instead of showing,

A cliché here or there,

And a huge chunk of backstory

Makes an editor pull her hair.


Her mind rebuilds a sentence

That once ran awkwardly,

For the power of prose is lost

In a segment so wordy.


She yearns to help the author,

To make his message glisten,

In hopes that readers will soon

With rapt attention listen.


As she pauses in her work,

She bows her head in faith,

Praying to the Lord above

For wisdom and for strength.


Although her hand is gentle,

And her encouragement heard,

The author sometimes rejects

Her suggestions as absurd.


Change often hurts and stabs;

It’s tempting to resist pain,

But a person stuck in old ways

Won’t discover what is to gain.


For stories are like people,

With God as editor divine;

His Word pierces hearts

So that the light of Christ may shine.


Whether writer or editor,

The calling is the same:

To lead others to the Lord,

And glorify His name.


  1. Madelyn

    Wow!!! This started out humorous and ended with a great message. I love it, Brianna! 🙂

    • Brianna Storm Hilvety

      Thanks! I had fun writing it and infusing a deeper meaning into it. 😉

  2. Dru

    It’s beautiful. I really enjoyed reading it.


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