Good friends are one of the greatest blessings. Lately I have been experimenting with portraits of people I’m close to, which provides its own set of challenges. You have to be willing to push away the perfectionist need for 100 percent accuracy and simply let the image be a likeness.


For this photo, my only tools were a mechanical pencil, a blending stump, and a kneaded eraser. I strove to keep everything soft, because the human face rarely has hard lines. Using both my thumb and the blending stump, I let the lines in the hair flow as they wished and maintained a smooth, even texture for the skin.


One of my favorite biblical friendships is the relationship between David and Jonathan in 1 Samuel. Deep friendships are definitely a gift from God. I am so glad I was able to capture the likeness of my dear friend, Hannah, and have the ability to share it with you.

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