Unlike the average family, we never decorate our house in red and green at Christmastime. Instead, we deck the halls and trim the tree in silver, white, and turquoise hues. I’ve painted many Christmas canvases with that color scheme, but this is one of my favorites because it reminds me of my mom and her fascination with peacocks.


Like most of my artwork, I did this piece with acrylic paint. I thickly coated my brush with white paint to develop texture and applied a dabbing method for the snow. I added teal strokes to the bird’s feathers to pull in the surrounding colors.


One of the reasons I’m glad we decorate differently for Christmas is because that makes my family unique. Peacocks are normally blue instead of white, but the rarity of albino peacocks gives them a stunning appearance. God uses the differences in our looks, tastes, and behavior to create beauty and diversity. So, remember to always cherish those quirky, unusual traits and traditions that make you and your loved ones special.

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