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I was built deep and hungry, with a heart that wanted to be filled with so much beauty and emotion and love. I thought that was my gift, my blessing—being able to contain it all.

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Tornado winds raged when I was here last. Your fingers ran through my hair and calmed the strands the storm had tangled. I wondered how long before I felt that safety again.

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People call her strong, and when she speaks, thunder roars. From her heart flows a downpour that drowns and overwhelms many a landscape. But within the churning clouds hides a gentle flicker of light, each flash and each vein a memory of past hurts and triumphs that must be guarded.

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Each mask hides another, veil on tearstained veil. Each tattered page of my heart, inked and stamped and sealed in the shadows of my mind.

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Stopped. Started.

Broken towers, ripped apart. Life is full of pain; nothing is right. All has been demolished. How did it get this way? Tattered and torn, broken to bits. Was life always pain and suffering?

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