Podcast #73: How the Bible Inspires a Writer’s Creativity

June 22, 2024

If the Bible reveals a creative God, how does His Word inspire and expand a writer’s creativity?


In today’s episode, Daeus, Lori, and Martin explore how to ground your creative life in Scripture and how to depict characters who both are and aren’t walking in truth.


They also share some examples of stories that engage with Scripture without coming across as preachy.




What’s one way a Bible passage has sparked an idea for one of your stories? Let us know in the comments!


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  1. Mary Burch

    Not from a specific scripture, but I study the Bible most mornings. One day, I felt God telling me I wasn’t being honest in my story. My fantasy hero lost his fiance tragically. It was like God said the man would be mad at God. He reminded me of when I’d been mad at God.
    So, my hero got mad at God. And I used my experience to frame his reaction and resulting guilt. Besides my story arc, I had a spiritual arc. They resolved near the same time.
    I only added around 1000 words spread between 4-5 spots in the book. But it totally changed the story — in a good way.
    I never thought I could write a Christian arc. But I did.


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