Podcast #70: How Should Christian Writers View Fame and Success?

March 23, 2024

We live in a world that’s become increasingly focused on fame, and “success” for a writer means having thousands of followers, signing with a large publisher, and hitting the bestseller list. The goal is to be in the spotlight and make a hefty income.


But, as Christians, we write for God’s glory, not our own.


Knowing this, we wrestle with moral questions about our dreams and ambitions. What if we want to be published by the Big Five? How do we grow an audience but not our pride? If we’re not seen, are we truly having an influence? 


In this episode, Josiah, Mariposa, and Daeus discuss serving God through writing—whether with a huge platform or a small one.




What’s one way you’d like to champion a fellow writer?


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  1. Alaina E. White

    Thank you so much Mr. Josiah, Mr. Daeus, and Ms. Mariposa for this podcast! I found it very helpful and I loved it so much. It was very encouraging and it was very informative for me, as I’ve been struggling with promoting my book because of not wanting to feel prideful, and I think you had wonderful advice! Keep up the good work!


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