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Why You (Probably) Struggle with Plot

As you try to figure out how to tie a sequence of events together, you feel like you’re holding a tangled mess.

How can I understand story structure?

Why aren’t my scenes engaging?

How do I guarantee that my premise grabs readers?

Though these concerns may seem unrelated, they all strike at the same goal: keeping readers turning pages.

And what draws readers in?

Characters who overcome impossible obstacles to get what they need.

The Core Truth You Need to Embrace

Your plot won’t be riveting if your characters only trip over small bumps as they pursue desires that don’t matter.

Most plotting techniques can be boiled down to two core skills: setting high stakes and building high hurdles.

When readers aren’t sure whether the protagonist will succeed or fail, they’ll sympathize with him and care where he winds up.

If you can create this doubt, they won’t be able to put your book down.

How to Embrace This Truth

Our Top Resource Recommendations

Over the past several years, we’ve compiled a wide range of material on this subject. Browse the following suggestions to see which items fill your current needs.

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Other Recommended Resources

We didn’t create these resources ourselves, but we highly recommend them.

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