Close your eyes and envision paradise. Maybe you see a majestic mountain or a vibrant sunset. As for me, I see a plethora of palm trees surrounding a glimmering sea. It’s a shame Adam and Eve had to ruin it all, but despite many centuries of man’s depravity, God has left us with a taste of that former paradise. Some days, natural disasters or humankind destroy it, leaving us with ugliness. Other days, like in the bleakness of winter, paradise seems to go into hiding.
So I decided to break out my acrylics and paint something that will remind people of God’s beauties all year long—during hurricanes or winter storms—and His promise of the paradise to come.
However, that’s not the only reason I decided to paint this. Hibiscus and plumerias are my favorite flowers. For a while, I couldn’t decide which one I liked most. But one day I learned that the plumeria’s five petals symbolize sincerity, faith, devotion, aspiration, and surrender. Now, every time I see one, it reminds me to practice those attributes for God’s glory.

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