Greetings, traveler. You’ve encountered a book written by Parimi Alca’s guild master that contains the lore of our world. I invite you to open and read it.

I suppose the story ought to begin with the popular myth of our dragon, who hoards ideas and other shiny objects in a cave near the Inked Ocean. But then again, the story stretches even further back than that. Maybe when I first decided to journey to a new world that was unfounded at the time?

No. We must begin before the Dividing. We must start in the days of the old magic.

Lore of Old

Parimi Alca was more fair than any other land. People of different races, genres, ages, and ideas constructed buildings that nearly reached the stars, sailed ships to thousands of countries and islands, and cured diseases thought to be sent by Death himself.

Magic ran in their blood, and that intermingled with invention was a recipe for the creation of wonders. The D.R.A.G.O.Ns (Denalin’s Realistic Androids Given Organic Natures) were formed. These machines resembled dragons from mythology but varied in size and function. Some acted as military vessels, and others delivered messages. Nonetheless, DRAGONs were vital to their society.

After a few centuries of peace and prosperity, disaster occurred. The DRAGONs rebelled due to a suspected virus that spread through the population. They overthrew people and sent the entire world of Parimi Alca into chaos. Some places were spared the worst damage, but most of the land was covered in mechanical debris.

Many years later, an explorer from the country of New Wessex in the universe of Story Embers was commissioned to find this lost land and establish it as a world claimed by the light of God that writers strive to paint in their works.

This explorer, J.A. Penrose, founded the land of Parimi Alca and soon began to recruit those who had been sending her letters of request. Within weeks, the destroyed world transformed into a thriving community that contained Cartographers, Capital City Dwellers, Dragon Keepers, Dragon Trainers, Inventors, Warriors, Mages, Scholars, Land Workers, and Writers.


Currently, Parimi Alca is divided into the following biomes, but we are sure that still more may be discovered.

Some biomes have chosen to remain 100% natural. They’ve helped the land grow and nurtured tropical paradises and rain forests filled with small dragons that developed due to the Dividing that occurred, each with their own survival mechanisms.

Some biomes have chosen a steampunk lifestyle. They’ve built cities and invented crazy contraptions out of the remnants from the disaster. They have mechanical dragons that are left over, and people can communicate with them via Parimi Alca bracelets. Certain charms allow communication with different dragons (only some people can communicate with a Great Dragon, but all can communicate with their shoulder dragons and messenger dragons).

Some have formed their biomes in an area that resonates with magic from the Past Era. Quests can be found on every corner and people travel from afar to be schooled in magic.

Some biomes have developed based on what they read in books, shaping the contemporary culture. People who are not quite elite enough often end up here, turning it more dangerous. Mostly, the inhabitants are content to live peacefully but sometimes will go on an adventure into the depths of Parimi Alca.

Some biomes seem to be a dystopian world. This is where those who are considered to be criminals or dangerous are usually placed. Basically a prison. Many interesting things can be found in this area, and the people work hard to pay their way into the Sci-Fi biome.

Some biomes have created advanced technology and even adapted humans to fit in with new skills. Their inventions are more utilitarian than those of the Steampunk sector, but they tend to draw admiration from others. They work endlessly to fix Parimi Alca.


Ultimately, no matter what biome, you can find people who are writing for God. Parimi Alca is the Written World of Light, and we strive to live by it. Writers of all genres are welcome here, and we all work together to help each other grow and learn.

Welcome, my friends, to Parimi Alca—A Written World of Light.

Guild Master: J.A. Penrose

J.A. Penrose is an Australian writer and editor who loves to both read and write. Ever since she turned ten, she could never be found without a notebook on her. Her works vary from dystopian to fantasy to sci-fi. Most of her time is spent around her friends, family, and books.

When she isn’t doing schoolwork, writing, or editing, she can be found reading, composing music, or playing music, among other things.

Above all, she aims to have a strong personal relationship with her Heavenly Father.

You can find out more about her at her site, Inspiration.

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