Welcome to the Great Hall of the Saxon Scribes!

We’re a tight-knit group that pushes and encourages each other toward excellence in writing, humility in our Christian walk, and ultimate victory! Despite our cool cloaks and grim swords, we’re actually an inviting group, and we work on story prompts, share fun ideas, and dive into geeky writing topics together. Once you step into our ranks, you’ll probably want to write more.

You may be wondering what makes us Saxon? What doesn’t make us Saxon?!

Many centuries ago, a Saxon lived who went by the name of Alfred the Great. As a fifth son, he shouldn’t have become king, but eventually he did. When what was perhaps the strongest army in the world raided the rest of England, his little kingdom shouldn’t have lasted, but it did. Even after complete defeat, Alfred rallied an army and drove back the enemy. Then he went on to free many of the surrounding kingdoms.

Alfred was a keen little man who loved to write poetry and think about history, theology, and philosophy. Even though he had peace on every side, he knew something wasn’t right. The greatest enemy was still undefeated—an enemy that couldn’t even be seen.

Alfred strove to prepare his people for the coming storm, teaching them to read and providing them with the very best books. He realized that wouldn’t be enough though. He was only one of the first in what would be an epic battle. In desperation, he shared everything he knew of the enemy, but he had to write it in a secret code lest the enemy find and destroy it. Alfred died and long years of silence followed, but then…

Years later, in the modern era, a teenage boy was walking in his backyard when a package fell out of a hollow tree in front of him. Upon investigating, he could find no sign of who the package was from or why it had dropped out of the tree. He looked around and eyed the brooding raven that seemed to be watching him from a nearby tree. Ducking behind a bush, he quickly tore open the package. A jewel tumbled out. Daeus stuffed it in his pocket and walked inside.

After years of research, the mysterious artifact turned out to be the original Alfred jewel, not to be confused with the brilliant replica at the Ashmolean Museum. Daeus’s life was not changed by the value of the treasure though, but by the secret inscription on the back.

Melkor, prince of darkness, seeks for the books. This is the terrible secret he hides from men, distracting them with every diversion he can muster. I sense his emissaries among those nearest to me. He must be stopped. Already my feeble work crumbles. May a new day come when those stronger than I can carry the battle into his strongholds.

Daeus was not stronger than Alfred the Great. In fact, he didn’t even have a drop of royal blood, and he probably had little chance against Danish berserkers. Nevertheless, he knew that if Alfred the unlikely hero could conquer the enemy, so could he. A secret society was formed.

Melkor grows stronger and his desperation increases now that a new opponent has risen up to stop him, but the Saxon Scribes claim that their God will protect them, and their numbers are expanding. You may have seen them lurking among the shadows, observing life. They are often found in the most desperate straits, and their words are never forgotten.

Long live the Saxon Scribes!

Guild Master: Daeus Lamb

Daeus has the twin ambitious visions of reaching thousands of readers with his fiction and helping other Christian artists do the same. In pursuit of the second vision, he is currently involved as a board member of Story Embers and runs his own online endeavor to help writers: Excelsior Writing School.

To join his hoard of jaw-droppingly-wonderful readers, pick up your free copy of his book The Golden Ziggurat and Other Stories and get reading.

Daeus often contemplates whether he is a serious person or not. He has still not decided.

Email: daeus@storyembers.org

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