Morning Dew

February 6, 2020

Pain creates the darkness of the night

Washed away by the morning dew;

Love formed with the tick of a clock

By the next breath was never true.


Autumn leaves and cherry trees,

Their moments turn to decades.

Insincerity breathes through me

As any hint of tenderness fades.


The wind whistles its assurance,

Ethereal, temporary, captivating,

And it expects of me no endurance;

I know it should be liberating.


Truth’s light slips from my fingers to the ocean,

Diluted by each new inclusion.

I close my eyes, tired of searching,

Torn apart in a maze of substitutions.


Even nostalgia manages to be new;

Pain loses its sting as happiness dims.

Trust sees right through,

Until only indifference sings.

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  1. Kori

    So beautifully melancholy. I am pretty picky about my poetry, but this one is so gently provoking. Wonderfully written, and a good morning to you too, Ms. Wordsmith.


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