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As you take this seven-day challenge, our Mindset Success Worksheet will help you apply what you’re learning. Spending five to ten minutes filling it out each day will significantly improve your takeaway from the course, so we highly recommend doing it! In addition to this, two students who complete and send in their sheets by September 1st will be randomly chosen to get a free coaching call with Daeus (the course creator), who will review the winners’ mindset plans and advise them on challenges they’re facing right now as writers.

Daeus Lamb

Daeus Lamb

Daeus Lamb is the author of God of Manna and currently serves as the Community Manager at Story Embers. In addition to these pursuits, he runs Excelsior Writing School and a YouTube channel dedicated to analyzing the fantasy genre. He loves juggling words. He also loves people, fictional or real (but he doesn’t juggle them).

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