(v) to do something with soul, creativity, or love; when you leave a piece of yourself in your work

(abbr.) Meraki Elite Espionage and Recon Knockout Agent in Training

Meraki is a group of undercover operatives—split into separate genres of expertise—with a mission to hunt down all cliches, stereotypes, and plot holes in the world and defeat them with unrivaled training in the art of storytelling.

Though Headquarters is based in a simple courtyard, each surrounding building opens into a different genre world, giving the agents easy access to their mission locations.

The central courtyard is used for debriefing meetings, training sessions, and the frequent pizza feasts, often accompanied by a superb song parody or two. Between missions, the MEERKATs could be mistaken as any ordinary riffraff, but that is merely an artful disguise.

The camaraderie and team spirit keeps the agents strong despite the challenges of the missions, and their unparalleled dedication makes them a formidable force.

Meraki Trainer: Jane Maree

Jane Maree is an adventurer exploring the endless wonders of God’s creation. She started writing by accident, but since the beginning has loved the enchantment of words on paper. If you say anything about pizza, superheroes, books, or any of her many fandoms, she’ll come running.

Aside from crafting worlds using only twenty-six letters, she is a passionate Jesus-lover, freelance editor, self-trained martial artist, songwriter, and musician. In her spare time, she’s often off on adventures in the name of story research.

She seeks to inspire her readers to step out and become the heroes of hope this world needs.


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