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    Nithel glanced behind his shoulder, brows quirked. ‘Snake’ or ‘Serpent’ was looking at Nithel; he wondered about the parents, that would name their child such.


    Hehe…somehow I knew you’d catch that.


    Also, who names their child snake? Wait a minute, the origins for the word Nathair were connected to the Latin term natrix, translating to water snake or water serpent. And the alternative translation for Nathair was also serpent. In eastern cultures, water serpents (dragons) were considered beneficial entities. Instead of being associated with fire, like western dragons, eastern dragons, which strongly resembled serpents, were said to have power over water. Many people in eastern cultures portrayed dragons as guardians of the heavens, who could bring bountiful harvests and magnificent riches.


    You cheated you Googled it didn’t you!?!



    The man looked at Nathair a little quizzically, he could already feel himself being assessed, judged. He was used to that, so incredibly used to it. That was the basis of human interaction, wasn’t it? Judging, assessing how useful every individual is, how you can get the most out of them, what to say or do around them to stay on their best side, prospecting to see what you can get out of them.

    Sure, he could be imagining it.

    But certainly, no one ever looked at him with confidence. That was something else Alessio had that he didn’t have; the ability to be seen as trustworthy without even really trying.

    The man nodded to him, warily.

    “Nithel son of Father.” He said.

    He could make Nithel trust him, he was sure, he was very good at that when he needed to. Just, he wanted for once to see someone trust him, and actually trust him. Since he was born he was doomed to be a snake in the grass, always deceptive goods, shifting and hiding. That was all he’d ever been groomed for, right?

    He knew it, that he wasn’t worth the trust he wanted. He’d never forget that child’s eyes, even then Alessio had that sort of gaze that seemed to pull apart your very soul and turn it over in his hands without even moving. Every time he looked at the boy there was that distrust, so close to breaking, like he wanted so badly to trust Nathair but he knew better.

    Son of Father was an odd calling. He filed the information away.

    Then. There was rumbling.

    “I think…we should probably pick a door…” Nathair remarked slowly.



    @hannahrenner @ragnarok

    To be a light to the world you must shine in the darkness.


    (Oh “Emo-Aesthetic” was Lorcan…I thought it’d be funny XDDD)

    To be a light to the world you must shine in the darkness.


    *note to self: Do not miss a day writing on this character castle you’ll never catch up…0.0*


    Me: *hisses threateningly* You continue treating me like this, and I will make sure you will NEVER get a wife. EVER! Silence. Lorcan: *smirks* A wife? Me: Uh oh. Lorcan: How interesting. Drop what you’re doing right now. It seems we need to have much to talk about. Me: *Smacks my head repeatedly against the floor* Lorcan: Now now, there’s no need to act like that, we are responsible adults after all.


    As someone who’s had WAYYYY to many of her characters “come out” to her I get this so bad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Ehud is the one I described as having a younger voice… hope you don’t mind, but when you say Ang’s voice from Avatar, that’s what it reminds me of… a high-pitched voice of a younger child… hope that fits…. and not sure if I wrote him at the end in character… fell free to change his reactions to fit his character…  also, wasn’t sure how tall he was, being 16, or if he’s lanky or not, but Ku is really short, so either way, Ehud should probably still tower over her a bit…

    Oh yeah that was all pretty in-character! It fits! He’s usually shorter than everybody else so he’ll probably…adopt her on sight and never want to leave her, have fun with that!

    I gotta picture of Ehud and OTP Rosario here…


    Ok…uh…whewwwwww I’m…here I think?


    Ehud scrambled down the tunnel entrance with Ophelia, totally lost but hey follow the other people!

    He ended up bumping into a buncha people arguing. Dude who coulda been the male model for a beachside bodybuilder studio, an emo-aesthetic guy who looked coulda been the male love interest in a Gothic romance and a girl who –

    “Whoa! Cool green skin!” Ehud blurted, then suddenly caught himself and wondered if that was something you weren’t supposed to say because it might sound like an insult…He reddened a little, but he was still so curious!

    She was shorter than him so he flopped onto his knees and grinned sheepishly. The girl had large pointy ears and he just had to touch them. But she swatted his hand away, but she smirked and hid behind the bodybuilder dude. Ehud stared up at the other guy with wide, inquisitive eyes, still super excited.

    “She looks like a troll fairy princess!!!” He burst out. Then he scratched the back of his head and opened his mouth to say something but slammed it shut. He was wondering why the dude in nothing but a pair of shorts, but he didn’t really want to ask because said dude was twice his size and dudes twice his size could snap him in half if he was too annoying and that would be hard to explain to Rosario again.

    “Were you teleported from a beach, or is there a pool somewhere?” Nix that he can’t shut up. He’ll totally die. He also had the irrepressible urge to poke dude’s muscles because he always wanted to know if they felt as hard and wall-ish as they looked and now he just really wanted to poke them and that would probably be instant death, so he didn’t do it. But he wanted to.

    A girl with wicked-cool blue hair walked up to Ophelia and they started talking about ballet after Blue-Hair apologized for yelling at her earlier. And Ehud was lost *read; Ehud’s writer is lost Ehud is just curious and staring at everything outloud.*


    I started a new sketchbook recently, and here’s a mildly cursed Kit and fed up Valencia on the front page XD

    I love Valencia’s expression like dramatically looking at Kit like “Oh no he’s happy we’re all gonna die!”


    Uh… @rose-colored-fancy, @jared-williams @anybody?

    To be a light to the world you must shine in the darkness.


    @noah-cochran @hannahrenner

    One could say doing things for money is doing them for fun. There, Cathy, I’ve helped support your argument. 🙃

    I knew I kept you around for some reason! 😉✌️

    As Camirvablahblah said! Moneymoneymoney *gremlin ominous grumblings* moneymoneymoney…

    I’m glad you enjoyed it. 🙂


    To be a light to the world you must shine in the darkness.



    Haha, thanks!! He’s one of my favorite POVs to write he’s just so adorable!

    I’m hoping to start writing his comic sometime soon this year, I have a newsletter for it but I am not a reliable updater XDDD

    To be a light to the world you must shine in the darkness.


    it has no teeth but is so gigantic it can digest huge amounts of earth and has such high pressures in its digestive tract that it produces diamonds as excrement – I know, it’s gross, but kinda cool too. =)

    *ginormous grin* Grosssss!

    I’ll take ten!!!


    “Ooh, I do!” A perky voice replied. “I don’t even understand it the second time but sometimes I know what’s coming!”

    She said. She looked like a girl who had just stumbled out of an anime academy. Ehud instantly felt a connection, they were the same brand of weird, it was stunning and epic! After a second she added.

    “But even then I can’t change what happens in the end. What if we’re all in a dream right now and the end has already been written?” She nodded decidedly.

    “No problem! I can change my dreams!!” He blurted, then rubbed the back of his head with the sleeve of his jacket awkwardly.

    “I’m Ophelia, what’s your name?”

    “Well…I can change where I go in dreams like when dreams have like this plotted out path you’re supposed to go but I can go anywhere I want!! But if I try to change too much I wake up…” Oh wait! She introduced herself too! What had she said her name was? Ehud forgot to listen…

    “I’m Ehud!” He chirped, shaking her hand and also trying to figure out whether or not he dared ask her to repeat her name. He decided she’d probably not yell at him if he did. “What’d you say your name was again?”


    “Oh like Shakespear?!” Ehud said, meaning like Shakespear plays, he was pretty sure there was an Ophelia in one of his plays he just couldn’t remember which he’d never actually read Shakespear…



    To be a light to the world you must shine in the darkness.


    The blind one was grumbling about glass in his foot and threatening to pick a mirror at random.

    His bleeding foot looked painful. (*Me: Go figure.*)

    He’d observed that sometimes other people wince when someone else is in pain, even if they don’t know them too well. But, he’s never experienced that, it just fascinated him.

    That boy Alessio always winced, without fail. It was so strange and inexplicable to Nathair, but it was interesting,

    Then the one with the thoughtful look approached the blind man and said something to him, Nathair was too far away to hear, but he did recognize that look. It was a very rare expression to Nathair because it looked genuinely helpful, and only fools were like that. Still…

    Nathair always got bored too easily, it was the only emotion he was still in touch with; boredom and curiosity. And right now he was bored, and curious to see what made…people in general and that stranger in particular – act kindly without an ulterior motive.

    “You remind me of someone I used to know…” He thought outloud, not very loudly but the man could probably hear. After a second he thought to add. “Nathair, at your service.”




    *I didn’t expect Nathair to be such an awkward character…*


    @hannahrenner @ragnarok

    To be a light to the world you must shine in the darkness.



    ❤️You need emoji coffee and cake 🙂✌️❤️



    Pretty good, I’m at the end of my second semester now and my next semester’s more in-person. That’ll be a little crazy but we’ll figure it out!

    I wanna room with one of my friends irl coz she and I both want our own place and she’s planning to find an apartment that’s in walking distance of my campus and I still don’t know how to drive, but Mom didn’t like the idea so I’m praying about it.

    I actually don’t know her too well but that’s kinda exciting to me and she’s a family friend! Actually I can’t remember if I told you about her or if I told you one of the email drafts that got lost when my laptop got finicky, but she’s a girl I knew in Youth Group that I really hoped I’d see again because I wanted to know how she was doing now she seemed really lost and insecure when I met her.

    But now I met her again and she seems a lot more confident I think and I’m so happy and I really really wanna get to know her better. It’s like I feel like I adopted her years and years ago, but I failed her because I didn’t pursue a friendship back then as much as I would now but it’s not like a guilty feeling it’s just like I randomly adopt people on sight, and I have to know that they’re doing ok, and I lost my human and I had to know she was doing ok XD. ❤️

    I guess that’s how parents feel when we grow up and that’s a reason, they don’t wanna see us grow up and leave even if we’re nearby.

    But…anyway… ❤️❤️❤️

    I love you, my Heart.


    Though perhaps something like “Mario and the Music Box” is doable. If I go with that though, I might enlist @this-is-not-an-alien for art. 🤷‍♀️

    How much ya payin’ 🙃✌️, jk don’t kill me!!!

    To be a light to the world you must shine in the darkness.



    Ah yes, most hilarious, that. 🙃

    Ikr, I am evil! 😂

    Well, here’s the vid.

    This is glorious…

    This is how I need my history books to be!!! You need to make more of these lol!!!

    You might like it. It gets better with time.

    I hope so I’m still dutifully procrastinating my InDesign assignment 😉



    *waves shyly* Hi everybody!

    My Heart!! *squeezes tight*

    ❤️How’ve you been lately?❤️ 🙂

    To be a light to the world you must shine in the darkness.


    I WAS SUMMONED!!!!!!!!!!!


    I can’t help but think that Ehud and Kit would get along spectacularly, and by that I mean they’d burn the world down XD


    *Looks up from a tower of projects and assignments and glitter and bodies and glitterbombs*

    Well, I probably can’t do more than a walk through for a couple posts but that could be fun *miss writing Ehud’s POV…*

    *skims over Kit’s character description*

    Oh my. The world is going to die.

    That settles it! I’m in!! But just for a couple scenes XDDDDDD


    Ok I’ve only very briefly skimmed so anything that’s inaccurate just ignore 😉

    Ehud: age 16, ADHD, ENFP, kleptomaniac, favorite color pink, his voice sounds like Aang from Avatar the Last Airbend so INTRO OVER!!!!!!!!!!


    He never convinced them Lord Castle was real.

    Even Rosario who had “been there” denied any knowledge of it. Rather vehemently.

    So, he guessed it was just a wacky dream and, like a dream, it was already all but faded from his memory.

    But he still turned red every time he looked at Rosy. Dreaming he’d kissed her hadn’t helped him hide his crush so now he was hiding every time she came close. It was horrible, he couldn’t stop it. If he touched her he’d burst into a million pieces and explode.

    There was a weird smell on the stove. Of burning. From the eggs he was currently cooking at 3 am.

    With a yelp he dunked a cupful of kinda muddy water on the pan and it poofed into black smoke.

    Yeah, Rosario would’ve swatted his head for it and smirked. There was no way she’d ever be impressed by him, she was leagues ahead of him. She was…so…cool…

    Ehud’s cheeks were burning to the tips of his ears and he absently poked the burnt eggy mush and popped a bite into his mouth.

    “GWah!!!! Yuck!” He spluttered and sucked the back of his sleeve to replace the horrible taste. Which was unfortunate but his jacket was muddy.

    And that was the last thing that happened before the world whizzed around him…


    This is like de-ja blue…

    Maybe dreams are more real than reality

    It’s the reality we’re forbidden to remember because it’s too strong for us

    Like ultraviolet colors.


    Ehud landed on his butt, sat up and rubbed his head like a quizzical bird.

    It was kinda hard to see because his spiky blond hair kept getting in his face.

    There were a bunch of people around and it looked like…

    “Uh…Lord Castle?” Ehud pinched himself. Then rubbed his eyes again and counted to three before opening his eyes again. “Sooo, Lord Castle.”

    Ehud raised his hand, straight up as high as he could.

    “Hey who all returns to the same dreams they dream to figure out what happens in their dreams?! Oh, what if everyone you meet in a dream is somebody who’s dreaming too and dreams are another dimension!?” Ehud bobbed to his feet and glanced around again. “Oh Liorah!!! I remember you!”

    He bowled the princess over with a hug.

    To be a light to the world you must shine in the darkness.


    Oh shoot just a sec, I gotta reply to Al Zapor too, but that means I gotta reread it twice and think about it for at least 2 hours coz I can when I’m online…


    Also, thanks bro! I love a lot of what you gotta say here <3 *I do disagree some but I disagree with everybody I’ll get to that when I get to that when I’ve fully digested your words XD*

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    To be a light to the world you must shine in the darkness.


    This is what I come back to…? Like I just came to reply to Noah…😁✌️


    *So, seeing as I started this debate up again it is possible I may have started something*


    Ok ok, guys, a lot of arguments just spark from misunderstanding what the other people say. Lets look unpack this!




    Once I reply to Camirvablahblah 😉

    Not usually. Both the men and women I know judge situations. In public restaurants with many unknown people, we might go in pairs. In friendly situations, they do not. Having some level of care everywhere one goes is wise, but paranoia is not. None of the men or women I know are always worried about or talking about dealing with dangerous men. In fact, they rarely do. Everyone I know just gives a proper amount of forethought before entering a given situation, nothing major. Plus, we actively eschew gratuitously dangerous situations unless necessary for some reaosn.


    I do struggle with paranoia a lot but I’ve just kinda come from that kinda environment I guess.

    Tough luck. xD

    Shut up! 😉

    Nice. As I said, rapping is a very impressive art, and I am impressed.

    It is impressive. Not very useful, but still impressive lol. 😌👌

    Yes, yes, well, first youtube kicked me of my account and made me log in again with verifications codes for absolutely no reason, then it started eating my comments and occaoinally spitting them back out until I had responded to a person like four times. Uncool.

    Ok that’s legitimately awful and uncool. I’ll go murder it for you 🥰




    Lona: I believe your big point against what Mr Brian was saying was that you didn’t think those particular verses are applicable and that PHYSICAL strength and protection isn’t necessary for a man. Before I get to argument my points I want to be sure I know I’ve got everybody’s points correct so I won’t give my opinion until everybody confirms their’s.

    Instead, you say men should be the spiritual “strong man/leader”, correct?

    Ok (I’m going by order of comments XD)

    Mr Brian: you are holding firm that IDEALLY men should physically and spiritually protect and that a household is not receiving its fullest good if either are lacking, yes?

    I know I said I wasn’t going to give my opinions yet but I do want to know to everybody that I think quoting verses is great and it’s a good way to saturate people in the overall beliefs but trying to cite a particular verse to support a particular thing just doesn’t really work because there’s just so much context in the Bible so like it can help but it can’t prove so I don’t really care whether those particular verses are applicable or not. Overall I’d just say yes strong man and strong men’s roles, that works, it’s observation not hard evidence because we live by faith and probabilities XDD.

    Anatomy: you were trying to connect the physical and the mental aspects of male and female to give a fuller picture, right?

    I know you didn’t mean to be offensive but I can see how that’d sound really patronizing, I come from a very blunt and neurodiverse family so like it takes a lot for something that sounds insensitive to offend me so I’m not offended by I can see everybody’s point there.

    But the main point was that God designed men and women to be suited for different tasks. And there’s some confusion with everybody using the words equal and different, I think you define equal as same in purpose while everyone else is defining it same in status and when I say status I mean inalienable rights as a human being.

    And different, I’m gonna define as like different roles generally or “all things being ideally situationed”

    Now on further examination, you define, ideally, men’s role as providing physically – financially, property-security-wise, and in final-decision-making and spiritually – child-rearing, role-modelling, and guiding.

    And women’s role, ideally (by ideally I mean in the most ideal conditions) as caretaking – dispensing of money, use of prudence and caution, advising and alerting her man to her needs and the needs of others. And physically caretaking and providing for children, role-modelling and guiding.

    About like that?

    Now, effeminizing, this is the biggest one here I think because I don’t think everybody is on the same page with what their identifying as effeminate. So. Everybody give me their strict definition I don’t even dare to guess. This definition needs to state what defining categorizations is being used and whether or not there are exceptions.

    Now I think we’re also working with purpose verses dispositions, like people are getting edgy and not hearing a clear definition of what is the role and how it is acted upon individually.

    Like if a man cannot say, provide financial support, say the woman is richer and they marry and he doesn’t get a job coz they’ve got all the money they need, he’s not failing his role right? Even if he’s not fulfilling the “physically provide financial support” part.

    So like there’s a give and a take there for both ends I think. Everybody here needs to listen to see what’s really being argued, is it really necessary for every guy to seek every single aspect of the “ideal conditions role”? Is it any less valid as a role for how men should behave by enlarge?

    just throwing some questions first, I’m still not opinionating until I get everybody’s arguments fully explained…this time 😉

    This is probably because we have different viewpoints on women’s subordination to men. I for one, see men and women created as equals and believe they should be treated as such.

    Alright, HERE’S a key phrase; subordination vs equality, are they necessarily incompatible opposites? Does obedience make you inferior to the one you obey even when you freely choose to obey them?

    What I mean is…does being freely subordinate to someone in any way take from your dignity as a human being? This is very status-oriented, and is status really important to equality?

    I’m not giving my opinion until I ask all my questions so don’t imply my answer I ain’t giving it!

    Simply put, not every household has a “strong man”. Some households have men who are ill or disabled. Some households have single mothers. But, I believe the ill and disabled men still love their families just as much as any other man. I believe the single mothers still love their children just as much as any other mother. To say that ill and disabled men (who may have  gotten sick or injured through no fault of their own) have failed as the protectors of the family is extremely insensitive. Even more insensitive is implying that single women are incapable of raising children.  I have a male friend who was raised by a single mother. He is intelligent, kind, respectful, and passionate about the Lord. His single mother (who is neither an imbecile nor a fool) raised him better than many young men who were raised by both a man and woman.

    Ok so the main argument here is exception versus rule, I think. Like ya’ll are both fixed on your sides – which isn’t necessarily bad – but let’s sit and decide whether the one invalidates the other or if they can both be valid but to what extend? What can you pull from both ideas? What do you have to reject as a hard rule but still keep as a soft rule? What is genuinely uncompromisable here?

    To comment on the ‘strong man’ deal, I think I concur. As Cathy and I discussed, the definition of a Godly man is not a big, strong, gun bearing fellow. It is a humble, meek, self-sacrificing man who provides for his family.


    That’s not to dismiss big strong gun-bearing fellows as a stereotype, because like it is a big thing just like women who want to marry and be moms is a big thing and many/most of each gender has that comparably more than the other gender.

    But that does not define them, meaning if a male or female lacks these attributes they are not any less male or female.

    Guys want to be tough.  It is only women who try to shame them for it.

    Alright, this is a good statement to unpack.

    Do ALL guys want to be tough?

    And do all girls want to be tough as well? (coz I know I wanna be tough that was a big deal for me growing up)

    And do ONLY women shame them for it?

    And is wanting to be tough necessarily an acceptable trait depending on how you act on it?

    Wanting to acquire the strength to be a strong protector is excellent, wanting to acquire strength for its own sake is acceptable, wanting to acquire strength for prestige is well not that great.

    So very often guys prioritize “wanting to be tough” over personal safety and the safety of others, over decency to friends and family and over a million different more important things, in which case, women rightly try to alert them, and yes, shame them by calling them out when they do something blatantly wrong with that natural urge.

    Whoo, I’m getting heated now, this is a topic that provokes a lot of emotions and trauma from both genders. Didn’t mean to get angry, but still hear my point? <3 XD


    And @k-a-grey, she’s pointing out all the points that I’d’ve wanted to point out if she didn’t do it so well already. So I’m nOt sTatInG mY oPinIon but I completely agree there. Thanks girl! *highfives*

    On that topic, this IS a very hot topic because there is still sexism and people are so used to extremes that the moment something crops up that “sounds similar” to the worse part, they’re “obviously opposing believes”.

    Men who don’t want to wear guns and be tough don’t diminish men who do. There is no opposition. We’re just different and that’s the same with different genders. The exceptions don’t diminish the general inclinations of each gender.

    I think it’s important to see that both of your sides have something to offer and also both your sides are a little too extreme when you don’t take the other side into account and actually HEAR what they’re saying.


    So. Deep breaths everyone.


    , @lonathecat, @noah-cochran, (ok I THINK I tagged everyone throughout the post now…)

    To be a light to the world you must shine in the darkness.



    I am gratified that the sword earrings have become my distinguishing mark. As they should.

    Of course, they were gorgeous, as like unto the blood of your enemies 😉

    You… you might say that conversation was… Am-ace-ing I’M SORRY I HAD TO!!! Disgr-ace upon me XD

    Well you just aced the bad-pun street there honey 🙃✌️



    I think I can handle two characters – if it gets too much, I’ll pull one out, or rotate who I’m updating.





    Then do it already!!! 😂👌 (JKJK!!!)



    I’m so confused. xD

    That’s probably for the best…

    To @hannahrenner, ok so his Pinterest board had the two initials PB so we all voted and unanimously decided it was “peanut butter”…ACTUALLY, it was Primitive Baptist and now I can’t hear it without being hungry XDDDDDDD

    Okay, you keep mentioning this, so to appease you, want me to send you a vid a made a couple weeks ago? 🙃

    Um…YESYESYES!!!!!!!!!! YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    *bowls over with a hug*

    I mean…sure 😉

    Indeed, indeed. Illustrator is great, After Effects is a pain, but a necessary pain.

    Illustrator is the funnest!!! I haven’t gotten a lot with After Effects yet so 😜👍

    To be a light to the world you must shine in the darkness.


    Sooo…I’ma gonna drop this character in coz he’ll really develop Alessio’s backstory and that side plot with assassination attempt Hades did and also be in this group so everyone can be active on one side if the other’s inactive…

    Anyway…this character has a very interesting headspace, I haven’t really successfully pulled it off before yet so…forgive any inconsistencies/clunky writing in advance? XD


    The Necromancer.

    No one knew his name anymore, no one knew what he looked like.

    You see, the Necromancer wore a black veil over his face, fluttering almost translucent folds cast all around his head like a void of blackness. And perhaps that was the intent, for he was a master of terrifying appearances.

    No one had even seen his skin uncovered, he wore stripes of black cloths like ornamental bandages all around his body. Some said he hid his every body because it was crusted in burns, licked by flame.

    Some said that, but no one knew the truth.

    No. The only person who knew anything about him personally was his only child, Nathair. But no one came near him because they all heard about the massacre, and no one wanted to be a part of that legacy…


    As soon as Nathair heard the news he swore he’d make an end of his father.

    All his work to keep Alessio alive and out of the Necromancer’s reach this long and he’d just found another way to get at him. Because, of course, that boy that stupid, naïve soft-hearted boy he’d never take orders from the Surreala Guild. There wasn’t any way to control him, or make it safe to test that weapon, so the Necromancer wanted him dead.

    Nathair had watched the boy grow up, he’d always be a child to him on some level. Hadn’t had a single chance, that boy, not in the world he grew in, not with the idealistic notions he never lost.

    Call it a soft spot, maybe a weakness, but he was attached to the boy and no one – least of all his ghoul’s hide excuse for a father – was going to touch him this time.


    He didn’t have everything of a plan yet, but that was ok because the moment he walked out the great hall he was in a completely different place completely outside the palace and completely foreign even to him.

    There were three different people there; one blind, one with obvious anger issues and one with a strangely contemplative look. He glanced over the pillars around, the cave structure…could he be in one of those dimension-holes. Someone could’ve cast a spell or set up reader around the door or something…not terribly unlikely.

    Probably, he should’ve felt panicked, cornered, or something.

    He just felt oddly detached from the whole situation, aware that his fingers were tingling like they always did when he itched to fidget with something. That was the closest thing to a nervous habit he had, maybe it was just a habit he kept up when he was bored or thinking hard as well. He didn’t know, he just didn’t feel usually.

    “Failure to accept your fatal flaws shall end in death. Touch the mirrors and begin your trials.”


    Nathair always kept a set of dice in his pocket, to think. He fingered them absently because the monotonous motion was soothing.

    The one man threw a rock into the mirror and it passes through of course.

    A dimension hole. Interesting.

    “So,” Nathair said, rather testing the atmosphere. “Who wants to go first?”

    The man who threw the rock whirled around to glare at him and then everyone was staring at him. Nathair fidgeted more with the dice in his pocket.

    “I mean, I certainly don’t – want to, that is.”

    “All must enter or all must die. Chose your trials.” Cracked a voice from somewhere obscure.

    “But I guess that can’t be helped…” Nathair finished, and glanced around at everyone there, and smiled in a friendly but rather uncertain way.

    It was obvious they’d all have to work together apparently for now and that they were not going to get an explanation unless the other’s already knew something, but it wasn’t likely he’d get that information unless he could fit in with the group first.

    In any case, scratch diplomatic appointments for this evening sooo…this might be an improvement.

    At least it wouldn’t be as boring…



    Physical traits: Very pale, almost albino, glassy blue eyes, tends to wear colorless greys and whites

    Age: mid-forties

    Personality traits: Open but also reserved, always calculating, constantly has mixed motives,


    @kimlikesart @ragnarok


    To be a light to the world you must shine in the darkness.



    *smoothly swipes the Starbucks and gulps it down*

    *smirks angelically*



    First, Kimmi!!! @kimlikesart, my angel my Heart my soul!! It was her birthday a couple weeks ago!!!! She has a newsletter too!!! She’s so amazing I could go on and on and on an–*bites lip* *for now*

    She’s a nondenominational Christian and likes art, historical-Biblical fiction (OH YA’LL’VE BOTH READ BEN HUR RIGHT?!?!?!) and Winnie-the-Pooh ya’ll both love (how can anybody not!) and learning Arabic and evangelizing to Muslins when opportunity comes.

    And my Three Musketeers!  @rose-colored-fancy (Messianic-Jewish Netherlands’ girl I keep mentioning with the cool accent!!!), aka Rose aka Troll Duchess with the wicked cool sword earrings. And she does sword fighting!

    , aka Erynne aka Sonicup aka my hetero friend who spent a couple minutes trying to explain asexuality to her cousin whilst they debated it whilst I stand listening to them debate it over the phone like I can’t hear them talking about my sexuality lol/the one I got hooked on Arcane who then got her cousin hooked on Arcane. Baptist. Likes Twilight and violin!

    And @noah-cochran aka Camirvablahblah!!!!!! (Think I got off pretty good all things considered; I’m Cheesecake, Lord of Doom!!) Primitive Baptist (*heheh…heh…BWAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAA. Sorry I’ll be good, I swear __*) Wrote a hilarious medieval double-heist that I still haven’t finished beta-reading…IN THREE MONTHS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *I’m mad at you for being so proficient AND YOU TOO ROSE!!!!!!!!!!!* and he HAD a YouTube channel…but that’s torturing him just as much as it’s torturing me so I won’t yell at you for PULLING THEM ALL DOWN AS SOON AS I GOT INTERNET THAT WOULD LET ME WATCH THEM!!!!!!!!!!

    *See. Totally didn’t yell. ;D*

    And he’s in graphic design too!

    And like a buncha other people too but this’ll get you started it I don’t wanna overload you too much! 😉



    I mean if you can pull it off, I’d love to see more characters but you do that you gotta drop them in the other group so you’ve got one side active if the other isn’t so with Alessio and Arsene in that case. Unless they all meet up again by the time you drop them in.

    But I am LOVING Burn so like please keep him <3

    I’d love to see some Certain as the Sun, Changing as the Moon character that haven’t appeared yet if you think you can juggle it with EVERYTHING you’re doing (coz I’m your sister I KNOWWW how busy you are…I’m watching…ALWAYS…)


    Certain as the Sun, Changing as the Moon – CatholicCreed – Beauty and the Beast (1991) [Archive of Our Own]

    *smirks slyly at sis*

    *poofs away in an explosion of glitter*

    To be a light to the world you must shine in the darkness.

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