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  • @claire-h

    Okay, so I might have gone a little wobbly in my brain jelly in setting the scene (listening to Nox Arcana for lack of more ‘sedate’ mystery music), but here’s Nan and Jean. I’ll let you figure out which is which (or else I’ll find out that I’m not very good at interpreting descriptions! lol)

    @arindown Beautiful!I like your…[Read more]

  • @claire-h

    Also, what does Nan look like?

  • @claire-h no problem! As far as I know there is no meaningful symbolism to be found in the curvature of Myrrha’s horns.

    @purpleturtle Thanks! That is a heck of a plot you’ve got there – I think I have some ideas for Cyril’s appearance and props. He sounds like a man of adventure, like Alan Turner from the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen (except…[Read more]

  • The Inkspiller posted a new activity comment 5 months, 1 week ago

    @deeprun, I know exactly what you mean – I’ve been meaning to write but instead I’ve just been drawing all day! (And enthusing endlessly over the wonderful work certain individuals have so kindly been doing for me).

  • @claire-h i can’t remember exactly what I said. Uhh… curcing out and forward? 😛

    Also, @purpleturtle, I’ll take Cyril Drake! I’ve not had the best luck with drawing young men lately, but I seem to be a dab hand at old ones. Do you have a full description for him? What’s his role in the story?

  • @deeprun, She’s beautiful! 😀 I love what you did with her hair – making it like a corona of flame around her head. I’d never drawn her with pixie-short hair but it fits her so well! AND IT’S SO DIFFERENT TO ACTUALLY SEE HER IN COLOR. THE EYES – THE EYES! And her gown is so pretty too! The dark blue is such a good complement to her hair – having…[Read more]

  • @deeprun
    Hey, I just didn’t know if my previous responses or comments had showed up or if Story Embers hit you with the notifications.
    Just realized that a couple messages we’d exchanged a couple months back never got followed up on. How goes it with that one piece you mentioned in the Research Topics thread? You also mentioned having need of…[Read more]

    • @the-inkspiller

      Yes! Things did get lost but that’s fine. I have to wait until the right side of my brain rin relinquishes control and I’ll have a follow-up!

      • @deeprun, I know exactly what you mean – I’ve been meaning to write but instead I’ve just been drawing all day! (And enthusing endlessly over the wonderful work certain individuals have so kindly been doing for me).

    • @the-inkspiller

      It is absolutely my pleasure to bless others with artwork. I believe it’s who God programmed me. I’ve got my own stuff I putter around on but I do my best work for others.

      That said, I do have certain medical questions AND… if… if you’d like to read it, I do have a few sections that could do with a merciless beta reader.…[Read more]

      • I understand – honestly I think I myself am stuck in a similar track. For the last two week I’ve found myself doing almost nothing but drawing, despite having plenty of stuff to work on – a stout outline to extend and a story begging to have its beginning written (and also that contest thing…. :{ ), but whenever I’ve tried to draw my own stuff…[Read more]

      • Alright, Story Embers is refusing to let me post in the Art Exchange, here we go
        @deeprun 😀

        She’s so…. imperious. I love it! Even though it’s, well, less picturesque, I love the aquiline nose (and the coin-like side profile you did). I CAN’T OVERSTATE HOW COOL IT IS TO SEE MY CHARACTERS IN SHADOW AND COLOR. And if there was just one character…[Read more]

    • @the-inkspiller

      Alright. I got my brain in order. Here goes.

      I’m beyond thrilled that you like the The Countess! I’m hoping to go back in touch up a few things here and there but your comments were actually very helpful as I try to get a handle on this digital art thing. Finding not only my style but then how on earth to actually produce…[Read more]

    • @the-inkspiller

      OF COURSE SHE’D BE CRUSHED BY THE PRESSURE!!! AGHGHGHHHHHH! I knew there had to be something wrong with that movie. Darn it Ed Harris, all these years I swallowed that bit hook, line, and sinker… She’d have been crushed.

      Ok, I’m over it but I needed to know that it was plausible. I’ll not be deep sea diving in my manuscript…[Read more]

      • @deeprun
        I’ve seen your results and I’m impressed! I never knew the Lee Van Cleef look would be so good for Fritz!
        And I’ve been doing my best to keep apace of your updates / comments on Hearts and Minds – it’s really, really, super duper encouraging to see you engage so deeply with it. You and Eowyn have been super inspiring there, just in the…[Read more]

    • @the-inkspiller

      Lee Van Cleef and Erhard resembles a young Dwight Schrute. I shall tinker. I broke my own rule of not posting anything the same day I make it. Things always need to sit a day or two before they are actually able to be shown. AND I also broke my second rule, always, always, always ZOOOOOOOMMMMM out when donig art. I got detail…[Read more]

      • @the-inkspiller

        For Erhard, what hair did you envision? Pinterest has let me down and I’d rather see what the author had intended anyways.

        Or if there are any other details, that you’d envisioned that could be added to either one? And yes… I’d tried to do a clever bit with Fritz putting on a glove to show the lack of a pinky. Since it’s…[Read more]

      • Alas, I cannot open your comments – Google hast forbidden me access to thy wisdom and feedback.

  • @purpleturtle What’s the character and their description? I might be able to give it a shot.

  • @elisha-starquill

    One of the most useful “general guides” on medieval military strategy and tactics has been Christine de Pizan’s The Book of Deeds and of Arms and of Chivalry – there’s a modern English translation of it available (it was originally a military manual written in French in the early 15th century). If you want to get REALLY old…[Read more]

  • @claire-h Solid points all. Plus, if you can make a non-murder mystery compelling, that itself will set it apart from the majority of the genre. In your excerpt, the mention of her grandfather’s technical work immediately elicited expectations of some speculative machine / 1920s gaslight / dieselpunk technology. It may be something far more…[Read more]

  • The Inkspiller posted a new activity comment 5 months, 2 weeks ago

    I can’t remember, did you ever ask those other questions?
    I also don’t recall receiving the link to your story. I wouldn’t mind taking a look at it if you’ve got it in a state that you’re happy sharing with me.
    And also since you volunteered for art trading, I’m happy to be your Encyclopedia Edward. 🙂

  • @claire-h Honestly, I’ve always been scared to get into digital art. I mean yes it would dramatically improve my ability to render color and lighting in my art, it just requires… things… and patience…

    Whether you render Myrrha on computer or in pencil, I’m excited nonetheless! I have a lot of drawings of her, but I think it best I refrain…[Read more]

  • @naiya-dyani

    Oki dokeses – I have two drafts of Kokai. Neither of which I’m exactly pleased with, but I can no longer distinguish between satisfying the customer and my own particular pickiness.

    Draft 1 has a messed up hand

    Draft 2 feels lazy. 😛

    I feel bad, but this is what my efforts have amounted to so far…

  • @claire-h I like it! It’s definitely very different seeing my characters in color, given that I pretty much only work in pencil. I like how you captured the intensity of her stare and the whole sharpness of her appearance. It’s quite a change from how I’ve often depicted her – that is in armor, and often encased in her helmet too.

    I’m curious to…[Read more]

  • @claire-h

    I get more and more excited each time I hear about her! AAAAAH my brain is all discombobulated with anticipation.

    I’m curious what you mean about it being too much for your 20s story to also be a murder mystery. Do you feel that it’s somehow not optimistic enough? I guess I’m curious to see what your process is for evaluating what is…[Read more]

  • @claire-h

    Thank you! The background’s a new technique I’ve been trying out – it’s very quick and low-effort, but you’re right, it dramatically improves the depth of even a very simple illustration.

    You know — that’s actually a scene in one of the stories I have planned. Kyreleis is ordinarily a very austere woman to cultivate the image of a…[Read more]

  • @elisha-starquill

    The others have already mentioned stakes and internal battles, and I definitely recommend listening to them. Based on the references you’ve made to other fantasy battles, my guess is that this is an epic scale military confrontation as well, not just a battle between our main characters and their nemesis.

    My suggestion is to…[Read more]

  • @claire-h

    I present to you Princesses Emory and Amara of the Kingdom of Faran:

    I took a great many liberties with Amara in terms of props, posing, and costume. You mentioned she was the one scheming to take power, but also had a more energetic personality. Since I suck at open mouths and am still very much in training on the subtleties of…[Read more]

  • @claire-h

    Hmm. Melodos… do I detect a certain tinge of Tolkien / Psalmic inspiration? (Tolkien’s creation story for Middle Earth – the First and Second Music…)

    Old Testament! 😀 A bold place to go. No seriously, that’s a hearty undertaking, but a very interesting place to dwell for a fantasy story – a place and time when the world was…[Read more]

  • @claire-h, I know the feeling. That’s partly why I cheated and just used a historical backdrop so I don’t have to build EVERYTHING. Lol. No, historical fantasy just replaces brainstorming with research because unless one wants to go whole hog and rewrite an alt history with a rationale for why things changed, one still must follow the big…[Read more]

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