• Hmm…I think we need characters for each of these two cultures. Maybe not a ton of characters, because we only have 2500 words, but maybe a leader or representative?

    Or it could be two ordinary people from the two cultures, like hunters, who meet and have to deal with cultural differences. Then we have our mediator enter the scene…

  • MyClipboardIsMyViolin replied to the topic Help I'm sinking in the forum Themes 1 year ago

    I basically got dragged under by school and other things. It unfortunately happens. Where is everyone else? Just because I happen to show up with a long post about someone’s writing doesn’t mean that everyone else has to leave.

    Research. I’m actually blown away by the perspective you bring to this story. You also have an incredible ability…[Read more]

  • 6 days…yeah, I hope @katherineh is working on something because I am swamped, folks.

    I guess the story I failed to submit to the short story contest is a mystery, so I could technically hand that in if all else absolutely fails, but I thought that story was too violent for SE and I have no time for revisions at the moment…

  • I’m honestly confused as to what the question is asking. The chief asset of the guilds, from what I’ve seen, is that work we post here isn’t visible to the broader internet. (That’s why I’ve been skittish about posting my poetry on here because then it would be considered “published” and thus unavailable to submit to journals. Just a thought.…[Read more]

  • *headscratch* I’m still wondering if this goal-oriented approach to writing is treating writing as some sort of idol. I mean, if you really don’t want to write…but I guess not everyone is like me who is procrastinating her Spanish homework to go write. It’s really important to identify as a follower of Christ first and as a writer second,…[Read more]

  • Funny you asked. So what happened is that one of the ideas turned into a ridiculous idea for a merchandising line of plushies, er, the second idea didn’t take off, and the third idea…uh, I finished editing it at 10:40 PM on June 30 and actually went to go submit it, only to realize that I was in Pacific Daylight Time, again. Oops.

    So the…[Read more]

  • @jenwriter17 If it’s an either/or thing, we should definitely go with the second story. I just thought I should put in a note for the future that the first story is better, in case you wanted to publish it somewhere else or something.

    I mean, if there was a way to include more sun without taking so much of the rest of the original story out, that…[Read more]

  • No. I actually admire writers who have the courage to tackle dark subjects. I tend to disagree that all Christian work must be cheery, happy, etc.

    I think you need to write a new character. I tried to explain myself in post #91885, though I probably got too long-winded, a problem that I sometimes have.

    Also, you’re welcome.  But yeah -…[Read more]

  • @jenwriter17 @christianna-hellwig

    To be honest, I actually liked the first story better…as an actual story, heh, at least with the plot and characters. The second story does fit the prompt better, but life is not about writing prompts. (You all can find the original under version history.) I liked the first version better because it was more…[Read more]

  • @jenwriter17 No worries. I can’t write all of the stories, heh. An interesting and admittedly dark direction that is more original than my lame suggestions. Well done.

    I take it that the sunrise was the ordinary thing of emphasis?

  • @jenwriter17 Uh, I had kinda left the story in your most capable hands since I was working on my story for the contest. 😛 But okay…

    Uh, for this prompt *puts on public school student hat* we need two things for the story:

    1. A dramatic setting
    2. An ordinary object

    Usually a dramatic setting involves two or more parties in conflict. For…[Read more]

  • Sorry, but I feel I need to add this – for a fictional story, protagonist-antagonist conflict is important. You can skip that for non-fiction books or memoir because that’s a commentary on the real world we live in and information about it, for which the “wow, this happened in real life!” is enough to draw us in. That doesn’t work for fiction…[Read more]

  • @kayla-skywriter My apologies, I should have tagged you, heh. With that in view, I did leave some comments on your Google Doc, so if you want to look at those, that may help. I do feel the need to address some points that line-item Google Doc criticism really doesn’t cover, so here we go.

    First, this is story is really dark, so I’m sorry if it i…[Read more]

  • @jenwriter17 Unfortunately I have not seen Star Wars: Rogue One, so I would be no help there. But if you think you can pull it off, go for it! Sounds like a really dramatic setting (Star Wars is definitely good at those) so it fits the bill.

    (For future reference, I have seen all the Star Wars movies except Solo and Rogue One…)

    I’m not sure w…[Read more]

  • Thank you. If I had a dime for how many people have told me how supposedly easy it is to make money off YouTube, I’d have a few hundred bucks. Yours truly went to actual video editing class and had my ignorance bubbles popped. If you don’t want to actually make video, don’t do YouTube.

    I am going to try again, though. I want to do Choose Your…[Read more]

  • My writing goal for this week: finish my story for the short story contest, or at least relieve myself of the chaos stemming from my three different ideas for how the story should go. I plan to write out each of the three ideas as far as they will go and review all of the rules for zee contest again. Funzies.

    Today I researched one of my ideas.…[Read more]

  • I think that if you are attached to the point of view of your denomination and you think you are being misunderstood and underrepresented, you should give yourself a voice and speak.

    A caution, however: you can only speak for your own personal beliefs. You should not claim to speak for a denomination without the denomination’s explicit…[Read more]

  • Bit short notice for getting them plane tickets and airfare, folks. Sorry, can’t make it.

    If you want my writing consulting services live and in-person, you’ll need to move the location a bit Westernly or give me a month or so advance notice. 😛

    (and yes, that is a joke: I don’t actually have any writing consulting services. I wish. 😛 )

  • Mind if I offer some “honest help”? To be honest I barged in and snuck a peek, and I dig the opener.

    Definitely a strong character voice, and definitely “salvageable”.

  • Idols. That’s how people pretend to meet their needs apart from God. They don’t really actually meet them, but they delude themselves into thinking they are.

    The thing is, if people aren’t worshipping the true God, they are worshipping idols – success and iPhones are just as dumb as the stone columns that people used to worship. (Don’t tell…[Read more]

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