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    @rose-colored-fancy your idea is great! My mind is already on a helter skelter from all the possibilities that could ensue😄💖


    I just had a brilliant idea – what if Yila was forced to hurt Lorcan?! Eh? EH? What do you say😉


    here’s Basil’s answer to Lorcan’s question!  Also, I figured this is probably a good time for Misu to finallyintroduce himself to Lorcan lol

    So far so good! Can’t wait for Lorcan to get to know them both!😄



    “I’m Basil,” the dark curly haired guy answered curtly.

    The tall man smiled back at him. “And I’m Misu!”

    Hm. He was cheerful enough. Unlike the other guy Basil. Not that Lorcan cared that much.

    ”Name’s Lorcan,” he said smoothly. “Pleasure to meet you.

    He rolled his shoulders back. “Strange. I never had the opportunity to give my real name to this many people.” He let out a soft chuckle.

    Quin tilted his head at him. “Why?”

    Lorcan slipped his hands in his pockets. “Back home they call me the Phantom Ranger. But apparently no one here has heard of me so I don’t think it matters too much now. Its a nickname, nothing more.”

    ”Why do they call you that?” Misu asked curiously.

    Lorcan knitted his brows together. “I’m an assassin with a – specific set of skills,” he answered after a moment. “So naturally I suppose its because I frighten them. Its easier to label me as something monstrous. Than – you know. To refer to me by an actual name. Not that I stopped them of course.”

    He scowled into the distance. “You can’t ever completely trust anyone. So it’s easier to have people fear you. At least thats in <i>my</i> book.”

    He brushed a lock of hair from his eyes and looked Misu up and down. There was something- otherworldly about him. Was he Aos Sí perhaps? No – he would have sensed it by now. But he wasn’t human either. Neither was he – part of Lorcan’s race.

    “Where do you come from?” He asked, his voice coming out in a gravelly tone.




    Can I just say that you got Lorcan SO right just there?!🤩 yasssss him and Niarok are such a TEAM! Go us lolll😂



    Lorcan was relieved that Qatar and Quin were unharmed. That didn’t take very long to find them. And they came with a batch of newcomers too. He inwardly sighed. It was a never ending cycle so it was.

    They followed Niarok back to where they came. He looked back, his gaze moving silently over the newcomers. He hadn’t figured out yet if they were a threat or not.

    He gave a sharp nod to Quin who was hobbling along. “You getting on all right lad?”

    Quin nodded slowly.

    He gave him a light-hearted sideways smirk. “Ye gave us a right scare. Try not to do that again, okay?”

    Despite himself he felt a fondness for the boy. He could see a little bit of himself in him. Somehow.

    He glanced back at the newcomers. “So lets get the introductions going shall we? What do they call ye?”


    sorry I can’t remember who the new characters belong to I’m losing track of them tbh cause there’s so many😂🙁



    “What is your name, fatat eaziza?”

    Mayra didn’t so much as furrow her brows when he said this. She had already surmised that – that this was a different Nithel. One who couldn’t recall Alessio or her or even anyone. Not even the dragon. Not the same Nithel who spoke words of kindness and pure love to her.

    She sucked in a breath. “May-ra. Camacho.”

    Nithel looked shocked at the appearance of the werewolf. A small part of her felt sorry for him that he had to go through this not once but twice over.

    Mayra looked back at Alessio, who was standing a distance from them. She didn’t smile at him. Not that she could anyway. But she met his sad gaze steadily with what she hoped was a soft-ish look. She could manage that right?

    Nope. Not even that. Cross with herself, she wrenched her gaze away. Why was everything simple always difficult for her to do?

    She met Nithels gaze reluctantly then looked away. “You – look well.”



    Mayra stayed close behind Alessio as she stared at the strange man. He looked so familiar. Similar colouring and hair to Nithel so maybe he was from-


    Mayra narrowed her eyes. It couldn’t be. Could it?

    Then the Castle shifted, morphing into a strange temple-like room with an ornate ceiling and pillars. Mayra should have felt exhausted from all the changing. But she was used to it at this point. She just didn’t care anymore.

    There seemed to be a door carved with a silvery tree. Alessio muttered to himself when he saw it, as if he recognised it.

    Mayra felt a pang of familiarity too when she saw the tree pattern. “Tree – of life,” she said out loud. An old symbol from the nation of her ancestors. The nation whose language she spoke, but couldn’t understand because no one ever told her what the words meant.

    Her gaze moved silently towards the man, who looked back at her with no hint of recognition. The facial structure, the kind eyes – it was definitely Nithel. Older, wiser and more world weary though.

    She looked at Alessio, who had an expression like he had just been walloped in the stomach. She knew how close he was to Nithel – so the fact that his old friend didn’t recognise him must have been hard.

    Mayra didn’t want to speak up – it was the last thing she wanted. But she found herself moving towards the now adult Nithel and looking up at him. Searched his face, but did her best not to look him in the eye. “You’re – Nithel. Yes?”



    Lorcan could feel the tension in his spine as they moved closer to the sound of rushing water. He tightened his jaw. Something was coming. Again.

    “I sense a presence,” he said in a low voice. “Something is waiting for us.”

    Niarok met his gaze warily. “What is it?”

    Lorcan stretched out his senses, feeling the shift and pull of the molecules in the darkened cave. His skin crawled as he sensed something that wasn’t emitting carbon dioxide. Something big.

    “We move forward,” he rasped. “There’s no turning back now.”

    Niarok gave a sharp nod of affirmation.

    They continued down the damp, rocky path. Rounding a corner, they entered a large cavern. Stalactites and stalagmites rose up above them. And at the back, something watched them from the shadows.

    As they stood there with bated breath, the creature raised its bat-like wings.

    Lorcan couldn’t help but let out a low whistle. “Finally. Things are becoming interesting again.”

    His blades slowly slid out from his sleeves, making smooth metallic sounds as they were unsheathed. He didn’t take his gaze off the creature now ambling towards them as he said under his breath to Niarok, “Here’s the plan. I go left. You go right. Sound all right?”


    hope i got Niarok right here 🙂 I’m a bit stuck for dialogue so I just threw in another monster LOL



    Aww I’m happy to hear that! I think Niarok and Lorcan are going to have a very interesting dynamic. This will be fun.


    Glad to hear that you had revelations about Acyn! I love when that happens. I actually had a simply wonderful new revelation about Lorcan – and that led to the creation of two new characters! I mean they already existed, but they were like ghosts in my head so I didn’t know what to do with them. But now I know who they are pretty much XD.



    Lorcan felt a cold feeling creep through his chest as Niarok and Yila stared at one another in shock and fear. Quin was missing. One minute he was there and the next-

    He straightened his broad shoulders, clenching his fists as his worry for the lad increased. This place was messing with them, truly.

    “Everyone, get close together,” Niraok said. “We must conserve body heat. If anyone was blankets or warm clothing, put it on. If someone doesn’t have something, share with them. I’m going to find Qatar, and Lorcan is coming with me. Anyone who as weapons, keep them at the ready.”

    Lorcan didn’t even raise and eyebrow at his order. If it was anyone else, he would have threatened the person with his deathly stare. But this was a life and situation. It was about Qatar.

    Niarok gripped his sword and strode towards the dark passage, where the roar of water could be heard. Lorcan followed close behind.

    “Can you teleport us if necessary?” Niarok said to him. “If we’re to find Quin then we’ll probably need it.”

    ”It doesn’t work like that I’m afraid,” Lorcan answered gruffly. “Wish I could say otherwise, but my ability to use shadow metamorphosis is limited. I cannot use it if I can’t see where I’m going.”

    Niarok turned towards him. “Have you ever tried?”

    ”Of course I have. It had disastrous consequences.”

    ”Ah. I see.”

    There was a long moment of silence, interrupted only by their softly echoing footsteps and the nearby rush of water.

    Lorcan broke it first. “Yila seems to have recovered nicely.”

    Niarok nodded. “Yes. Thanks to you,” he added.

    Lorcan simply lowered his head slightly.

    Niarok let out a sigh. “Yila likes you, you know.”

    Lorcan glanced at him briefly. “I know.”

    I like her too. More than I should.

    ”You should know thats she’s a complicated person,” Niarok said steadily.

    ”Aren’t we all?” Lorcan kept his focus up ahead of him. “I’m not a good person Niarok. I think you know that. I have more demons than most people.”

    Lorcan met his gaze reluctantly. “You’re her brother. I trust that you’ll know whats best for her.”

    He didn’t need to continue. He saw the understanding in Niaroks eyes. He frowned up at him.

    Lorcan glanced at the path before them. “She reminds me of someone I once knew.”

    Niarok stared at him. “A girl?”

    Lorcan remained silent as they strode forwards. Niarok seemed to understand his answer because his tone turned soft. “Where is she now?”

    Lorcan had to fight to keep his voice monotonous as he answered. “She’s long gone.”

    “What happened?” Niarok said in a low voice.

    Lorcan gave him one word as an answer. “Me.”



    Is everyone still alive?

    I sure am, last time I checked lolll

    I miss this game, its great craic except I have no new character art haha.

    (i May or May not have created like twenty new characters that are in mid-development XD)

    Oh wow thats a lot! Well done XD I would love to hear more about them 🙂



    The girl smiled and drew the knife, clutching it in her hand. He admired it silently, the sleek curve if it, the sharpened edges. He knew a good quality weapon when he saw one. “I’m Yila. That’s my brother Niarok.”

    Yila. It sounded soft and poetic to his ears.

    She leaned towards him, scrutinising his face carefully. He raised an eyebrow.

    “Where’d you get the Arankā?”, she inquired.

    “I always have it with me,” Lorcan said smoothly. “My people make it – they’re the only ones with the gifts to create it. So I make sure to have a ready supply. Although these days…”

    He sighed, bunching up his fist. “The world isn’t what it used to be. Nature is changing. Its getting considerably more difficult for my people to harvest and make the yeast.”

    Lorcan glanced down at the knife in her hand. “That’s a beautiful weapon you have there. Knives come in handy. And judging by the way you hold it, you’re well trained.”

    He flashed her a half smile, strands of his black hair flopping into his eyes. “Its lovely to meet a young lady who’s fairly resourceful.”

    Yila blushed slightly and looked away for a moment. “So – uh who are your people?”

    Lorcan pressed his lips into a fine line. Talking to her – he just wanted to reveal everything about him to her. His life, his mission, his flaws, his desires, his past.

    But – he couldn’t.

    Instead, he turned around, sensing something amiss.

    “There is someone else here,” he said softly.

    Yila was fixing her hair, tying it back. He couldn’t help but watch her curiously, seeing how she tucked her locks of black hair in.

    As she made to get up, he held out his hand. Yila stared at it for a moment before taking it. He helped her up. She was blushing slightly.

    He smirked at her. “Try not to get in any more trouble <i>a stór</i>.”

    With that he moved away towards Niarok. He felt Yila hesitate before following him. A girl had appeared out of the shadows. She was quite petite with long black curly hair and brown eyes. She was staring up at Niarok, frightened.

    This day was just getting more and more interesting.




    Also the Yila and Lorcan flirting is going spectacularly and I’m here for it!!!

    LOL thanks I’m having so much fun hahahaha😂 never thought I’d do this cause in real life Lorcan already has a significant other. I will call this practice for the real thing.

    Get ready to hear loads of Irish terms of endearment. They’re gonna be his signature sayings😂



    Lorcan watched the situation unfold. The boy – Niarok – held his sister as she winced in pain. Her face was shining with sweat and her breathing seemed laboured. She was clearly getting worse.

    Quin moved past him, his face stricken. Lorcan had of course heard every word he had said. Including the last part.


    Lorcan clenched his fists and shut his eyes. He felt helpless. Again.

    He looked at Quin, his heart sinking at the look on his face. He wanted to say something to him, a word of comfort perhaps. But he didn’t know what.

    Surely that wasn’t the only option.

    He had to do something. To help her. He couldn’t stand back and do nothing.

    Lorcan opened his eyes, filled with new resolve.

    He appeared by the sibling’s side in an instant. Niarok looked up at him suspiciously.

    Silently, Lorcan crouched and pulled out a wrapped paper bag from his jacket pocket. He couldn’t believe he was about to do this.

    “This will help,“ he told them. Unwrapping it, he pulled out a chunk of golden yeast. It came with a faint smell of salt and berries.

    “What is that?” Niarok demanded.

    Lorcan paused before answering. “My people call it Arankā. Its a yeast, with strong energy giving properties. Legend has it that a lady clothed with the stars came down from the heavens and gifted my people with it.” He shrugged. “Its probably just a silly story. But all who eat it gain strength, physically or mentally.”

    He held it out to them. Niarok eyed him suspiciously before taking it. Breaking off a piece he fed it to his sister bit by bit.

    The girl chewed slowly. She frowned. “It tastes really good. All fluffy like cake.”

    Lorcan smiled. “It does, doesn’t it?”

    ”Can I have some more?”

    He let out a chuckle. “Not so fast a stór. I only have a few more, and they’re only to be used in emergencies. This constituted as one.”

    He tilted his head at the girl, who looked at him with wide, wondrous eyes. “Name’s Lorcan. What’s yours?”



    As they walked, he found himself eavesdropping on the conversation between the new boy and Acyn. It appeared that new boy had mocked Acyn’s arrogance. And Acyn decided to take offense. Lorcan rolled his eyes. Will children ever learn?

    Aw thank you so much XD that is literally my own inner voice coming out there. I’m extremely dry as you can probably tell lol

    Side note: Do we want Lorcan and Niarok to develop a grudging friendship? Hmmm….

    I am HERE for it! J’adore unlikely friendships and team ups loll



    That got real philosophical real fast XD

    Haha I know right !!

    Man, he’s so fascinating! Now Liorah’s out of his life I’m seeing a completely other side of him, and it’s so cool!

    Thank youu, he is my favourite character. I get excited just thinking about him! One can only hope that Liorah stays out of his life permanently so that she can’t prevent his character growth in this castle hehehe

    YESS!! I’m glad I’m not the only person who does this!! (Most of my characters have a playlist XD)

    Same girl same. I have two playlists for my primary characters so far. One with normal songs and one with epic film music XD

    I LOVE THAT SONG!!! It’s so Lorcan!!! I already know have awesome taste in music XD

    YASSSS I’m glad you think so tooo. I just imagine him kicking monster butt when I’m playing that song lolll.

    I’d say Sahar is “To the Dreamers” or “Wholehearted” by For King and Country, and Acyn is “Five” by Sleeping at Last. (That song has a really long intro, you can skip the first two minutes if you want to get straight to the song)

    Cool choices! I really like For King and Country 🙂

    YES IT’S THE BEST!! LOL, Sahar and Acyn figured out they were in love before they did XD Sahar ships it so hard XD

    OOhh!! I think she’ll actually pick up on the sparks between Lorcan and Yila! LOL, this will be hilarious!

    Oh my goodness this is gonna be hysterical XD I cannot wait lollll


    IDK if that is how Locran would react to Quin’s answer–feel free to change it if you want.

    Girl that is absolutely how he would react! Lorcan would be very closed off, doesn’t want to question his own actions for morality. Fair play to you!

    Yesss!!!Let’s see…the best way for this to work would be for Quin to help Locran out of some situation. (Like Locran just did for Quin with the crutch), because that would boost Quin’s confidence enough to be friends with someone like Locran.

    problem is, Locran has lots of skill/training/powers, and Quin has literally nothing (except that his hands are very able, and deep inside he has a kind heart),  so IDK if him helping Locran is even possible???

    That is a really good idea. Hmm maybe it could be a situation where Lorcan gets injured by something and Quin has to help heal his wounds or something like that. I’m sure we’ll think of something XD



    Great! Glad I’m not the only one who feels this way😜❤️ So Lorcan’s age is a bit complicated, but basically he’s in his late teens/early 20s. If thats too old, I can always make him sightly younger, its no big deal😊

    Can’t wait! This is soo exciting hehe!💛


    Quin stuck by Lorcan’s side as they followed after the group. Lorcan occasionally glanced at him to make sure he was getting on all right. But Quin seemed to be having no trouble at all with the new crutch, accommodating his single leg perfectly.

    “I apologise for my rudeness earlier,” Lorcan said smoothly. “It was nothing personal. I often speak briskly to people. Plus those two were really getting on my nerves so I was in a bit of a mood.” He gestured towards Sahar and Acyn, who were chattering away to the two newcomers. The new girl was half listening to Sahar and half attempting to crane her neck to look back at Lorcan.

    They made eye contact. She sure was quite attractive, despite her obvious injuries. Her eyes were a deep shade of blue, and her long shining ebony hair had streaks of red in it. Red. He liked that colour. He wasn’t sure why. It was the colour of blood after all and be had seen far too much blood in his lifetime. But still – it looked good on her…

    He smirked and winked at the girl. Her face turned bright pink and she looked away hurriedly.

    As they walked, he found himself eavesdropping on the conversation between the new boy and Acyn. It appeared that new boy had mocked Acyn’s arrogance. And Acyn decided to take offense. Lorcan rolled his eyes. Will children ever learn?

    “The only reason Mirianweed works is that it has two specific chemicals in it,” the new boy said. “One of them functions as an antibiotic which is specifically attracted to the bacteria from the werewolf’s teeth. The other is an antivenom which latches onto each particle of venom and neutralizes it. These chemicals are actually fairly easy to find, but both are toxic in any quantity unless they are together with the third chemical found in Mirianweed, which can only be found in Mirianweed. It is scientifically impossible for it to grow anywhere else.”

    Lorcan sighed. Of course it was.

    Darkness hit them when they entered the cave. A blazing torch was lit, illuminating their faces. It appeared to belong to the bew boy. Lorcan reached out to grasp Quin’s shoulder. “Walk slowly, boy,” he said. “I’ll guide you.” His other hand prepared to summon one of his blades should the occasion call for it.

    ”So who are you exactly?” Quin whispered. He appeared to be getting more confident now, Lorcan thought with pride.

    ”I’m an assassin,” Lorcan sighed. “I serve the High Queen. I hunt down her enemies and kill them. Thats my story. Nothing interesting about it.”

    ”But why?” Quin asked him. “Why do it?”

    Why do you kill people?

    He tightened his jaw. Always that question, one that he wasn’t sure he was able to answer. Because he wasn’t really sure he had a proper answer to it. Lorcan was painfully aware that everyone had turned silent, obviously listening to their conversation.

    It took him a long time to answer. If he was going to stay in this awful place forever, he might as well be real. No lies, no pretense. But he he couldn’t tell them everything either. “I do it because I have no choice,” he said darkly. “My whole life, I have been taught one lesson. One lesson only. Kill or be killed. Protect your own, or they will die.”

    He looked down at Quin. “I’m definitely no hero. But I don’t think its evil for just wanting to protect the ones that I love. Or what do you think?”

    Quin blinked up at him.


    Like I said Lorcan’s an anti-hero. All the bad things he has done, he believes he’s doing it for a good moral reason. I honestly have so much fun with this guy  he’s just fascinating😍

    I have an idea – lets do theme songs for our characters. I’m a sucker for music, it helps me write and imagine!😄 Pick a song of any genre that you feel speaks to your character the most. Maybe you heard it one day and it inspired you create that character. Or maybe you just thought ‘wow that song sounds exactly like this character’.

    I’ll go first – Lorcan’s theme song would probably be ‘Whatever It Takes’ by Imagine Dragons 🙂



    Aww, Lorcan is finally starting to soften a little! That was so cute!

    Lolll I know right! He’s super edgey but he’s so sweet at the same tim😄


    Dwaaaaa. Way to melt my heart. 🙂 Quin’ has to make a friend out of Locran before he leaves the castle (whenever that may be)…just has to!

    YESSS THATS EXACTLY WHAT I WAS THINKING!!! Lorcan and Quin would be such a teeeaaam!! I’m all for it!!


    Thank you for Lorcan’s reaction to Niarok! Brilliant! He greatly appreciates being respected.

    You’re very welcome! Niarok sounds awesome and I think they would make a great team-up!

    He flashed her a sideways smirk. “Hang in there miss.”
    YEEEEESSS!!!!!!!! *Squeals* So perfect! 🙂

    Lorcan! *tut tut tut* you shameless flirt. Mind yourself there! Outrageous begaviour😂

    Is it just me or do I want this little flirting thing to continue…? What do you think @denali-christianson ?🤣


    I love how your princess was so annoying our resident assassin Lorcan nearly cried for joy when she disappears LOL! That was the funniest thing to read

    Thanks Cathy! Hehe he’s such a comedic character even if he doesn’t know it. Dark and edgy are always the funniest.


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