Martha’s Lament

March 31, 2022

By Sarah Wiens


Dedicated to the Sidwell family, in memory of Wynn, my childhood playmate.


You asked me if I believe. I’m not sure

After all my sister and I have endured.

What made You stay so far away

From Your friend and us in our dismay?

Yet one truth I know despite the pain:

I know my brother will rise again.


I don’t understand what You’re saying right now.

Do You mean there’s hope for us somehow?

What are You asking from me?

My brother is buried—can’t You see?

But something inside I can’t explain

Declares my brother will rise again.


If You had been here, he wouldn’t have died,

But now You come and stand by my side

To tell me that You are the life.

But, Lord, my frail heart is so full of strife.

Yet one truth, one hope, still remains:

I know my brother will rise again.


You have the power, You have the might.

You’ve healed the sick, given the blind sight.

I cannot know, but I choose to trust.

I do believe; do what You must.

I am grieving, but God still reigns.

I know my brother will rise again!


Sarah Wiens, a daughter of the King of kings, enjoys her life in Canada (where she does not live in an igloo, does not drive a dogsled, experiences three other seasons besides winter, and can’t play hockey to save her life). Her life includes teaching/playing piano and bookkeeping. Besides music, other enjoyments include history, reading, quilting, baking, and spending time outdoors with her family. She draws much of her inspiration for poetry and songs from Scripture, her family’s garden, and other natural sources. Occasionally she attempts other writing projects as well. If you would enjoy reading about her music and teaching adventures, she’d love for you to visit her blog at http://songbirdpianolessons.blogspot.com. Or, if you’d rather see the one music video (or a tutorial on chords or intervals) on her YouTube channel, you can check it out at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-qQvxWy5yY2UAKqaokBN6w.


  1. Bethany Fehr

    This is beautiful, Sarah! So happy to see your poem out in the wild!

    • Sarah Wiens

      Thanks, Bethany! I appreciate your help & support. 🙂

  2. Sara Twinkle

    I love how you combined Scripture with creativity.


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