Love Is

February 17, 2022

By Joe Bisicchia

Love begins and never ends.

Love is, with justice never distant,

raveled and unraveled, here, everywhere.

No departed utterance,

it endures beyond sounds

of rhyme, time, upon lips, here and above,

for though it always was, it always will be,

far beyond death into infinity.

In our midst, simple as this—

Love is ubiquitous.

Nothing matters more than this—


Was. Will be. Is. Who God is.


Joe Bisicchia writes of our shared dynamic. An Honorable Mention recipient for the Fernando Rielo XXXII World Prize for Mystical Poetry, he has written nearly two hundred individual works that have been published in nearly ninety publications. Commonality of humankind is a constant theme as he highlights the extraordinary power of faith in ordinary, everyday life. The collection widewide.world to unwind has been published by Cyberwit. His website is www.widewide.world.


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