SE Podcast #7: LifeWay and the Future of Bookstores

April 13, 2019

Today Josiah DeGraaf, Hope Ann, and Brandon Miller discuss the closing of LifeWay Christian Stores and the digitization of book selling as a whole. Does LifeWay’s closing mean that explicitly Christian fiction no longer has a place on the market? How will the shift to the digital world affect both authors and readers? Listen to them tackle these questions below!



What do you think of the digitization of book selling? Do you prefer paperbacks or e-books? Let us know in the comments!


    • Grace Livingston

      Haha! XD Thanks for listening, Fledgling Artist!

  1. Eliza LeBlanc

    Haha, what a fun episode! And you are definitely not alone, Grace. Until this past year I owned less than a dozen books and only read stuff from the library or stole back books I’d given to my brothers for Christmas. About half of my reading is still library books 😀

    • Grace Livingston

      Glad you enjoyed the episode, Eliza! And ahhh thank goodness, another library user!! *high fives you* I knew I couldn’t be the only one. 😂 Thanks for listening!

  2. PursueWisdom

    xD I think this is the funniest one yet.

    Grace – I’m a library user too, but I tend to buy books (when I can afford them) that I’m quite sure I’ll love/want to own. 🙂 Another thing I do to try to help authors is ask my library to purchase a book I like that they don’t have on their shelves.

    Physical books I think builds more of a bond between the reader and the story. 🙂 Shamefully, I’ve never stepped into a brick and mortar book store O.O. I don’t have the time to… but I’m balancing out Amazon with B&N as well as using Thriftbooks.com and BetterWorldBooks.com to buy bargain used books in pretty good condition.

    • Grace Livingston

      *high fives another fellow library user* Yeah, I could count on one hand the number of times I’ve stepped in a physical bookstore. 🙈 And yes! We have a brick and mortar Better World Books (that I’ve used a grand total of once xD) and I love it. Thanks for listening!

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