Life Is Like a Blackout Poem

December 26, 2019

By Elizabeth Sond


We live in the blank space between stanzas;

we stand in the gaps between words, watching the poems float by

and letting their inky melodies drip over our consciousnesses,

idle to the idea that some words need to be blacked out,

and that others need to remain so that we are truly heard.


We live our lives in those dizzying moments, going through the motions,

doing this and doing that. Does it have any actual meaning, we ask?

We’ve zoomed out so far (or have we zoomed in?) that we see only ourselves

and not those who are seeking hope far beyond us.


They are reaching, hands outstretched for their daily bread, seeking answers.

From who? The universe? Because I know that it doesn’t answer back.

It just…echoes emptily. They need love, and perhaps we have the answer?

Of a Creator King who blacked out the part of the poem

about His needs and instead prostrated Himself to our needs.


If I have the answers, and they don’t, shouldn’t I share what I hold so dearly,

to black out the endless stream of my tumultuous thoughts,

and only hold dear what actually matters, which is love:

loving my neighbor and loving my God?


Perhaps this is what it means to be crucified with Christ,

to bash our needs into the cross of our hopes, dreams, and expectations

and store up our treasures in golden capsules of love,

to extend to others hands ready to wash feet and hearts ready to serve selflessly.


Because life is like a blackout poem,

and what we think we need, in the excesses of uncolored, tired words, is soulless,

for what we need is the Poet whose every word creates whole galaxies

yet still risks everything for the One.


Elizabeth Sond is a sixteen-going-on-seventeen-year-old who loves to write not only poetry but books too and is currently whittling away at her first trilogy. Summarizing her personality in small capsules is hard for her, since her last book totaled over 100K words, but it’s funny to her how you can reduce your whole life into a paragraph if you really try. She loves writing and reading, playing the piano, and blogging, her latest manic endeavor! She wants to write clean books that honor God yet are still engrossing to read, which you can find out more about at her blog and Twitter.


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      Thanks! I really appreciate that 🙂

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    So powerful!


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