I’ve been fascinated by Paris for many years—probably due to having a little French blood running in my veins, or perhaps because I studied French in my last two years of high school. Either way, the architecture in the city of Paris begs to be captured in a photo or sketch. France is the ideal place to see a blend of God’s workmanship and humankind’s artistry, reminding us that God is the bestower of creative genius.


But sometimes that creative genius doesn’t come easy. This acrylic painting took me nearly three days to finish, when normally it would have taken one or two. No matter how hard I tried, the buildings just wouldn’t look right. I had to repaint them several times before they were satisfactory. I was aiming for a realistic look, but that wasn’t working, so I experimented with a slightly cartoonish and impressionist style.


Even though this painting caused me a lot of labor, I’m glad for it, because the style change helped lend to the Parisian feel. The struggle also reminded me that I’m not perfect and that my best-laid plans are not always good. My mistakes are an opportunity to become a better artist and lean on the One who never makes errors.

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