Be careful where you wander. You might fall in.

Deep in the hills, hidden from prying eyes, is the enchanted little village of Knaphollow. Home to an eclectic band of renegades, the town is plagued with the mysterious and the mystical. Trolls amble in, sprites steal the inkwells, and tea brews itself.

The inhabitants of the hollow stay ever vigilant, honing their craft and penning fantastic tales. They come from the farthest reaches of the earth, of every skill and talent. This ragtag band of misfits form the family of Knaplingers, who take on destiny with knapsacks strapped to their backs.

Some say you’ll never find the hollow—unless it finds you first. And whether the legend is true or not…we’ll leave that up to you to decide.

So arm yourself, brave seeker, with pen, or sword, or bat. And set out for Knaphollow, because the hollow is where adventure is at.

At Knaphollow, we love swapping pieces for critique, cheering each other on through the struggles of life and writing, and screaming battle cries at the beginning of every guild war. We’re a tight-knit group spanning a broad range of genres and expertise, each trying to grow stronger in our writing and have fun along the way. We’re still figuring out what paths we want to explore, but one thing we know for certain—Knaphollow is unstoppable. Knaphollow forever!

Guild Master: Maddie Morrow

Maddie Morrow wants to be a writer when she grows up. She’s not sure when that will happen, because even after getting married and having a little boy, she still fully expects Peter Pan to show up at her window.

She loves reading and writing anything in the speculative genre and has a passion for weaving the Christian worldview into her stories without sacrificing the fantastical and otherworldly.

When she’s not buried in a book, writing, or making dinner, she stands guard over Knaphollow wielding a baseball bat and killer hairdo.

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