Do you feel overwhelmed by large communities?

Some people love big forums, but for others, interacting with a crowd can be daunting.

Here at Story Embers, we believe that a small group of like-minded people is an asset to aspiring storytellers. The Inklings made Lewis & Tolkien great, after all.

What if you could join your own tight-knit community of storytellers?


How the Guilds Work

Guilds are private sub-groups of our main forum containing a small number of active members.

Each Guild is led by one of our terrific Guild Masters or Moderators and includes opportunities to…

  • Receive encouragement and accountability
  • Get your writing critiqued
  • Participate in fun writing competitions between Guilds
  • Build deeper friendships with other writers
  • And more!

Every Guild focuses on a specific theme for several months, with a new discussion thread every week so you can hone your skills in that area.


How to Join

Ready to jump into a Guild? Start by filling out the form below to apply to join the general forum. Once your account is created, there are three ways you can join a Guild.

1. Complete this survey to apply for a writers Guild. We’ll place you in one of our existing Guilds. Please be patient as we normally only add members to Guilds at the beginning of each month, so it may be a couple weeks before we assign you to a Guild.

2. Guild leaders can invite new members to their Guild, so if you’re active and friendly, they might notice you and invite you into their group.

3. You can form your own Guild! To do so, collect a group of 10 friends and decide who will be your leader. This person must be willing to moderate the Guild and guide members in group activities. Once you’re ready, send your submission to If everything looks good, Daeus will approve your request and help you set up your new Guild.

Forum Application

Fill out the form to apply for a forum account. We should respond within 4 days. If more than 4 days have passed and you haven’t heard from us, please email

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