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Over the past four years, Story Embers has facilitated content and initiatives to empower thousands of writers to craft stories that are raw, real, and resonant. We’ve released multiple in-depth article series on how faith and storytelling intersect, tailored our podcast to address the challenges that Christian creatives face, and hosted annual virtual summits featuring best-selling authors like Tosca Lee, Steven James, and Kristy Cambron as speakers. Anyone who joins us becomes an integral part of enacting our vision to see fiction display the attributes defined in our Christian Storytellers Manifesto.

As a tight-knit team, we strive to be innovative, champion each other, and speak fluent sarcasm. If you share our passion for meaningful storytelling (and can tolerate inside jokes involving porgs, nerdy conversations about book fandoms, and steady streams of memes), we would welcome the chance to consider you. You can learn more about the available positions and how you can help us serve the writing community below.

Why volunteer at Story Embers?


Opportunities for Growth

We’re a young but robust company run by overachievers who believe that “good enough” is the enemy of “great.” While you’re on our team, you’ll have access to training materials to sharpen your writing skills and be mentored by supervisors who are seasoned at editing and marketing.

Connect with & Impact Fellow Storytellers

Transferring words from your imagination to the page can be a lonely endeavor. At Story Embers, not only will you serve a community of storytellers who need support and guidance as much as you do, but you’ll also build lasting relationships with like-minded individuals on our team and beyond.

Thrive in a Christ-Centered Environment

Ever feel like a misfit because you don’t want to churn out shallow entertainment? Few writing programs and websites have a distinctly Christian focus. Although we don’t condone shoving religious tracts down readers’ throats, we’re committed to honoring God in even the most subtle nuances of writing.

Eager to jump on board? Review our current openings below.

All positions are volunteer and fully remote. If you meet several (but not all) of the qualities we’re looking for, we encourage you to apply anyway and do your best to sell yourself to us. We’re open to training go-getters who show promise.

Article Writer

Article Writers report to Brianna, our Blog Director, and their primary responsibility is to advance the message and mission of Story Embers through 1) specific, informative, and distinct content, 2) timely delivery, and 3) openness to constructive feedback. To view samples of the topics we cover and the article structure we prefer, browse our blog.

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Each Month, All Article Writers Will:

  • Draft and refine at least one article in conjunction with our editorial staff
  • Assimilate and embody Story Embers’ values in voice and slant, understanding that their words represent our organization as a whole
  • Prioritize projects according to assigned deadlines
  • Exchange a submission critique with another writing team member
  • Participate in team discussions through virtual platforms such as Facebook, email, and monthly video calls
  • Display support for Story Embers by interacting on social media and commenting on blog posts

Proficiencies of Our Ideal Candidates:

  • 5+ years of writing experience (bonus points if it includes online content production, such as blogging)
  • Has finished drafting 2 or more novels
  • Familiarity with Microsoft Word and Google Docs
  • Expresses ideas clearly and creatively
  • Gives and receives criticism with humility and grace
  • Self-motivated and excellent time manager
  • Decisive and responsive
  • Functions both independently and collaboratively

Estimated Time Commitment

6–8 hours per month

Position Duration

6 months, from February through July, with the possibility of an extension if the applicant is exceptional and we have the need


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Pinterest Manager

The Pinterest Manager reports to Mariposa, our Public Relations Director, and their primary responsibility is to maintain the Story Embers Pinterest account with the goal of increasing clicks, reach, and engagement so that more Christian writers can find and benefit from our resources. To peruse the pins we create and curate, explore our Pinterest account.

Read the Full Job Description

Each Week, the Pinterest Manager Will:

  • Pin 10–15 high-quality images per day
  • Schedule graphics for Story Embers blog posts, announcements, and writing quotes according to the social media calendar set by the Public Relations Director
  • Search for and evaluate Pinterest accounts to follow in the same niche as Story Embers
  • Pin to group boards, join new group boards, and monitor activity in group boards Story Embers owns
  • Check analytics and send relevant insights to the Public Relations Director
  • Create boards, implement strategies, and handle other Pinterest tasks delegated by the Public Relations Director

Proficiencies of Our Ideal Candidate:

  • 3+ years of experience using Pinterest
  • Basic knowledge of marketing and SEO
  • Familiar with and adept at other social media platforms
  • Exhibits positivity and creativity
  • Follows instructions and willingly applies last-minute changes
  • Self-motivated, reliable, and organized
  • Able to adapt to constantly fluctuating algorithms and tactics

Estimated Time Commitment

2 hours per week (8–10 per month)

Position Duration

Ongoing, subject to an evaluation at the 6-month mark to determine whether the individual is a good fit for the role and our team culture


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Podcast Manager

The Podcast Manager reports to Josiah, our Podcast Director, and their primary responsibility is to produce episodes featuring roundtable discussions and interviews that provide listeners with encouragement, writing tips, and inspiration. To hear examples of the format and vibe we aim for, visit our podcast homepage.

Read the Full Job Description

Each Month, the Podcast Manager Will:

  • Coordinate podcast topics, panelist combinations, and recording session dates in conjunction with the Podcast Director
  • Operate recording software and guide panelists through the talking points
  • Script and record introductions, midpoint commercial breaks, closing remarks, and transitions for flow
  • Edit the raw episodes to remove pauses, polish panelists’ speech, normalize the volume, filter out background noises, and balance audio harshness
  • Format and schedule the episode, description, and show notes across various platforms

Proficiencies of Our Ideal Candidate:

  • Public speaking experience through podcasting, YouTubing, Instagram or Facebook lives, online teaching, etc.
  • Skilled at applications for audio recording, editing, and hosting, such as Skype, Zoom, Callnote, Audacity, GarageBand, BuzzSprout, or other equivalents
  • Familiarity with WordPress, Microsoft Office, and Google Suite
  • General understanding of storytelling techniques and the struggles writers face
  • Outstanding communicator
  • Self-motivated and excellent time manager
  • Receptive to instruction and constructive feedback
  • Functions both independently and collaboratively

Estimated Time Commitment

10–12 hours per month

Position Duration

Ongoing, subject to an evaluation at the 6-month mark to determine whether the individual is a good fit for the role and our team culture


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The Secretary reports to Josiah, our Marketing Director, and their primary responsibility is to record and distribute information so that he and the rest of us on the leadership team can focus our energy on making our largest annual event a success. To see the kinds of authors we partner with, check out past summits in our Academy.

Read the Full Job Description

Each Month, the Secretary Will:

  • Prepare a report consisting of social media, website, and other growth statistics
  • Take notes during biweekly operations team meetings
  • Update the advertising schedule and the site sidebar as necessary
  • Assist in corresponding with advertisers and summit speakers
  • Handle summit critique session logistics
  • Moderate the attendee chat during the summit
  • Complete other miscellaneous summit tasks delegated by the Marketing Director

Proficiencies of Our Ideal Candidate:

  • Experienced at and enjoys data entry
  • Familiarity with Google Suite and WordPress
  • Outstanding communicator
  • Organized, disciplined, and reliable
  • Able to multitask and perform in a fast-paced environment

Estimated Time Commitment

6–8 hours per month for most of the year; 12–16 hours during April

Position Duration

Ongoing, subject to an evaluation at the 6-month mark to determine whether the individual is a good fit for the role and our team culture


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Wondering what working at Story Embers is like? Read testimonials from a few past and present team members.

“I have a special place in my heart for the staff and mission of Story Embers. Working here has been a wonderful source of experience, character development, and joy! I’ve learned so much from everyone.​”

–Grace Livingston, Former Story Embers Podcast Manager

“When I started, I could barely figure out how to write a passable guest post for a blog. Working with a critique group and editors every month helped me hone my skills so now I can write publishable content that people actually resonate with!”

–Maddie Morrow, Former Story Embers Article Writer

“I’ve built some of my longest lasting friendships through Story Embers. I’ve gotten to know other skilled writers and connect with the wider online community. It’s been a great experience, and I wouldn’t trade it for the world.”

–Hope Ann, Story Embers Newsletter Manager

“Working with Story Embers has been one of the best moves I’ve ever made as a writer.”

–Lori Z. Scott, Story Embers Article Writer

“At every turn, I’ve been pushed to expand my horizons and grow as a writer.”

–Martin Detwiler, Story Embers Article Writer

Ready to apply?



Writing team applications are due by 11:59 p.m. EST on Monday, January 24th. Applications for the three operations team roles may close earlier or later depending upon the volume of responses and the urgency of our need. If you’re interested in any of these openings, don’t wait! You’re free to apply for more than one position, but you’ll need to submit a separate form for each.

You can send questions about the specifics of a role to info@storyembers.org, but please don’t email to inquire whether you’ve been chosen or not. Once we’ve reviewed the first round of candidates, one of our directors will contact you about the status of your application. (Sometimes spam boxes snatch up our emails, so be sure to check there if more than a month has passed and you haven’t heard anything!) Thanks for your patience and understanding.

Join us. Make a difference.

Even if you’re a talented a writer, you can’t improve or grow alone. My position with Story Embers places me within a framework for ongoing creative growth and greater connection to the writing community.

  • First, I’m challenged creatively to produce new and interesting material every month.
  • Second, as a fiction writer, I get to dabble in the area of nonfiction through each article, honing my reason and execution.
  • Third, my work undergoes the critique of the writing team and the exacting revision of the editorial team.

But the most valuable thing Story Embers has given me is a community of Christian writers committed to excellence that spans the globe. More than anything, I need other people, other writers. No matter how, when, where, or what you write, community can make all the difference.

–Rose Sheffler, Story Embers Staff Writer

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