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Whats the title of your book and explain it in 3 sentances @Everyone

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    XD its okay guys.  Don’t be shy.  You can make posts too! Can you tell new your book titles and a couple sentances about it?



    Maybe you should make a post explaining what to do in the groups….? Most of mine are just have no acticity… idk xD. And i feel bad about being the only one who makes posts.

    Daeus Lamb

    @katthewriter I do need to advertise them more.

    👖 🐢🐢🐢🐢🐢



    Yeah cuz everyone jumped in. ..but then didnt know what to do in them and forgot.  XD

    Thank you.

    Sarah Inkdragon

    Hmm, well I can start off – be aware that this WIP is a very, very rough WIP and it’s just something I want to write someday, not something I’m working on right now or have plans to really work on soon.

    Working Title: Sidereal 

    Description: Kaze is a “shift”, a being who can teleport within seconds from one location to another in the vast universe of Enchria. He longs to get away from the dangerous gang he is controlled by, but if he were to turn them in the pacifist government would also seek to exile and prevent him from using his ability – a price that can be fatal for a shift. When a heist job is presented to him that would give him the opportunity to both turn in the gang and remain free, he snatches it up – all he needs now is a team and the nerve to break into one of the most powerful men in the universe to steal valuable information about a new weapon. 

    So yeah. It’s kind of a heist movie meets sci-fi, but the concept has interested me for a while and I’ve just never had the time to write it. 🙂

    "A hard heart is no infallible protection against a soft head."

    - C. S. Lewis

    Emberynus The Dragonslayer


    I’m not exactly sure if my story is EXACTLY Sci-fi. . .

    Sold souls and dead promises

    Sam M

    @katthewriter So, mine is a short story and not a book (at least so far) and I’m still working out the details. It’s sort of science fiction meets horror and it kind of goes like this:

    A group of college students stop at a hotel that is built on a time vortex. Objects and scenes from the past and from possible futures appear and disappear at the hotel, and the vortex is heading towards collapsing. Also, there are killers who live at the hotel and prey on guests. So, the students have to escape the killers and get out of the hotel, before the time vortex collapses. Before they can do that, one of them goes missing. Dun, dun, dun!



    Am I late to the party? *hoping I’m not*


    That sounds really interesting! I love high-stake suspense like that 🙂


    Ooh, heist stories! I like the idea of your “shift”. My story has a concept called the System and Levels, which kind of reminds me of your “shifting”.

    My current WIP used to be a trilogy, but became one book, since I don’t like trilogies? So here goes:

    Lisa–a genius who wastes her time getting kicked out of schools

    Example: “How scintillating that you feel the urge to write before killing me,” Lisa commented, hoping to distract her.

    CSO–the spy organization which claims to protect “rights of knowledge and beliefs” that abducts and recruits Lisa (and is probably run by a bunch of religious freaks, in her opinion)

    Rika-Keisha–the mysterious science organization led by someone Lisa may or may not know that she wants to work for

    Newmind–the program that ultimately destroys everything

    INFJ: Bibliomaniac that pretends to be a Bibliophile, owns an imaginary typewriter...

    Sam M

    @professorsjb Thank you! I love high stakes stories too. 🙂 Your story sounds really cool. Lisa sounds like a really fun character.

    E. K. Seaver

      My book is called The Reflections, and I’ll do my best to describe it in three seconds.

      Em Gades is chosen as one of the thirty smartest teenagers in the world to participate in the Reflections, a series of compititions designed to select those who would be the best leaders in the Alliance. At first, it seems like an intense game for all those playing, something they compete in to prove they are the best, but when the teens realize that those who lose get killed, it suddenly turns into something much more than a competition: It’s a fight for their lives. 


        I’m not currently writing a sci-fi story, but I’m semi-brainstorming a futuristic/dystopian/sci-fi story about a future America. Funny; right now I’m working on a historical fiction, and my next project will be set way, way in the future. XD

        It’s called 2109: Awaken (it’s set in the year 2109), and here’s three sentences to describe it (I hope): Something is rotten in the state of America. It’s been years since the Constitution was eradicated, but things are about to get worse. Kae Peters is a government official, deeply involved in the planning and orchestrating of government plans (or at least that’s what she’s told), but the man she loves has secret designs for becoming the next dictator of the world. Because of a slip in words, Kae is now seen as a threat to those plans; will she give in to the pressure and let him take control of the world, or stand for what is right?

        Whoops; four sentences and it ended up sounding like a blurb, haha. XD

        just a crazy ENFP/tough cowgirl/obsesses over time travel/middle earth/writer/book dragon/obidala

        Rusted Knight

          I don’t know if mine counts as a true sci fi but here goes.


          America falls in the late 2100s but the new Communist dictatorship never happenes as does the conquest of America. If Isaac succeeds in going back in time to change history so that Communism falls with Nazism in the Second World War. Trapped in the past, how will he change history as his own memory changes with his influences on the past? If it even is the past?

          <i> </i>Essentially a spy thriller on the war. There will be several other characters from the time period that I will bounce around with to show frontlines and all.

          The Devil saw me with my head down and got excited. Then I said Amen

          Livi Ryddle

          @katthewriter @everyoneelse

          M’kay, so this is a WIP that isn’t even on paper/computer yet except for the basic outline, but it’s sci-fi, SO!

          Title: Don’t have one yet lol. There’s lots of things it could be, so I’ll have to decide later on after I get the plot more developed.

          Premise: Um, basically, people have been Pavloved to not feel emotion hardly at all. MC slowly starts to fall in love with someone, and the deeper in love he falls, the sicker and weaker he becomes. His implant has malfunctioned, and he seems to be dying.

          Yikes, that was actually very hard to do in three sentences XD Cause to really understand it you’ve gotta have some more explanation lol. But anyways. XD

          "Reck not."
          ~Sir Nicholas Beauvallet


            @kendralynne518 I think accidentally writing a blurb should be a superpower :).

            Mine is cheating, since I don’t actually have a WIP at the moment (I’m on a post-novel break). My third novel is called Valkyrie.

            Just before the destruction of civilization as we know it, Meredith was kidnapped, altered, and trained as a superhuman warrior by her uncle. After years of being carted to various battles via her uncle’s time machine, Meredith has resigned herself to her fate, only resisting her uncle when his orders contradict her conscience. But during a solo mission in the twenty-second century, she meets the Portland Division, and her acceptance begins to crumble…

            (Wow, that was difficult.)

            What you sow does not come to life unless it dies.
            -1 Corinthians 15:36b

            Sam M


            Your story idea is awesome! I would love to read something like that!



            Superpowers and time travel are two of my favorite things! Good luck with your story, it sounds super cool!

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