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Time travel collaborative story

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      That sounds really cool Natalie! I like the idea

      Mischievous Thwapling


        "May the wind under your wings bear you where the sun sails and the moon walks." ~Gandalf

        Kylie Wingfeather

          Hi everyone!


            Hey Kylie!

            Wingiby Iggiby

              Hi y’all! Sorry I’ve been a bit slow lately, so here I am to catch up 😉

              Thwapling: I suppose I was thinking he could be from the future after Percy and Cassie, and with the high technology available and his crazy amount of wealth, he builds a time-ship — actually, I just thought of the time-ship 😛 But that is a good idea, and I’m open to all opinions! What do you think, Peter and Kylie? Or does Kylie and Peter flow better…

              Crazywriter: (I’ve just been calling you Peter ’cause it’s easier to type, if you don’t mind.)  😉 I’m glad your back! Now we can really get this show on the road! Great idea with the time suit; and I love his report job! I am really wishing I could actually do this for school now….

              Kylie: Yay! You’ve made it! Maybe you’ve been on here longer, and I just didn’t notice since I haven’t been on here a lot, but I’m glad you’re back!

              Hey, angel, your horns are sticking up. -- Andrew Peterson

              Kylie Wingfeather

                WingibyQuick question. Do you know if Kinnan (AKA Joelle Stone) made the City Seekers forum yet? If so, where is it? And what is it called?

                Throne Warden and Featherhead,

                Kylie Wingfeather

                Mischievous Thwapling

                  Wingiby: That’s an awesome idea! I really like that? What about you guys, Peter and Kylie? Do you have any ideas?

                  Kylie: Yeesss!! You’re back!! Yay!

                  "May the wind under your wings bear you where the sun sails and the moon walks." ~Gandalf

                  Mischievous Thwapling

                    *I really like that! Not a question mark

                    "May the wind under your wings bear you where the sun sails and the moon walks." ~Gandalf

                    Kylie Wingfeather

                      Hey y’all! I came across a really funny piece of history yesterday and I thought you might want to hear it: Did you know that Napoleon Bonaparte was once attacked by bunnies?! 😄 He went on a bunny hunt with some other aristocrats, but the person who organized the hunt made a mistake and instead of trapping wild hares to use he got domesticated rabbits from local farmers, so when the hunt started, the rabbits, instead of running away, came towards the group, expecting to be fed. The men thought it was funny at first, until the rabbits got mad that there was no carrots or lettuce being presented to them and started to attack. Napoleon retreated to the imperial coach, and sped away, flinging bunnies out of the window! Definitely Napoleon’s worst defeat.

                      Wingiby Iggiby

                        Kylie: No, I don’t know about the City Seekers, sorry! I’ll keep an eye out, though 😉

                        And that is a really funny story! We studied Napoleon recently, but I never heard about that! Those rabbits must have had some pretty strong nerves! And if I was a great general, I certainly wouldn’t want it known that a bunch of mad bunnies chased me off.

                        Hey, angel, your horns are sticking up. -- Andrew Peterson

                        Kylie Wingfeather

                          Twapling: I like that idea!

                          Andromeda pulled on her time-travel gear as quickly as possible. Her parents had said she could go on her first mission since Percy and Cassie were going too, and she had no intention of missing it. She raced down the stairs and into the time machine room. Percy and Cassie looked up, startled.
                          “What is it Anie? Did we forget something?” Percy asked. Then he saw what she was wearing and realization dawned on his face.

                          “Mom and Dad said yes?!”
                          Andromeda nodded as she squeezed by him and settled herself on a seat in the back row.

                          “Mhmm. They finally, finally, said I could go!” She smiled and buckled her seat belt just as their parents (And Andromeda’s springer spaniel, Arrow.)  walked into the room.

                          “Mom, Dad! You’re really letting Anie do this? She’s only twelve!” His father looked at him as Arrow leapt into the Time-machine and sat by Andromeda.

                          “As were you when you began time-traveling.” Percy blushed. “And she will be quite safe as she has you two and Arrow. Anie will be fine.”
                          Percy knew he had lost the argument and sighed as he turned back to the control panel. Andromeda petted Arrow’s head to keep him calm as two metal arms descended, lifted the little capsule and dropped it into the fountain.

                          Andromeda’s head spun as the waters swirled around them. Suddenly, a rush of sparkling light rushed around them and the three children and dog were thrown out. Andromeda landed in a heap in the snow and immediately began shivering. Percy pulled her up and brushed her off.

                          “You alright?”

                          Andromeda nodded and pulled her shawl tighter around her. Wait. Shawl? Andromeda looked down at her clothes which had changed into a long sleeved grey dress, brown leather boots, a maroon shawl, and a satchel. Arrow trotted over to her, and gave her a lick. Andromeda grabbed his leash (made of rope) so he wouldn’t run away. Cassie came over to her siblings.
                          “Well, I guess we made it.”

                          Wingiby Iggiby

                            Yay yay yay yay YAY!!!!!!!! I am going to post “real” soon!

                            By the way, great post, Kylie! I’m so glad you were able to make it, ’cause now there are four of us!

                            Hey, angel, your horns are sticking up. -- Andrew Peterson


                              Percy straightened out his grey uniform. He looked sharp. He checked the insignia on his arms, which told him he was a Lieutenant. ‘perfect’ he thought. ‘Now for weapons.’

                              He checked his belt, which held a pistol and saber, the customary weapons for an officer in those days.

                              He turned to his sisters. “Well, i’ll be off. Let’s see. I set the machine to drop us off on December 10, 1862, three days before the battle of Fredericksburg. We are about a mile south of the town, so i’ll be on my way. It’s 5:00 P.M. FYI. Oh, and we’ll be leaving in about four days. Have fun!”


                              Wingiby Iggiby

                                Here is my post! 😀


                                So, as I said, my life was pretty good except when I wished I had my old one back. Well, I won’t bore you with the expansive details but will jump right into the juicy stuff. What is this tasty part, you may ask?

                                It’s when I learned that water and I are mortal enemies.

                                Truth be told, I never learned how to swim, and so I eyed any body of water larger than that in my cup with suspicion. It was my own fault, but I was bent on avoiding it altogether, even in this new land. Of course, it was Hutch who finally brought me face to face with my dire enemy. And that day I learned it was not only my nemesis because it could drown me, but because it was the reason for my terrible misfortune.

                                We were going swimming at the community water hole, called Buffalo Hole. It was a nice way of saying it was the “Dung Hole;” for wild buffalo had once roamed these plains and done their business in the hole. But it was spring fed, and all of that “stuff” was long gone. I ought to correct myself by saying they were going swimming at the community water hole, for I wasn’t. Mrs. North wasn’t planning to either, but was going to stay out with little Nadia. However, Nadia liked the water and Mr. North was too busy ducking Hutch under the water to notice if she drowned.

                                Cicero sat on the bank with me, sprawled in the grass; but he lifted his spotted head at the slightest move from a field mouse or grasshopper. I, however, was too hot to do anything but sit. Hutch must have noticed how forlorn I looked, and climbed out of the icy water.

                                “Hey, Siv! Come on! I’ll teach ya the delicate art of swimming!” He hoisted his soaked trousers up, and beckoned for me to follow him. I did so with a hint of dread in my stomach, not sure what I was getting myself into. But I was too hot to care much, and so the sun numbed me to my fear.

                                Hutch led me out onto a stone out-cropping that hung over the glimmering pool. I couldn’t help but think that it looked rather refreshing. Hutch flung his mop of hair, spattering drops of water on my face. I jerked. He laughed.

                                “Alright, so all you gotta do is jump in.”

                                “Just jump?”


                                I was skeptical. “How is that going to teach me how to swim?”

                                “Well, you don’t want to drown, do you?”

                                “Well, no–”

                                “And the longer you stand here thinking, the harder it will be!”

                                With that, Hutch gave me a shove, and I felt myself falling. Before I could wrap my head around what had just happened, I hit the water with a splash. My skirt swirled around me, and my hair got in my face. My first thought was that the water felt pretty good, and my next was that I couldn’t breathe. I floundered like a rag doll, trying to reach the surface–

                                I’ll stop here. It’s too terrible to remember. Anyhow, I ended up sinking, and then I was falling again. I can’t explain it, so don’t ask. I just fell and plopped onto the dirty ground, where gunshots echoed around me and men were shouting.

                                I had fallen into the middle of a battle. Men in uniforms ran around while these giant metal monsters shot fiery blasts into the air. Men screamed, and I screamed. I scrambled across the ground, tearing my dress and climbing over dead soldiers. It was gross and scary. Suddenly, I hit my head on a stone wall. I stood up, and realized it wasn’t a wall but a well. Without thinking, I jumped in.

                                And I fell out.

                                I landed on the soft grass next to Cicero, who looked at me with his large green eyes. Then he turned back to flicking his tail and hissing at a beetle. I was stunned. Hutch ran up to me, and dripped water all over my face — not that I cared, I was soaked through already.

                                “Man oh man oh man!” He exclaimed. “Jiminy crickets! Orumbph!” He was trying to say things that were appropriate for ladies. “I thought you was dead! I was afeared to tell ma and pa, but then I walk back and you’re here! Now how did you do that?”

                                I was too winded to answer, and thankfully I didn’t have to do any explaining since Mr. North ran over and scooped me up. We headed immediately back home. I slept well that night, I can tell you — but my dreams were chilling: icy water, dying men, and me in the middle of it screaming.

                                In short, all I can say is I think I have some strange ability to time-travel through water. I don’t know, but it seems possible. Maybe. Probably not. You know what, maybe I had a heat stroke and just dreamed it.

                                That was this summer, but now it’s winter and the first snow of the year has fallen. I went out to get some water from the well, but it was frozen and I had to go ask Mrs. North what to do. But as I turned around, I saw three children and a dog standing in the yard. I had never seen them before in my life, and why they would be there I had no idea.

                                Cicero, who had come out to see what the cold white stuff was, raised his hackles and growled. I just blinked and stared at the figures standing in the swirling snow.


                                (If Silvia being able to time-travel doesn’t work, that’s ok 😉  Sorry this was so long, I just get carried away sometimes…)

                                Hey, angel, your horns are sticking up. -- Andrew Peterson

                                Wingiby Iggiby

                                  Crazywriter: Ha! I love that he got a uniform!

                                  Hey, angel, your horns are sticking up. -- Andrew Peterson

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