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    Joelle Stone

      Teagan bumped into Lytt, and she realized she should really get up, intead of kneeling so close to the wall he and Isaac were climbing. Her wings were just too big.

      Teagan studied her for a moment. “I’m sorry about Dharin,” he muttered, shuffling his feet.

      Lytt’s eyebrows rose slightly, then she blushed. What was wrong with her? She’d only met the guy an hour or two ago. At least now they were separated. And as long as no one died, that was a good thing.


      Teagan sighed, jerking Lytt back into the present. He straightened his shoulders and stuck out his hand. Lytt eyed it warily. If he was on the same side as Delernious, he could be trapping her.

      Lytt took it, and he pulled her to her feet. She looked him in the eye – they were a curious color, deep, dark blue. Like Callidus’. “Good luck.”

      Teagan looked insanely uncomfortable. “Uh, yeah, same.”

      At least I can help if he falls, Lytt thought as he turned away quickly and began to scale easily. He’d have to start over, though. I can’t fly either of them up all the way. Sighing, she flared her wings and rose gracefully, staying beneath both the climbers. I’d be much more helpful for everyone if I were stronger.

      Isaac seemed to stick to the cliff like a fly. Lytt considered that he might have powers, but dismissed the idea when her sharp eyes caught the pieces of metal beneath his fingers. The stuck into the wall and helped him climb (right?). Teagan did admirably. He didn’t ascend as fast as Isaac or Lytt, but he didn’t have the help of claws or wings. He didn’t seem that bothered by the height either.

      Until he slipped.


      (I’m not sure if you want him to fall or not, but IDK what else to end with.)

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      Making something beautiful in a broken world can be harrowing work. And it can’t be done alone.


        Teagen wasn’t going near as fast as Lytt or Franz above him. No need to be angry and do something dumb… He growled, muscles burning.

        Sweat stood out on Teagen’s forehead and lip. The salty liquid pooling in his underarms and running down his sides. His fingers ran over the next expanse above him. Looking for something to move to. His hand snagged on something promising, You can do this, He released his last hold and went for it.

        His skin brushed the small crack, but it wasn’t enough. And he was in air. Nothing above or beneath. A million thoughts raced through his mind in that moment. Oh no. Am I too high? I’m about to die…Oh God I’m about to die!

        His body wanted to tense, to fight and jerk. But that wasn’t the way. He forced his whole being to loosen. To relax, and become palpable. Or else he’d splinter like a ton of bricks...


        Passion means to be willing to suffer.

        Joelle Stone

          Lytt saw Teagan fall. Thankfully, this had been part of her training in the Outer Realms with Gelosia.

          She folded her wings and fell headlong after Teagan, watching with admiration as he pressed his lips together and forced himself to relax. This guy knew what he was doing.

          Air rushed past, making her eyes water. She’d have to do some serious flying to keep them both from dying. But Teagan’s shape was approaching rapidly. What with her wings, she fell faster than he did.

          “Hand! Give me your hand!” Lytt shouted, outstretched arm reaching for Teagan.

          He was in complete control, something that impressed Lytt. His hand shot out, and encircled her wrist. Instantly, Lytt reversed her position, fanning her wings as she grabbed Teagan’s forearm with her other hand. The pressure was tremendous, and she felt as if her wings were about to be ripped from her back.


          Straining, Lytt flapped slowly. The ground was rushing towards them, but the speed of their fall was lessening. She beat the air quicker, slowing them even more. Exertion caused sweat to bead on her forehead. “Hold on, we’re in for a rough landing,” she gritted out to Teagan.

          They crashed to the ground in a tangled heap of limbs and feathers. Lytt’s wings ached, especially the one that had been caught by the castle’s stalagmites. Adrenaline shook her body, and her ankle hurt. Thankfully, she could stand on it – for now. She had a bad feeling that once the adrenaline wore off, she’d have to fly for a while.

          Standing, shaking, Lytt looked at Teagan. “Are you okay?” she managed between gasps for breath.


          (or, if you want to add something, @rusted-knight)

          Making something beautiful in a broken world can be harrowing work. And it can’t be done alone.


            “Yeah, never better.” Teagen grunted, teeth gritted. He pushed his head against the stone floor. Yow. He turned his head to look at her, one eye cracked. How’d she freaken stand up so fast? His nose curled, and he used his core to sit up. Pain split through his back, and chest. His eyes squeezed shut, Oh boy.

            He could feel the bird getting closer. “Are you okay?” It asked again.

            “Yeah.” His brows ruffled and he glanced to her a moment. He took in a shaky breath, the pain blasting him again. Nope. His eyes looked up the cliff. Geez, I’m going to ##*# die. And why? Because some ***#* castle chose to swallow me up. You know what? Wasn’t the ***##*# *#*#*#*# *#*#*#** shipwreck enough for you? What about **#*#*#* *#*#*? And here I am now. Helpless as a babe. *##*, am I even able to stand? He was surprised his lips hadn’t opened to speak out the curses. But he was close. His lid flipped.

            His eyes looked around for something to hold onto. To pull himself up. Nothing, except her. And he wouldn’t be asking, not yet anyway.

            He forced his gaze to the floor, putting his hands on the ground, and pushed. Something that had used to spring him to his feet only sent a sheet of sweat across his body. Pain spasming along every nerve of his back. “*#**.”  He hissed. What to do?


            (Sorry it’s so short. If Lytt offered her hand, he’d likely take it…after a few second’s thought. But, she might not be able to lift him, what with her ankle/wing/smaller size and all…Interesting if they tumble again…hmm) Have I told you your name is pretty before? It is!


            Passion means to be willing to suffer.

            Joelle Stone

              Teagan tried to push himself up, but he failed and grimaced in pain.

              “You’re not okay.” It was a statement. “Here, I think I have some herbs that will help with the pain.”


              Lytt nodded, digging in her satchel as she shifted her weight to her good foot. “Where I come from, I trained to be a healer. I’m not the best, but I know a little. Here. Put this under your tongue.” She handed him a dry leaf. He eyed it warily, but took it, and sniffed it. Lytt popped one into her mouth as well, and finally Teagan did as he was told.

              After a moment, Lytt asked, “Better?”

              He nodded, and she extended her hand to help him up. I wonder how Dharin’s faring.


              / @kimlikesart

              Gracie: Thanks! It’s not my real name, just a pen name. 🙂 And I’m sorry mine is so short! Didn’t have a lot of inspiration to write, for whatever reason, so the floor’s yours!

              • This reply was modified 1 month, 2 weeks ago by Joelle Stone.

              Making something beautiful in a broken world can be harrowing work. And it can’t be done alone.

              Rusted Knight

                Isaac was climbing when he heard it. A sickening thud. Looking down, he saw Teagan and Lytt on the ground. No blood. Lytt must have broken the fall a bit. Even so they had be be hurt. Reversing his course, Isaac crawled back down.

                How stupid of himself. He should have known better. He was no longer a normal human. Pushing his body to the limit on so many missions had changed him. Isaac still saw himself as normal while being super human.

                Teagan was normal. Isaac should have watched him, paced himself to allow Teagan to rest. Now, he had two injured to help. The castle would no doubt concentrate attacks on them now. They had to move, fast.

                Reaching the bottom Isaac looked over Teagan. He was on his back He wasn’t trying to move.

                “How you doing?”

                “It wasn’t a swan dive.”

                At least he’s conscious.

                “Any first aid?” asked Isaac as he turned to Lytt.

                “I gave him these.”

                Herbs of some sort. Old fashioned. Unwrapping his coat, Isaac rummaged through the pockets. Removing the vial, he tapped out a pill. Hydrocodone. Not a good idea to mix drugs but he had to get Teagan in a position to move.

                “Teagan, swallow this. If you feel wrong in any way, let me know immediately.”

                “What is it?”

                “Hydrocodone. Pain killer.”

                As Teagan consumed the pill, Isaac looked around. The walls had changed again. Now four tunnels had appeared. Now the floor looked like a colosseum. Obviously a trap. Best to take the fight to them first. Catch them off guard.

                “Let’s go.”

                Shouldering Teagan, Isaac walked toward the north entrance.

                The Devil saw me with my head down and got excited. Then I said Amen


                  Wrong? What did that mean anyway? A splitting pain in the gut? Maybe… Teagen took a second to work up saliva in his mouth, to take it dry. Teagen lifted his head, closing his eyes as he dropped the pill in his mouth, then lowered his chin while swallowing.

                  When he opened his eyes he nearly cursed. The sheer wall was no longer whole. A giant awning gaped at them. Teagen’s fingers gripped the stones one second, and it was sand the next. What the, He glanced down at it, eyes widening. Then he saw the four walls that had enclosed them. More tunnel. Geez.

                  But before his thoughts could go further, Franz was lifting him. Up, and Teagan gritted his teeth. Tears coming to his eyes as the pain licked over his back, and then to his fingers. It felt like fire. And he’d burned himself before. Geez. He bit his lips, face scrunching up. This pain killer had better be good.

                  Then they were moving. Franz was marching toward a tunnel. What? His ears rang, nausea coming over him as Franz told Lytt something. She answered. More gibberish. His ears!?

                  Then movement. They were going in? WHY???

                  His eyes locked on the ledge that was forming. Where the theater’s audience would have sat. Hard to climb, but not as bad as before. Eyes running over it, his mind began to cloud. Stairs. He shook himself, though with the swaying of Franz’s gait, that wasn’t necessary. A door at the top of the stairs.

                  But Teagen’s mind wouldn’t work to turn his thoughts into words. Then it wouldn’t even form thoughts.

                  Franz and Lytt missed it. They walked beneath the opening. Darkness shadowing their faces.


                  Sorry, this one’s pretty short too… @rusted-knight @joelle-stone


                  Passion means to be willing to suffer.

                  Rusted Knight

                    Isaac stopped in the entrance. There were bones. Passing Teagan off to Lytt, he knelt and observed the skeleton. Mostly intact, no missing bones. Not an animal kill. However there was a nice gouge in several ribs. Too big to be a usual blade. Looking at the wall, Isaac saw the dried blood. There was dust over it. The fight had been quite a while ago. The splatter pattern told of a fast, upward slash into the skeleton.

                    “What is that?”

                    Looking up, Isaac saw the shelves. Dozens of them. All of them had weapons on them. Drawing his pistol, Isaac moved forward. This could be a trap still. Looking through the shelves, he scanned the neighboring paths. It was mostly swords and that kind of stuff. Then he saw guns. Isaac wasn’t surprised anymore. If anything it made more sense this way. He might be able to resupply here.

                    “What is this place?”

                    “An armory. The castle makes sport out of us fighting.” replied Isaac.

                    Creeping to the back, Isaac finished clearing the area. Nothing so far. The castle would change that soon. Turning, he saw it.

                    His night suit. His usual bulletproof armor with a Stahlhelm with a ZG 1229 infrared scope mounted to it. The battery and converter were stowed in an armored backpack that had a small storage block in the bottom. Using it, he would be able to fight far better in the dark without using flares.

                    Walking over, Isaac began to put it on. The moment he began to remove it, a squeaking began. Cut the excess. Leaving the extra armor, Isaac grabbed the helmet and backpack. Turning on the scope, he rechecked the room. Several armors he had missed in the initial sweep were moving. They did not seem to notice him.

                    Slipping in between shelves, Isaac quickly restocked ammo. The armors were slow, searching for a target. Loading a grenade into the flare gun, Isaac went back to the entrance.

                    “Fenrir, where are you?”

                    “Get out of here Lytt!”

                    The armors turned. They had locked on. Sighing, Isaac took aim. Let the battle begin.

                    The Devil saw me with my head down and got excited. Then I said Amen


                      It was all a blur, a massive blur. He leaned against Lytt, and she supported his large form. His head lowered, nausea mounting as his mind raced. Franz bounding around, soberly excited.

                      Then he saw something move. Armor? *#**  **#*  That medicine was strong

                      “Fenrir, where are you,”

                      “Get out of here Lytt!”

                      Franz’s voice reached his ears. Get out? How, but she was tugging, Teagen’s feet dragging on the ground. They were moving back to the entrance. Well, His eyes saw the things. What the *##*,

                       Franz, Teagen wanted to move. To help. To do something. Or at least not be a burden to Lytt. She could help. Did she not have a bow? 


                      If they cared enough to defend a useless weakling. They probably didn’t. Teagen lifted his eyes to look at Lytt’s face.

                      They were outside the tunnel, he and her. The armor, the things coming.

                      Just encase.

                      Leave me, his lips didn’t open, the words stuck in his mind. His chest pattered faster than when he’d fallen, sweat pooling under his arms. You selfish **#*.

                      I’m going to die. 

                      Or we’re all going to die.

                      Do it. 

                      Teagen began trying to jerk from her grasp. Pain ricocheting inside him, and he went limp. Mind still open. Geez, “Drop me.” He growled, teeth clenched. Just get it over with. Let me die.


                      (Praying for you, by the way, Rusted Knight.) @joelle-stone


                      Passion means to be willing to suffer.

                      Joelle Stone

                        Lytt didn’t like this, not one bit. Once again she saw things that could only be Delernious’ handiwork, and they didn’t look too friendly. Walking suits of armor? Not good.

                        Teagan weighed heavily on her as she struggled to pull him backward. He still seemed a little woozy, shaking his head slightly

                        It was then that he began to fight her. Jerking, he tried to wrench himself from her grasp. But he didn’t seem to be able to do it and went limp, mumbling, “Drop me.”

                        Lytt’s first reaction was a fierce, “No!” But the more she thought about it, the more she realized he was right. They had no chance of getting out alive with her bad ankle and sore wing and Teagan doped up. They couldn’t leave Franz to die.

                        There was a loud bang and a sharp smell infiltrated Lytt’s nose. She watched as one of the armor suits reeled backward and fell over with a crash, legs wheeling. It seemed to be trying to stand up, but as a beetle on its back, it couldn’t quite get a grip on the floor to pull itself upright.

                        What good would her arrows do? At least she could keep Teagan safe. Lowering him gently to the floor, she noticed the look of relief and pain and sadness flash across his face. I can’t leave now. They need me.

                        Stepping over Teagan, Lytt raised her bow and pulled an arrow from her quiver. She placed the nock in her bowstring and drew the string to her cheek. Aiming, she held her breath for a second to steady herself, and let it fly.

                        It was a close shot. The sharp point whistled past Franz’ ear, and Lytt almost thought she’d hit him. but instead it disappeared into the slit in the visor of the copper-colored suit of armor attacking him. It seemed to confuse the creature, then anger it. The arrow rattled inside its hollow hauberk and breastplate as it charged recklessly forth, its movements stiff and irregular.

                        It was clear that her arrows were going to be more of a hindrance than a help in this situation. Carefully placing her bow on the ground beside Teagan, Lytt swiftly yanked her daggers from their place in her quiver and wheeled them about in her hands, exercising as much as she could.

                        Then the back wall moved.



                        Making something beautiful in a broken world can be harrowing work. And it can’t be done alone.

                        Rusted Knight

                          Lunging forward, an armor attacked Isaac. Any other time, he might not have noticed it. His night suit however showed a clear, pale outline. Too easy. The grenade blew it apart. No blood. Some kind of drone weapon. Isaac had no reason now to hold back.

                          Opening the hot barrel, he slid a second round in. Shoot and scoot. Slipping into the shadows, Isaac grabbed a few clips for his assault rifle. He had to buy time for the others to escape. His foot caught on something. Catching himself from falling, Isaac looked down. Satchel charges. Now we’re cooking.

                          Looking through the shelves, Isaac saw three armors heading to where he had been. There was a box of bullets near to them. That might complicate things. Oh well. Pulling the pin, Isaac threw the bomb. The concussion blew an assortment of weapons and ammo from the shelves. Dust filled the room. His night vision was out of action until that settled.

                          There was a clang. Springing back, Isaac felt the sword glance on his helmet. Nice shot Lytt. Saved his bacon there. A copper armor. Was there a reason for the color? It was too close for grenades. Charging forward, Isaac tackled the armor. Ripping the head off, he looked inside. Nothing. Absolutely nothing.

                          Throwing the helmet away, Isaac watched the armor. It turned back to face him. So attacks that worked to disable a human would not work on these guys. What about guns? Drawing his pistol, he fired. A resounding clank followed. The bullet merely punched through. Looking around, Isaac saw a pump action shotgun. How about a lot of bullets at once. Three shots crumpled the armor. Bring it on.

                          Isaac was struck. A powerful slash into his side that threw him into a shelve. What was that? A second bash blew the shelve and Isaac into the arena. Feeling his side, Isaac found the rip in both his kevlar and breastplate. Luck had keep it from being his gut. Something big was in there. They might not be able to match it.

                          The Devil saw me with my head down and got excited. Then I said Amen

                          Rusted Knight

                            Isaac saw it now. It was a golem dragon. A real DRAGON. A steel monster that was a good twelve feet or so high and thirty six long. It had spiked armor with a long snout and claws. If the armors were infantry this had to be a tank. A heavy clunker that would be slow but strong.

                            Then it jumped. Its speed was far greater than it should or could be. Rolling out of the way, Isaac vanished into the dust. This was not something they could fight. They had to bug out fast.

                            Pulling the pin on a smoke grenade, Isaac looked around. There were a few Panzerfausts lying to his 5 o’clock and a cartoon of plastic explosives to his 2 o’clock. Lytt and Teagan were in front of him along with the dragon.

                            Satchel charges would bust the armor but the shrapnel would kill the others. The Panzerfausts would have to do. Sprinting, Isaac grabbed one. Flipping open the safety, he aimed at the head and fired.

                            It was a good hit that broke the back of the beast’s neck. The neck folded over on the sliver that remained. Only for it to return to how it was. Molten steel reshaping and repairing the neck. Not good. Isaac jumped into the smoke as the head turned.

                            No time to do it right. Kneading the explosives, Isaac threw them into a pile with several satchel charges. He would blow a hole in the floor and drop through with the others. The dragon could not follow them there.

                            “Bomb! Bomb! Bomb!” Yelled Isaac as he pulled the pin on a satchel charge.

                            The Devil saw me with my head down and got excited. Then I said Amen

                            Joelle Stone

                              Franz was yelling something at the top of his lungs. “Bomb! Bomb! Bomb!”

                              What was a bomb? Probably something bad from the urgency in Franz’s tone. Was he calling the metal dragon a bomb?

                              Lytt flared her wings, knocking a slow-moving armor to the ground. It jerkily rolled over and began to stand as she dropped to the floor. Smoke filled the room, stinging her eyes and burning her throat.

                              A sound that rivaled thunder rocked the room. Everything paused, even the armors and dragon. More smoke thickened the air. Then Franz was shouting, “Over here! Lytt! Teagan! Over here!”

                              Nearly blind from the smoke, Lytt pulled Teagan to his feet. “Come, friend. Do your best.”

                              Teagan mumbled something and strained to his feet. His face contorted with pain and he grimaced. Without the painkillers, there would have been no way he could have made it.

                              But instead of heading for Franz’s voice, Teagan strode unsteadily towards the dragon.

                              “Teagan!” Lytt screamed. “What are you doing?!”

                              Teagan didn’t reply, just hefted a battleax left on the floor, gritting his teeth as determination lit his curious blue eyes.

                              Lytt dashed for Franz’s voice, half running, half gliding. Franz was kneeling at the edge of a hole in the ground. She couldn’t see how far it dropped. “Teagan’s gone crazy,” Lytt explained. “He’s attacking the dragon. I won’t be able to stop him, but he’s going to get himself killed!”

                              “Drop down there,” Franz ordered, gesturing to the hole.

                              Lytt paused. Claustrophobia was closing in. She couldn’t go down, not again. “I’ll stay with you.”

                              Teagan’s shout rang through the smoke as the sound of metal crashing upon metal filled the room. Sparks flew. The battle was on.


                              (I figure you can have Teagan die somehow this way?)

                              Making something beautiful in a broken world can be harrowing work. And it can’t be done alone.


                                His mind was only on one thing. Going foreword. His stomach heaved, eyes hazy. He didn’t know how he was moving. Nor how he’d lifted the sharp thing. But he had. 

                                His mind was not his own. A blind fury. LEAVE ME TO DIE. He shouted inside himself, though he could only wheeze.

                                The monster turned it’s head to face him.

                                Teagen lifted his blade. He knew life had no purpose. No meaning. Just a food chain. Just death and life. There was no meaning. There was no meaning to anything. Why not die? If Darwin was right. If his teachers and the scientists had told the truth. There was no truth. No meaning. No path, but to death.

                                And why not let that death be for someone else? Why not give them time to escape? 

                                He glared at the dragon. “Eat me.” then he let out an enraged battle cry, running in his mind, but truly only hobbling.

                                The thing hissed, waving it’s head.

                                Teagen used the back of his axe to nail into the armour. It didn’t work. The reverb from the impact causing him to stumble back.

                                The beast snapped, ready to catch the man between it’s teeth.

                                Teagen had collapsed to his back. Breath gone. Teeth gritted, and his eyes squinting out tears. He muttered a curse. Knowing his end was coming. He wept. Then cursed again.


                                (My poor poor boy…😭😫😭)


                                Passion means to be willing to suffer.

                                Joelle Stone

                                  Lytt whirled as Teagan released an enraged battle cry, headed straight for the dragon.

                                  The thing hissed, waving its head.

                                  “No! Teagan!” Lytt tried frantically to stop her friend as he brought the axe to bear against the dragon’s armor. Sparks flared in the smoke as metal scraped metal.

                                  The beast snapped, its jaws clashing like a million cymbals.

                                  Teagen had collapsed. Lytt dashed over, ignoring the pain in her ankle. Franz shot ahead and dragged Teagan away from the monster dragon before it could completely smash the fallen hero.

                                  Lytt helped Franz drop Teagan into the hole. She was angry. She was really, really angry.

                                  The dragon stalked closer.

                                  Franz leapt into the hole after Teagan, calling Lytt’s name. She folded her wings and prepared to jump.

                                  Metal scraped across the floor.

                                  It was right behind her, preparing to kill.

                                  Some animalistic instinct kicked in and Lytt flattened herself against the floor just before the dragon’s jagged teeth snapped her back in half. She scooted her way beneath the beast, looked for a secure hand-hold, and clung to its armored belly.

                                  Hissing, the machine snaked its head back and forth, obviously looking for her. Apparently giving up, it proceeded to try and force its head through the opening in the floor.

                                  It couldn’t feel her.

                                  Lytt glanced at the metal beneath her hands. It was layered in plates, and she was gripping the small cracks between each scale.

                                  Something glittered.

                                  Lytt go, her wings softening her landing so that the dragon didn’t hear. She edged away, stood, and shouted, “Hey, Franz, up here!”

                                  The dragon’s head whipped around her way. Metal clinked as a suit of armor toddled her way. With a sweep of her wings she sent it flying, where it struggled to get on its feet again.

                                  Franz had popped out of the hole and was eyeing the dragon as it calculated both foes.

                                  “There’s something inside it,” Lytt explained, drawing her knives. “Something glittery.”


                                  What were wires? Whatever, hopefully Franz could figure it out while she kept the beast distracted.

                                  The dragon chose Franz as its target and charged.


                                  Ok… well… that wasn’t how I imagined that piece coming out. XD Sometimes one can’t plan ahead. @rusted-knight (Although, since you’re back, @anne_the_noob14, you could write a piece for Dharin…)

                                  • This reply was modified 1 week, 3 days ago by Joelle Stone.

                                  Making something beautiful in a broken world can be harrowing work. And it can’t be done alone.

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