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    Livi Ryddle

    @christlover Ooh Connor sounds so cool! I’m looking forward to reading what you write about him!

    May the road rise to meet you,
    A smile always greet you,
    May our friendship be always true and strong

    Ariella Newheart

    @anne_the_noob14 I like the details you put in that fighting scene! Dharin seems like an interesting character. I wonder what would happen if I brought in a female character who has no patience for his antics. Or one who would try to manipulate him. (I have one character who is very adept at putting on different masks for certain situations and people in order to gain control. She herself doesn’t really know what lies at the core of her being.)

    @christlover I agree with what Livi says, Connor sounds cool.


    I should have some time to write this weekend once I figure out which character I want to bring in. Caedon (from the Parimi Castle) has been safely swept back to his own world. He thinks the whole castle adventure was just an extremely vivid dream, which is probably for the best.


    Writer, illustrator, Parimi Alcan

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    Livi Ryddle


    Thanks! I was pretty proud of it! 😀

    Ooh… That’d be interesting! He’s good at reading people, which is good for his job, but he’d probably brush off any suspicions he developed about a woman if he thought she was interested in him. Thing is, she’d have to make it clear she’s not looking for a long-term relationship. Dharin isn’t really the kind of guy looking to settle down with a wife, he’s the kind of guy to have one-night-stands (yeah, he’s got bad morals… :/ ).

    Aw, I’m glad Caedon is doing well! *send hugs his way* *was about to ask if he’s from a different story than the one I’m beta-reading, then sees the “Shadows of Solina” title and screeches excitedly* EEEEEEE I’m gonna get to read about Caedonnnn!!!!!! 😀 😀 😀 (I love him, in case you can’t tell 😛 )

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    May the road rise to meet you,
    A smile always greet you,
    May our friendship be always true and strong

    Kristianne Hassman


      This is such a fun idea! I’d love to join. Can I only bring one character on here? And is it basically a long conversation between the different characters? Or an actual story?

      Ariella Newheart

      @anne_the_noob14 Aaahh, I see. In that case, I think I’ll bring in Marlowe just to test the waters. I need to get to know her character anyway. 😀 (I think I’ll try to write later tonight.)

      As for Caedon, yes he is from the same world but unfortunately from a different timeline than the one in the book you’re beta-reading. There are several characters who are similar to him, though, who I believe you will like. 😉

      @kristianne-hassman It’s both a conversation between characters and an actual story. I suspect the characters will attempt to find a way out of the castle, either banding together or making enemies of one another. It’s really an “anything goes” sort of topic, mainly for getting to know your own characters and discovering how they will act in certain situations. You can bring in as many characters as you’d like, but it might be simpler just to start with one and add more as time goes on. 🙂

      Writer, illustrator, Parimi Alcan

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      Ariella Newheart

      Marlowe Reynolds was in complete control. She stood on a rooftop overlooking the assembly hall, taking note of each ambassador who walked in and out of the large, triangular gateway. Her list would be valuable. The Commodore wanted to know who was in the building at all times—who was present for votes and who skipped them. Who paid homage to the Empress and who did not. Her fellow Ensigns were off running minor errands, but Marlowe had worked hard to become the Commodore’s personal aid.

      “I am the one you need. No one else is so dedicated to the cause as I am, Commodore,” she had told him. He, pleased by her diligence, had given her the assignment.

      “Don’t be jealous,” she told the other Ensigns when they heard about her promotion. “You’ll gain enough merits someday, if you follow the rules and obey the Commodore.” They laughed at her, treating her with the same snobbishness that she did them.

      “You won’t be laughing for long,” she threatened when they had their backs turned. While she filed a fake account to the Commodore to cover up her unsanctioned activities, she reported two Ensigns for falsifying information and lying to the leadership that they had been at their posts on the night that a thief broke into the embassy. The ultimate hypocrisy.

      “There, that should stabilize your financial situation until you can get back on your feet. Is there anything else you need?” she had asked the refugees who sometimes came to the embassy for aid. They thanked her profusely, and she replied with a smile that was only another one of her masks.

      A beep came from Marlowe’s communicator watch. She tapped its screen, opening a holographic display of a name: Lyddie. Marlowe smiled and answered the call. “What is it, squirt?” she asked playfully.

      “When are you coming home, Marlowe? I like your cooking much better than Dad’s.” The little girl’s voice came clearly through the communicator.

      “I’m working hard for the good of the colony, Lyddie. Try to be patient with Dad. He’s trying his best.”

      “He wants you to call him.”

      Marlowe scowled, but continued talking in the same sweet tone. “I’ll call him once I’m off duty, okay?”

      “Okay. I miss you, Marlowe.”

      “I miss you too, squirt.” The communicator crackled with static. Marlowe stared at it. Had a solar flare disturbed the link? The world suddenly tilted as she lost all sense of time and space. When she opened her eyes, she stood in an ancient structure made of stone with tall, narrow windows along the rough walls. A map table was straight before her, displaying a map of her colony and the surrounding territory. Behind her was an old green door, which was locked when Marlowe tested it.

      She turned back to face the map table. In the shadows beyond it was a row of doors, each a different color. Marlowe had no liking for any particular color, but she did have preference for certain numbers. She counted the doors, squinting when the numbers came out different each time. She couldn’t have made a mistake.

      “Just pick a random one,” she said, envisioning herself speaking to Lyddie when she wanted advice about which hairband to wear. “I choose…” Marlowe’s eyes landed on a pine-green door of a paler color than the one behind her. It was halfway ajar. Someone else was here.

      “An ally might be helpful,” she reasoned. “An enemy might sneak up on me when my back is turned. Better I find him first and have the advantage.” She crossed to the door and eased it open.


      @anne_the_noob14 😀

      Writer, illustrator, Parimi Alcan

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      Dashuri Halad

      Alright, sorry I didn’t get anything posted over the weekend. My mom had my entire family out taking care of yard and garden work for most of the weekend and I had to finish up some school, but I’m back now.

      @ariella-newheart     Did you bring in your manipulative character? That could get a little strange, because part of Connor’s telepathic powers include being able to read minds, so he is literally going to see right through her. BTW, Connor is super inappropriate.

      *No I’m not.

      What do you mean Connor? you literally tried to set up a camera in the girls shower!

      *Oh yeah. Forgot about that.

      Forgot about it?! You are still black and blue from where Victoria pounded you. Alright, I’m not arguing with you about this anymore.


      Sorry about that. Anyways, if he does anything that makes y’all uncomfortable, tell me and I will try and tone it back a little bit. Also, tell your characters they have complete permission from me and literally all of Connor’s friends to beat him up.

      *No Victoria, I’m not going to suggest that they maim Connor.


      K, onto Connor’s introduction.




      Connor O’Dan was in the middle of his most dangerous prank yet. If he got caught he was for sure going to lose some essential pieces this time. However, if he succeeded this would keep him laughing until the end of time.

      Peeking out from behind the mammoth pine, he quickly scanned for any of his teammates.

      “Coast’s clear! Operation: Blow the Crapper all to Heck is a go.” he whispered to himself.

      “I got to come up with better code names for these pranks. Oh well!”

      Rolling out from behind his cover, Connor dashed over to the latrine that Theseus had dug earlier that week.

      Seriously, did nobody think this one through? Why did they put the latrine right next to the tents? Got to measure this out perfectly so I hit them with the maximum splatter. Man, I had my doubts about this camping trip bonding, but I’m definitely warming up to it. 

      As Connor slipped behind the shed which had been erected to cover their camp toilets, he slipped his stick of dynamite out.

      Alright, so if this blows it up at a 60 degree angle and they are 150 feet away, I need to send it about 150 feet up. That should take about 3/4 of this stick of dynamite if I have calculated the weight correctly. OK, lets do this thing.

      Connor deftly cut the piece of dynamite he needed and attached the fuse to it, as he moved to light the fuse, an intense feeling of vertigo overcame him. After what felt like hours, his head finally stopped spinning.

      What the actual heck? Did I get caught? Frick, I bet that Allie saw me and sent me into one of her pet freakizoid dimension thingies as a punishment. Dang I hope this doesn’t last long! I got to talk with her about her sense of decor in these places!


      After a couple of seconds, Connor stood and moved to explore the room that he had suddenly been transported to. The first thing to draw his eye was a large, weathered looking, green door.

      I bet that is the door to this pocket dimension. Oh well, no use trying that! Allie’s the only one that can get one of those things to work.

      Suddenly, he felt a slight draft on the back of his neck and spun around. His bow materialized in his hands as he saw that one of the other doors in this place stood slightly ajar. Opening his mind, Connor probed outward, searching for the thoughts of other beings.

      Kotoran! I don’t recognize those thoughts. Did she send me to a prison dimension by mistake? If they’re armed, I’m screwed. 

      Nocking an arrow, Connor crept softly towards the door. Reaching it he heard a soft murmur of voices. Suddenly filled with a rage that he had been put in this position, Connor kicked the door open and spun into the opening, drawing and sighting as he moved.



      Alright, there you go. Look forward to seeing what happens.


      @ariella-newheart   @anne_the_noob14


      “It is nothing to die. It is frightful not to live.”
      -Les Miserables

      Ariella Newheart

      @christlover Yes, Marlowe is the manipulative character. At least, she can be if it suits her. It will be interesting indeed. I haven’t entirely figured out Marlowe yet, but she puts on different masks for different people and situations, which means she’s very good at reading people, too. It has become automatic, so there’s no thinking involved. If Connor tried to read her thoughts, he would hear lots of conflicting voices, but no dominant one. The closest way I can describe it is multiple personality disorder, only Marlowe has complete control over it. Her motivation in life is to gain control over everyone and everything around her, and she’s willing to put on any mask to do it.


      I’ll let you know if Connor gets to be too much. 🙂

      Writer, illustrator, Parimi Alcan

      Check out my new blog!

      Livi Ryddle

      @ariella-newheart Aw man! *grins* That’s ok, though. 😀

      Ooh… I like her!

      @christlover Nice, nice! I’m gonna have to write some more after lunch and see what Dharin’s gonna do. I have a pretty good idea, but we shall see 😛

      And, like Ariella, I’ll tell you if Connor gets to be too much 🙂

      May the road rise to meet you,
      A smile always greet you,
      May our friendship be always true and strong

      Kristianne Hassman

        All right, here’s the introduction to my character:

        Charlotte could hear a baby fussing as she walked briskly down the street to the tenement building she had visited the day before. She looked down at her basket again to make sure she had all the herbs she needed. Yes, they were all there.

        The squalling grew louder as she approached the door of the rundown, mud-colored building. She wrinkled her nose in disgust at the acrid smell of smoke mixed with the odor of human waste. Even after all these years of living in Iema and serving the poor with her healing skills, she still wasn’t used to the filth. I guess I’ll always be a princess, she thought wryly as she knocked on the door.

        When no one answered, she hesitantly turned the latch to open the door. But as her fingers closed around it, the ground began to shake and turn and she felt herself falling. She suppressed a scream and pushed harder on the door, leaning against it with all her strength. What was going on?

        The shaking grew worse, and she shut her eyes to keep from getting dizzy. She grunted, pushing against the door. It burst open and losing her balance, she flew onto the floor.

        Opening her eyes slowly, she sat up and looked around. She frowned and blinked, confused by the unfamiliar surroundings. This didn’t look like the inside of a rundown tenement building. It looked like . . . a hallway. In a castle.

        She stood to her feet, brushing off her skirt. Surprisingly, she’d held onto her basket through all that. Some of the bottles had fallen and broken, but most of it was still in the basket, if a little crushed.

        Now to figure out where I am and how I got here . . . And how to get out.

        She started down the hallway in the direction of a door she saw in the distance. The hallway was dark and cold, dimly lit with torches placed at regular intervals along the wall. Typical of castles. And it pleasantly reminded her of her old home in Cherrywood Castle. Maybe . . . could it be? But how? How in the world had she gotten here?

        As she neared the door at the end, she noticed it was green. A nice deep green, like moss. She placed her hand on the knob, only hesitating a moment before she turned it. This time, nothing strange happened. Thankfully. It opened easily.

        It opened into a large, circular room full of the same green doors. What was with all the green doors? What did they lead to? More hallways? More doors? What a confusing place. It reminded her too much of the labyrinth of tunnels in Siognar Keep. She shuddered. That was a memory she didn’t want to recall.

        Well, the only way to find out what was behind those doors was to explore.

        But before she could move, a door on the other side of the room burst open. A young man sprang into the room, an arrow knocked in his bow, pointed straight at her.


        I hope that’s what you were looking for. Can’t wait to see how the story progresses! If you want more backstory on my character or something isn’t clear, just feel free to ask me. 😉



        Livi Ryddle


        Ooo nice! I like her! And yeah, maybe a little backstory and a bit of description? (So I can decide how Dharin’s gonna respond XD)

        May the road rise to meet you,
        A smile always greet you,
        May our friendship be always true and strong

        Naiya Dyani

          @anne_the_noob14 @ariella-newheart @the-others-on-this-thread

          I’m sorry–I know I popped in earlier, but I thought I should let you know that I don’t think I can join right now . . . as usual, I piled too many things on my plate and am just trying to get those under control! 😅 But thank you for the thought, Livi! I hope you guys have a grand time! 😉

          *random Naiya intrusion ended*

          Hearts are like matter--they can be beaten down, torn, and burned, but they cannot be destroyed.

          Livi Ryddle


          Hey, you’re good! I know the feeling XD XD And no problem! When you get things under control, feel free to jump in any time!

          How’re your charries? *gives Kiet a hug and a milkshake* *gives Grace a large black coffee*

          May the road rise to meet you,
          A smile always greet you,
          May our friendship be always true and strong



            This is looking like so much fun! And I think you need another girl in the mix. 😉 It sounds like poor Charlotte might have a time of it dealing with Dharin and Connor. Lol. So I figured I’d better bring in Emory, one of my MCs.

            Unfortunately, she’s not very headstrong. As a matter of fact, she’s very easy-going and pliable. She likes to make other people happy, and hates it when people dislike her. So this could be interesting…

            She’s nineteen years old with black hair and green eyes. She’s lived a relatively sheltered life, being that she’s one of the heirs to the throne of Faran. (The other heir being her twin sister.) Emory is compassionate and kind, but can let herself be influenced too much by those around her. Sometimes it’s easier for her to take the easy way out instead of standing up for what she believes. As you can tell, she’s an ISFJ and hates conflict.

            Here’s a sketch of her. 🙂 I can’t wait to introduce her to everyone!

            📚Visit many good books, but live in the Bible.
            -Charles Spurgeon

            Naiya Dyani

              @anne_the_noob14 Um. . . not fantastic lately. XD

              Kiet: *swipes tears away and hopes you don’t notice as he grins and sips the milkshake*

              Grace: *takes a deliberate sip of coffee* We’re alright now. . . last night was a bit rough. It was for the best in the end, though.

              Kiet: Yeah. *suddenly blushes* Sorry to invade. . . castle people!


              Oh, and I’ve drawn some of them lately! I’ll have to tag you when I put them on my art thread.

              Hearts are like matter--they can be beaten down, torn, and burned, but they cannot be destroyed.

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