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    I am new to the Forum. My siblings encouraged me to enter. My goal is to gain more experience with my character(s).

    Anyone is allowed to add any of their characters, much like the original character castle. Please add a character bio(s) and some world info. Here’s my character:

    Arsene Lupin (real name is Saga Lore Longwei)
    Power: ???
    Personality quirks: sarcastic, competitive, snarky, (ANNOYING AT TIMES).
    Description: Black hair with white edges, right eye is gray and gold, while the other is gray and blue. Around 5’11 feet, somewhat slim.
    Species: half dragon changeling, half woodland elf.

    You can only come to the morning through shadows: Tolkien


    World: Mithril
    Capital city: Aesgar
    Description: a cluttered fantasy world, with both cities and woodland territory. For unknown reasons, there are two moons, which are always in the sky at the same time.
    Races: elves (woodland and dark), humans, dragons, fey (probably will be more).

    You can only come to the morning through shadows: Tolkien


    Sherlock Holes (Real name is Sage Lore Longwei)
    Personality quirks: serious, professional, perceptive, (can be annoying at time).
    Description: (identical twin of Arsene Lupin) Black hair with white edges, right eye is gray and blue, while the other is gray and gold. Around 5’11 feet, somewhat slim.
    Species: half dragon changeling, half woodland elf.

    Arsene Lupin, a masked thief, made himself at home in his prison cell. With a smaller top hat, Arsene wore a white tailcoat, with black pants, a white button up shirt, and a red vest. His mask, which hid the entire top part of his face, was red and black, resembling a fox vaguely.

    Once again, his entertainment was the anger of everyone else. This time, he pickpocketed a wallet from a police lieutenant and didn’t run fast enough. It was a rookie mistake in the eyes of others, but Arsene had his reasons for getting arrested.

    Taking off his tailcoat, Arsene put it on the bench, when the door to his cell opened. Looking up, Arsene saw who he was trying to meet. His younger twin brother, who used the name Sherlock Holms. Instead of the quirky suit Arsene wore, Sherlock was more professionally dressed, with a gray button up shirt, a black suit and matching pants. The only out of place article of clothing was his scarf, which was sky blue.

    “Morning, dearest brother of mine. You seem quite well today.”

    Taking off his top hat, Arsene tried to hand Sherlock a cookie, only for the latter to simply sit down calmly across from him. Not desiring to waste such tasty food, Arsene ate the dessert.

    With a sigh, Sherlock asked. “Why do you do this to me?”

    “Beg your pardon?” Arsene said with his mouth full.

    Sternly, Sherlock clarified. “Why do you keep getting yourself into trouble like this? Is it because you enjoy this?”

    Arsene answered. “Hey, I gotta make a living, with spending quality time with my brother is a good career.”

    Sherlock paused, while Arsene smirked. He knew his brother was trying to act like a robot, trying to remain like a stone wall. However, Arsene always managed to poke at that mask every time they talked.

    “You could,” Sherlock continued, “Join me.”

    Arsene looked at his brother in mock horror. “You mean, join the police force? Get a partner and responsibilities? Deadlines and social interaction? Oh, how awful, the shear horror in such an abomination.”

    Grinding his teeth, Sherlock interrupted Arsene’s drama queening. “For the last time, I am a private detective, not a policeman.”

    Smiling, Arsene countered. “You and I are not so different when you look at it?”

    Sherlock looked Arsene in the eye, with his opinions being obvious.

    “Okay yeah,” Arsene corrected, “we have our differences. But we both do the same thing in a sense. I turn in criminals like you do, I just do it as a criminal.”

    Sherlock cut Arsene off there. “You defeated an assassin who tried to kill the mayor, while pickpocketing everyone in the process.”

    “Exactly,” Arsene finished.

    There was an awkward pause between the twins. Arsene had once again arranged this talk with his brother. As always, Sherlock was loyal to his dull occupation. Given an opportunity, Arsene knew Sherlock would love the thrills of avoiding the police like he did.

    “Are we done?” Arsene asked with a grin on his face.

    “Yes.” Sherlock responded.

    He then saw his error. “Don’t you dare!”

    Too late. By the time he shouted this, Arsene had smashed a hidden panel, triggering a trap door. He grabbed his coat and slid down, disappearing. Again.

    You can only come to the morning through shadows: Tolkien




    Esther…(Yo…@rustedknight? Whad’a we say her last name was…?)

    Age: seventeen

    Personality:  kinda neat and tidy and aristocratic and very used to getting her way, spunky and a little boycrazy but so socially awkward and quirky and logical/strategic.

    Appearance: very short and petite, short bright pink hair, round face and freckles, crystal blue eyes, wears heals and a large purse she can wack people with.

    World: Skylands, Gaeliscia, plots of land suspended in the air with steampunk Prohibition sci-fi tech. casual walk throughs of fantasy creatures.


    I shall try to drop her in ASAP aka some time this month 😂 (I’m exaggerating…probs…)

    To be a light to the world you must shine in the darkness.


    Having successfully escaped, Arsene ran as fast as he could. Once again, he had successfully escaped. Running to the extraction point, Arsene got onto his motorbike. Turning the ignition, Arsene drove off. Leaving his trademark, Arsene threw a deck of cards as he rode away. They scattered everywhere as he exited the area. However, Arsene soon discovered he was in for it. Behind him, there were six police cars that Arsene could see. Whether they chase was because Sherlock or because he had got on their nerves one too many times, the police seemed rather eager to catch the Gentleman Thief. Luckily, Arsene had come prepared. He was ready for a good chase. He desired the thrills of the fast-paced action.

    But he had no plan whatsoever.

    He had a weapon system to use, which had helped him several times. Reaching for a basket hilt sword, Arsene activated the hardlight blade. It was a weapon the resembled a rapier, but appeared to be more durable, with a hand and a half handle. Near the hand guard, there was a small cylinder, which turned and whirred as Arsene activated the weapon. There many puzzles imbedded in the weapon’s elegant design, which Arsene would not get to reveal. Why, because he was not paying attention to where he was driving. He slid off the side of an embankment (Arsene: cliff is more like it! Me: oh shut up! Who’s telling this story, me or you? Arsene: well, it’s my story. Me: *grumbling and cursing* fine, cliff. Is that better? Arsene: yes, thank you), tumbling off the side. Now, Arsene knew why his mother didn’t like the idea of him using a motorcycle.

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    You can only come to the morning through shadows: Tolkien

    Catholic Creed

    Yo baby bro, my broster, He-Who-I-Annoy-Out-of-Love, my video-gamer, my fellow rock-and-heavy-metal-lover, my apocalyptic prophet, @ragnarok !

    I love you! That’s a threat! 😠

    I’m dropping a character here – you cannot be rid of me.

    Btw, why are you sticking with ur Pinterest profile image but not the name? Inconsistency! Anarchy! I like it! 🤩

    When life knocks you down, wait 'til it passes over you and then attack it from behind.


    Is that profile pic better? Anyways, another character bio
    Ziro Vanitas
    Personality quirks: somewhat rude at time, realist, strict loyalty.
    Description: wolf ears, gray hair, limbs which resemble a wolf’s, wolf tail, around ten. short, thin.
    Species: animal/human hybrid called merik.

    You can only come to the morning through shadows: Tolkien

    Catholic Creed



    When life knocks you down, wait 'til it passes over you and then attack it from behind.


    Just popping in to say, @hannahrenner, do not change your profile pic. Ever. This is not up for discussion.


    To be a light to the world you must shine in the darkness.

    Catholic Creed



    I do what I want.


    When life knocks you down, wait 'til it passes over you and then attack it from behind.


    Was going to murder but this pic actually is worthy, *Yzma voice* all is forgiven…

    To be a light to the world you must shine in the darkness.

    Catholic Creed


    Yeah, I’m gonna stick with Calvin profile images until I get bored of them.

    (Highly unlikely)

    Or until they don’t even tangentially fit me and my writing.

    (More likely)


    Anyway, here’s the character I’m dropping…


    Burn Nocturne

    Age: early 20s. He doesn’t care to keep track.

    Personality: Teetering on the edge of insanity. Unpredictable. Deliberately keeps his distance from people. A jerk with no heart of gold but an admittedly soft spot for small children. Extremely selfish and slowly reaching the very uncomfortable realization that maybe he doesn’t want to be. Has finally met people who won’t take his bad attitude lying down and yet they also won’t leave him alone? This has interested him enough he’s actually sticking around.

    Appearance: angular, sharp, bitter, scar across right ear. mild vitiligo with a noticeable patch on his left cheek. Scar across his right ear. Rough voice from heavy smoking. Blind. Wears a blindfold over his scars. Lean and mean. Does not eat enough.

    Talent (super-power): Smoke Manipulation. Uses this to “see” and can weaponize it. Tries to never let his smoke-cloud dissipate so there’s always enough to “see” and fight with.

    World: Diplopia. A nation / country in the center of the earth. An Orb brightens or dims for a sort-of night/day cycle. However, it’s only present in the central chamber – the most notable settlment there is the Five Hives, a floating city that nomads scornfully call the “OverRealm.” In the branch caverns there is Blue Moss which is bioluminescent. The caverns are highly unstable and ever-changing. There are about 12 stable zones outside the Center and all these are settled and almost micro-kingdoms. Nomadic tribes live in the Shifting Zones. There is a high level of crime outside the Center and Stable Zones. The Shifting Zones are inhabited by Cold Shadows, mysterious monsters that prey on the people living in Diplopia.


    Excerpt from his novel (working title, Brand of the Crypt. VERY likely to change.)

    I learned a lot from that idiot, lizard-saving punk.

    There. I said it.

    Not that it means much to you.

    Ya see, I was minding my own bus… okay, okay, so I had thrown a few rocks at some Shads* for the Abyss of it. I mean, fella’s gotta do something for entertainment on a long, boring mission, right?

    Anyway, they finally caught my scent and … well… that chased me.

    I mean, I could get ahead of them, sure, but they are endurance predators! They just have to keep going when I stop.

    So, I was looking for a way to trap them or at least muddy my scent.

    Ya’know, it was a pretty normal day, honestly.

    Right up until the punk landed smack on top of me.

    I mean, why kind of idiot leans over a bridge like that?! Especially in the mid-levels! Towers in a flooded tunnel!

    Well, I did what anyone would do. I picked myself up and told the punk EXACTLY what I thought.

    She sorta hung her head and shuffled her feet.

    “Are you hurt?” she asked.

    Maybe I shoulda been a little kinder in my response. It wouldn’t have cost me anything. Orb’s light! Even something like “nothing but my pride” would have been better than what I said.

    Well, after showing my true colors, I decided it was time to skedaddle.  I mean, the shadows don’t stop when you stop!

    “Wait!  I’m lost!” she called.  The punk!  “Can you help me?”

    “Look punk, I am on a literal deadline.  If you want ta jabber, do it on the run.”  I interrupted, because I’m nice like that. And I pushed her forward until we were finally out of the narrow hallway.

    “Watch out for the ladder.” I blew a cloud of smoke and listen to her cough.

    “Those things will destroy your lungs.” She said.

    “Hm. Well, I’m blind punk, and my trait is smoke manipulation, and I’m a ranger. You do the math.”

    “You should have gotten a safer job then.” She grumbled.

    I felt the trimmer of thousands of heartbeats from the living rocks. This was not a good place to be in – but I would have some ammo, so that’s something.

    I got the punk up the ladder and then kicked it.

    (Solidly bolted if you were wondering.)

    “Well, that’s unfortunate.” I muttered around another cloud of smoke.

    The hall was narrow, but I squeezed past her. Then I grabbed her arm and pulled her behind me, billowing as much smoke as I could. I lost some of my cloud to the chit-chat. Darn it! I needed enough to fill a chamber if I was gonna “see” it.

    I kinda hoped the gal would confuse my scent. But I had a feeling that was a no.

    Well, there was one thing that would get their attention.

    Anyway, I was gonna loose her as soon as I found her, right?

    So, anyways, I said, “Punk, you gonna either keep up with me or be Shadow food.” I said that being the oh-so-generous punk I am.

    She nodded at me, sorta terrified ya’know and said, “Don’t worry, I’m good at keeping up.”

    I laughed and started smoking again. Considered setting a fire, and dismissed it. I didn’t have the time – more accurately, I lost it (and my smoke) due to this punk…

    “Punk, Ya’gonna have to do better with me. I’m fast and angry and have enemies and a mission.”

    “I can see that.” She said and I could feel her wince as soon as the words left her mouth.

    Heh, at least she can be as thoughtless as me.

    I smoked the room, confirming it was clear of traps and other obstacles.

    She was quiet a long moment – to the point it was getting depressing. So I opened my mouth.

    “Ya’gotta handle?”

    “A what?”

    “A name, punk. Do you have a name?”

    “You could say that.” She said.

    Well, I laughed.

    Then frowned a little as I felt my smoke spread into a wide gap.

    “We’re coming to a pit. You’re gonna hafta jump across at full speed. Roll so you don’t hurt yourself.”

    I put on some extra speed and leaped. The gap was bigger than last time – danged Shads – and I almost fell. My roll wasn’t graceful.

    I stopped an instant to see if the punk made it.

    She was a good jumper even then. Rolled to her feet all graceful and we both took off.

    “So, what can I call you punk?”

    “You seem to have already decided.”

    I could feel the Shadows getting closer – freezing fingers crawling at the back of my neck that screamed “DANGER! DANGER!”

    “Well, I call everyone punk.” I was mostly true when I said that.  I could count on one hand the number of people I hadn’t called punk. Well, back then that is.

    (Three.  That would be three if you want to know.)

    From the shape of my smoke, there was a chamber ahead of us.

    It was time to confront one of the many perils of the midlevel Edgelands. The more open the space, the narrower the path. Dizzy bridges with deadly drops. In some areas you could only walk one step, heel to toe, and part of your foot would hang over the edge.

    And I had to cross, punk or no.

    “Punk.” I said, “You need to do as I do and step where I step.”

    And I’ll actually be honest – calling the thing we crossed a “narrow bridge” was generous. It was actually a series of slightly safer steps between you-will-fall-through-and-die steps.  Slow work.  But good for getting things off your tail.  If you know what you are doing.

    I did. And I had smoke on my side. Especially since – luck of luck – a coal-fire burned in a fissure not too far below us. Who knew how long it had been burning, but it wasn’t there when I ran through last month.

    “Take the right tunnel if you don’t want to come.” I said because, hey, I actually was not completely heartless even then.

    Okay, so I wanted her to chicken out.  But I didn’t wish her dead, even if my knees were still smarting and I would be feeling her tumble in my shoulder for the nest Orb cycle.

    Half-way across I felt the step crack.  I flinched and fell forward, grabbing one of the steps.  I dug my claws in.

    “Stop!” I called.  I heard her freeze and good thing.  The step wouldn’t take any more weight. I gingerly slid forward and stood.

    “When I go to the next step, jump.” I said.

    “Will you catch me?” Punk sounded really pathetic.

    “Jump.” I said.

    She did.  Like I said, punk was a good jumper.  Hope she still is.

    She landed hard, but it was easy to pull her a step forward.  The new trick was to get ahead before what was left collapsed.

    I didn’t explain.  And I didn’t need to.  We ran.  She kept her hand clenched in my shirt and we cleared the last steps right as they gave.

    “I hate this place.” Punk said.  It was a wheezy whisper.  She was one her hands and knees.

    I actually kinda felt sorry for her.

    “Well.” I said.  “It’s about to finish shifting.  So I don’t know what’s ahead.”

    Okay, this is the fun part about the Edgelands.  I don’t care what anyone else says.  One moment, you can know a floor like the back of your hand.  The next WHAM!  Whole new floor.  It evolves more than my self-worth.

    I plunged ahead, humming softly.  I tensed when the punk fell in behind me.

    “So punk, how long ya gonna stay?” I asked.

    I could feel her noncommittal shrug.

    I probably said something nasty to her.  I really don’t remember.  I just know I have a mouth.

    Punk tensed up, but if that bridge didn’t run her off, I was pretty sure I couldn’t SAY something that get her gone.

    “So punk, if you’re gonna stick, I have exactly one rule.” I could feel her right behind me.  “Every man for himself.”

    She slumped in on herself again.

    “I have my pace and I keep my pace.  I ain’t changing for a random punk.” I shrugged.  “And I don’t expect a random punk to change for me.”

    She brightened a bit.  “So, no rules against talking?”

    “Situation dependent.  As long as Shads aren’t around.”


    “The Shadows.  Don’t know what you fancy OverRealmers call them.” I said. (A lie, I do.)  I froze as the sound-waves bounced back to me.

    Punk bumped into me.  I heard her gasp.

    I hadn’t been in a place like this before.  An open space, the floor covered in spikes of all sizes.  Spear big to needle tiny.  A frantic chirping echoed through the chamber

    “You have a plan?” punk asked.

    I did.  “Stay close to the wall.  Go to the exit.”  I crept forward.

    “What exit?”

    Don’t know how she couldn’t see it – since, ya’know, she actually still had eyes – but it was right across the room.

    Apparently, punk didn’t look for escape.  She looked for cave critters.

    “That lizard is stuck.”  Then punk was squeezing her way to the center of the room, heedless of life and limb, to rescue a hissing, snapping, sharp-toothed, thankless beast.

    I left her to it and tip-toed to the door.  I can feel the living stones sucking the air – and my smoke – desperate for food.

    I pulled my smoke away from all walls, ‘sept the right. A landslide perched precariously on a creaking ledge under a gaping hole in the ceiling and above a severely cracking floor.  One wrong bump or loud noise and the remains of the chamber roof will become the chamber floor.  And probably not this chamber’s floor.

    As I was not interested in seeing how many floors down this horrible trap will bring me, I slipped right through the exit…

    Right as the punk goes “OW!”

    The punk jumped back, sucking her thumb.

    “The place is rigged to collapse.” I warned and I went my way.

    There was a soft whisper of the Shads. The thin, skeleton ones with whispery screams that suck the life outta ya and the cold aura that – sometimes literally mind you – froze you in place.

    “Wait!” I heard her scream. “Th-they’re here!” she whimpered.  “Don’t leave me.”

    I smoked behind me – the room was a chaos of information:  Shads already a quarter of the way across the room punk hunkered in the middle, prying at the rocky thorns, lizard screaming squeaky war cries.

    It kinda struck me as funny.  The Place had given me a perfect trap.  Even baited my bait.

    Punk fell forward as a Shad launched beside her.  She was shielding the lizard.  Of course, she was.

    I bent and picked up a huge, warm rock.

    “RUN!” I roared as I hurled the living rock.  It smashed perfectly at the rickety “keystone” of the ledge.

    When the rumbling was over, I went on.  If punk wanted to follow, she would.  And she did.

    After letting the hissing beast go.

    I waited a moment before asking.  “Why in Spires would you save something that bit you?”

    After a pause, after hearing the last rumbles of the room behind us, the punk finally replied.

    “It couldn’t help its nature.”

    It kinda stuck in an odd way. I’m still parsing through that explanation, honestly.

    “My name’s Burn Nocturne. What’s yours.” I hold out my hand for her to shake.

    “… You can call me Search Loremaster.” I felt her smile.

    “That’s not your real name is it?”

    “Nope!” She popped the ‘p’ cheerfully.


    Ha. she’s a funny OverRealmer.  I learned so much from that punk.

    I hope she’s alright.

    When life knocks you down, wait 'til it passes over you and then attack it from behind.


    Hi everyone! I’m going to update Arsene Lupin at some point, but I’m going to delay Ziro’s appearance. Sorry. Instead, I’m going to add another character who could use some structure. He might not stay too long though. His name is Akira Kuon.

    Personality quirks: somewhat power-hungry, adapt and charge on, outwardly calm, holds onto an honorable code.
    Power: fire and ice mimicry through a fairy named Alice:
    Akira is capable turning parts of his body or objects in his possession into fire or ice.
    Description: about 5’8 in height, sturdy build, blue eyes, red messy hair, currently seventeen.
    Weapon: Nagamaki, handle is sky blue and white, while the blade is red and black.
    Species: human/possible half fey.

    World: Modern Earth, born in Japan. However, this modern world has fairies, who partner or bond with humans either voluntarily or hereditarily.

    Well, there will be more of Arsene Lupin before the day is over. Until next time. 🎆🎆🎆🎆

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    You can only come to the morning through shadows: Tolkien


    @ragnarok @hannahrenner @this-is-not-an-alien

    Hi Everybody!
    I’ll be bringing in a fellow!

    Name: Nithel

    Age: 6,542 (He used to look it, wrinkled face, yards of white hair and beard. But he only looks 30 now, and will only admit to being ‘about forty’.)

    Personality: *tempted to just let you find out*
    He shies away from leadership, except with his family. Wherever he is in charge, he’s fiercely protective, loyal, and compassionate. He has many fierce convictions- if asked what he loves or fears, and why, he will answer honestly. Tends to fade into the background as much as possible, but will be touched/honoured if noticed by someone.

    Family: Wife, four kids, three brothers-in-law, many nieces/nephews, two parents-in-law.

    Appearance: Strong from being a carpenter, farmer, (and soldier the past two years), though not noticeable until using strength. Short, about 5′ 6″. Golden blond hair that comes just below his shoulders, and is usually tied back. Bronzed skin. Barely ever smiles. There’s a calm, peace/assurance in his eyes, unless sad otherwise.


    Love is the wisdom of the fool and the folly of the wise.


    I’M BACK!!! AND I BROUGHT AN ADORABLE HUMAN!!!!!! *squeezes Kim and kisses her on the cheek*

    We’re from Fantasy Character Castle that was getting pretty slow so maybe we can just have “Lord Castle” do a thing and our characters fall into this castle, that’ll be the intro scene 😁

    Also, ya’ll guys wanna use the Character Castle chat to declutter the Castle so scenes are in the Character Castle 2.5 and conversations/character bios in the chat?

    Anyway my character (sorry, Esther, can’t do two characters and classes XD) is Alessio (The pyromaniac you’ve heard…so much about @ragnarok 😇)

    Name: Alessio Eliakim

    Age: seventeen

    Appearance: Asian-Latin features, brown eyes, short curly hair, a scar across his forehead hooking on his left eyebrow.

    Personality: Wow bad C-PTSD, pretty sarcastic and jaded but very sweet underneath it all, child protégé and the rest you’ll just have to figure out assuming I haven’t already spoilered irl…

    To be a light to the world you must shine in the darkness.

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