By Emma Starr


This is golden day:

a single moment

that lasts for hours.


I am standing in this field

of brown, crisp grass and stubborn wildflowers,

where the scent of summer stays.

My feet are rooted

in the dark earth.

My eyes are closed,

but my mind is open,

absorbing the liveliness of this world.


My ears listen

to the orchestral buzz and whirr of cicadas,

the conversations between the birds,

and the laughs and sighs of the wind

as the trees sway like marionettes.


A whisper of wings

flickers across my eyelids.

I open my eyes,

and for a moment,

colors blur in a wild dance

from the interruption of new light.



I can see the dragonfly

now perched on the curve of my wrist.

A shimmer of light rides and glides

along the maze of the dragonfly’s wings

as they fold and unfold,

fold and unfold.


The wind’s warm breath coaxes the dragonfly to

skim, skirt, swoop, and sail

in a zigzag through the grasses.

My gaze lifts to a sky tinged

with amber and lavender,

scattered with sparse clouds

in the flood of golden hour.


I see the tiny wings flitting

upward, upward,

and my soul follows:

it rises, rises,

into the sleepy sunlight,

and for a moment,

it flies.


Emma Starr is a notorious bookaholic, contrary realistic-idealist, and lover of both the silly and the significant. Through God’s grace, she strives to live intentionally by pursuing her Savior’s shalom in every part of her life and bringing blessing to the lives of others. If you were to take a peek into her home life, you might find her singing around the house, teaching and practicing piano, doing homework, procrastibaking, doodling, collecting books for her future book vault, reading a novel in a corner, playing geeky board games with family and friends, or scribbling poetry. Things that make her happy include fireflies, cookie dough, good conversations, stargazing, sunflowers, and smiles. To see more of Emma’s work, stop by her and her sister’s blog, Seven Billion Smiles.

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