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    I am scrapping the first draft of my book. I used the plot sheet from the resource library, but unsure where to continue.

    I also need a writing challenge to help me write consistently. I wrote a book in Spring, but since then my schedule has not been good.

    Does anyone want to join me? We can do a small daily word count.

    , @wordsmith, @Sarah Inkdragon, @Princess-Foo, and anyone else who might want to come.


    Princess Foo

    @kjames0813 Do you have an specific questions you need help answering to start writing? How is starting this draft different than starting your first draft?

    I’ll have to think about doing the word count. I am also am not great at writing consistently, especially with the holidays coming up. I do know Erekdale (the best guild ;)), encourages everyone to post weekly goals, and our cool guildmaster @karthmin checks up later in the week to see how everyone is doing. You could join a guild and post your word count there.

    The cake is a lie. acaylor.com


    I struggle with novel plotting last time and needed a lot of help from my mentor.

    I sent in my form for a guild, but am still waiting.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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