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    Veraza Winterknight


    Karim: Awesome! *high fives Madi back*

    Me: Hm. Dragons certainly are popular among your charries R. M.

    Karim: Wait… *rereads post* Only ONE person picked a phoenix!?!? You’re all crazy.

    Me: Well… technically you don’t have a pet phoenix either…

    Karim: That means nothing!!

    Me: Uh-huh.

    Karim: I don’t have any pets!

    Me: Mhm…

    Karim: *crosses arms and glares* If I did pick it’d SO be a phoenix.

    Me: That’s… probably true…

    Kari: It is. I’d pick a dragon though.

    Cora: …I’d pick a unicorn…

    Me: *smirks* I’m seeing a trend here…

    Kari: A unicorn wasn’t one of the choices!!!

    Cora: I’d still pick a unicorn.

    Kari: *facepalms*


    Hi, i’m coming a bit late, so I won’t answer all the earliest questions.

    Jay: I would fight someone who had never lost a fight before. Chances are, he never fought before.
    Aleck: Hard choice. If you beat a legendary fighter, you’d be hero, because there aren’t many of those, so I think I’d do that. Plenty of people beat armies. After all, there are tons of armies out there.


    Jay: Dieing for someone I hate would make me a hero! Definately!
    Aleck: Malcom Ace, this is good advice for you. You should die in a noble act of sacrifice. Would be a good riddance for all it-wasn’t-my-fault mentality.


    Jay: I don’t care, as long as I was a ruler.
    Aleck: I would not do a lot of good but end up evil, because Malcom Ace is living that, and I hate it. Nor would I do a lot of evil and end up good, because Malcom Ace says he’s doing that.


    Jay: I would go to the villain for help. I would rather win, than lose. Easy answer.
    Aleck: I refuse to use a villain. Good always triumphs in the end. You hear that, Ace?


    “Would your character rather save the one person he/she loves most from death or save an entire city from death?”
    Jay: Saving a city would get you more honor. It would make you a hero. Love doesn’t matter.
    Aleck: I’d save the city.

    Jay: It would be easier to stop someone who is relying on brain-power. That, at least, I have.
    Aleck: It’s easy to stop wizards.

    Your story is yours and no one else's. Each sunset is different, depending where you stand. -A. Peterson

    Katherine Baker

    Ooh, fun! May I join? I’m just picking a few at random, and I’ll pick… way too many characters

    Would you rather have a pet dragon or a pet phoenix?

    Belle: Can I say neither?

    Slate: Phoenix, all the way! They look awesome!

    Abigail: It would look pretty awesome to ride into the newsroom on a dragon…

    Lola: I’ll pick a dragon. I think they are misunderstood creatures, and I bet he’d be nice once he had a good home (plus, he wouldn’t set the apartment on fire).

    Would you rather… live in space or in the ocean?

    Belle: Ocean. I could return to the land from there.

    Slate: You’re boring, Belle. I’d pick space! Who would miss out on the opportunity to go there?

    Abigail: Oh, so hard! The ocean has more colors and life, so I’ll go there.

    Lola: I would love to live with dolphins!

    Would your character rather live without AC/heating or without the internet?

    Belle: Without AC/heating. The internet is good for my job. AC/heating is unnecessary comfort.

    Slate: I don’t really get the internet, but I will not sleep another winter night without heating if I have the choice.

    Abigail: What? No internet? I would die! (Because, my job, of course). I’d ditch AC/heating.

    Lola: If I only used the internet for fun, I would ditch it, maybe. I don’t know. Can I go 50/50? No? I’ll ditch internet then, I guess.

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    ...Just like everyone else

    Selah CJW


    I am laughing so hard at your dear character’s preferences! LOL! So true to how you write them, too! 😀

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    Katherine Baker

    Now, my own questions:

    Would your character rather die by burning, or drowning? 

    Would your character rather kill a cat, or own 100?

    Always remember you're unique...
    ...Just like everyone else

    Katherine Baker


    Wow, I’m glad you can imagine them so well from those little writings. That was super fun. Maybe I should push my antagonists through it too…

    Would you rather have a pet dragon or a pet phoenix?

    Wayne: Why? I suppose I like dragons better, but there’s not a clear reason why.

    Isaac: The child inside of me grins at the thought of a phoenix on my shoulder.

    Maria: Neither! They would ruin the furniture!

    Would you rather… live in space or in the ocean?

    Wayne: Space. The sweet solitude…

    Isaac: I believe the ocean would be less boring. Things live there.

    Maria: The ocean. I could still see space if I came up to the surface, but I would also see the glories of the sea. It’s a best-of-both-worlds.

    Would your character rather live without AC/heating or without the internet?

    Wayne: AC/heating, painfully. The internet has too much important information.

    Isaac: I would also get rid of AC/heating. The instant connection to the world… you can’t replace that.

    Maria: What? You boys are crazy! Open your eyes if you want to see stuff. I’d chose to live comfortably enough to sleep at night over a few-minutes head-start on chatter.

    Always remember you're unique...
    ...Just like everyone else

    Veraza Winterknight

    Would your character rather die by burning, or drowning? 

    Karim: Well, technically I can’t die by burning… so.. that since I couldn’t die? Or if that’s cheating I guess I have to go with drowning. *makes face*

    Kari: …drowning? I mean, less pain, and you’d technically fall unconscious before you died…

    Kalsya: *blinks* Why are you asking me this? Is this a trick?

    Would your character rather kill a cat, or own 100?

    Kalsya: Blech. I’d kill one. I don’t really like animals. At all. Unless they’re dangerous and helping me. In which case I’ll tolerate them.

    Karim: I’d kill one. I wouldn’t want to. But I don’t have time for pets.

    Kari: *eyes widen* THOSE… I HAVE TO… AUGH. *bangs head into wall repeatedly* I don’t want to kill anyone. Much less an innocent animal. But there’s NO WAY I could take care of 100. I just don’t have the time. So… *sobs* I’d have to kill one. Unless I could just get Cora to take care of them.

    Cora: NO.


    Would you rather: have all your friends and the world think you are evil while being good or everyone think you good while being evil.
    Jay: I would like it if people thought I was good, so the second choice.
    Aleck: Everyone thinks Malcom Ace is good, but he isn’t. I don’t want to be like him. I choose the first choice.

    Would your character rather be stuck in an arena fight to the death, or sentenced to a quick execution?
    Jay: Quick death. I can’t win in a arena.
    Aleck: I choose the first choice.

    Would your character rather have the worst hair day in the history of hair days, or have his or her hair turn their least favorite color for a week?
    Jay: My least favorite colour might not be other peoples worst colours. I never even see my hair, so I’ll choose that choice. Easy.
    Aleck: I don’t care what my hair looks like as long as it isn’t died. Everyone on this thing keeps trying to make me like Malcom Ace! I won’t give in!

    Would your charrie rather be automatically known and recognized by every single person he/she meets or never be seen ever(as in invisibility that can’t be turned off)?
    Jay: I would love it if people recognized me!!!!!!!!!!!
    Aleck: Invisiblity would be very, very useful.

    Would your character rather lose their sight, their hearing, or their legs?
    Jay: I already lost my arms (practically), why not lose my legs too.
    Aleck: Hearing. totally.

    Would your character rather have super sensitive taste or super sensitive hearing?
    Jay: Hearing. Don’t ask why.
    Aleck: Super sensitive hearing could be helpful.

    Would your character rather go to summer camp for a month, or go to a foreign country for a month?
    Jay: What’s summer camp? I guess foriegn country.
    Aleck: Are you kidding! Summer camp????? I would totally pick the foriegn country. But I’m only allowed there for a month??? Aw, shucks!

    Would you rather live without the internet or live without AC and heating?
    Jay: I am unfamiliar with many of the terms in this question. I guess I’ll just ignore.
    Aleck: I never use the internet. Never. So, I can do without that.

    Would your charrie rather have a pet dragon or a pet phoenix?
    Jay: I have no idea what a phoenix is, but I already have a pet dragon.
    Aleck: I’m friends with a phoenix, but I wouldn’t presume to call her my pet. So, since I already (kind of) have that choice, I’ll choose dragon. It would be helpful for vanquishing Ace.

    Would your charrie rather… live in space or in the ocean?
    Jay: Ocean.
    Aleck: Ocean.

    Would your character rather die by burning, or drowning?
    Jay: drowning.
    Aleck: I don’t care how I die, as long as it is for a good cause, such as stopping Malcom Ace.
    Malcom Ace: Aleck, my lad, why are you so hard on me. I would die for either reason if it meant you would see me properly. But I pick burning. Its slower.

    Would your character rather kill a cat, or own 100?
    Jay: Own a hundred what? I’d take 100 dollars.
    Aleck: 100 cats, silly. I’d kill a cat. Cats suck.
    Malcom Ace: I would gladly take 100 cats. I love cats. I love pets. And no, Aleck, I am not just trying to contradict.

    Here’s my question: Would you rather have no family or relatives, or be related to all your enemies?
    Jay: I wish I had family, and I have no enemies, so I’ll pick that.
    Aleck: I was related to my enemies, and then I wasn’t, and then I was lonely, so I became an honorary family member again. It depends if your only relatives are enemies. If you also had nice relatives, which I do, then I’d choose that. But I’m not saying I like you, Malcom Ace!
    Malcom Ace: I love family, and don’t have enemies. Easy choice.

    Your story is yours and no one else's. Each sunset is different, depending where you stand. -A. Peterson

    Veraza Winterknight

    Would you rather have no family or relatives, or be related to all your enemies?

    Kari: …well, I’m already related to my worst enemies, sadly. But… I have SOOOO many enemies besides them… however. My parents are still missing… and I lost the rest of my family once already. There’s NO WAY I’m letting that happen again… so. Related to the rest of my enemies I guess.

    Karim: I don’t want to lose my siblings. Especially since my parents are already missing. The only benefit to having no family would be my cousins would be gone. So I’d pick related to all my enemies since I don’t really have any that our my enemies anyway. And, I mean, my cousins are already related to me. And… Markus isn’t my enemy anymore. And since he’s gonna become part of the family anyway. Yeah. Definitely enemies related.

    Kalsya: I have no family anymore. So I’ll pick that. Plus there is NO WAY I’d EVER want to be related to that little do-gooder KariBlech.

    Drakone: I’m with Kalsya. I don’t have any family. So that.

    Cora: This is a waste of time. The only enemies I have are related to me already. And technically they aren’t really even my enemies.

    Sage: I don’t have any enemies. I think. And I love my family. So I’d pick to be related to my enemies.

    Jace: I’m with Sage.

    Kieron: I… well. I have you know, the normal enemies one has when helping lead a rebellion, the common soldiers in the opposing army. So I’m going with those don’t count. And then… *sighs* *voice gets quieter* the enemy I’m rebelling against is already related to me. *is depressed*


    Ooh looks fun….I’m gonna answer the previous question…

    Would you rather have no family or relatives, or be related to all your enemies?

    Rase Davenport: *laughs nervously* I guess related to all my enemies, because, well….my dad runs a drug syndicate and all my siblings have joined him. Also I’m pretty sure they want to stop me from achieving my current career choice of an FBI Agent…

    Wilhelm Scarlatti/Scarlet: No family or relatives. You don’t need blood ties to have family, I’ve got all the family I need in the Hood’s Gang.

    Matz Thayer: This is a pointless question I have no known family or relatives. I’m supposed to protect people from enemies so I would still fight them. I’m a dog of the military. However family is one of nature’s best gifts, it would be an interesting experiment.

    Danny Meyer: I am afraid that my entire family was wiped out by the Nazis. *he mutters some German curses which I’m not repeating we are having some troubles with hatred* I would not ever wish to be related to those monsters who tortured my brother and I. (Also some troubles with revenge, ignore him).

    Ben SandezOF COURSE I WOULD WANT TO BE RELATED TO MY ENEMIES! I mean who in their right mind would want to say they would wish their family was dead? I mean, my parents are dead and all, but I’d rather have villain parents than no parents. Also if I was related maybe I could save them, you know?


    WYC rather meet their alternate universe self or the alternate universe self of their main enemy?

    “Scarlet, What are you eating?” ~ “Ghost peppers...” ~ Robin sighed.

    Veraza Winterknight

    WYC rather meet their alternate universe self or the alternate universe self of their main enemy?

    Me: MWAHAHAHA. *shoves Kari up to answer first*

    Kari: ………..um. Technically I have met my alternate universe self. We’re not friends. At all. And… she’s also one of my main enemies. So… I am the alternate universe self of my main enemy…

    Kalsya: *points to Kari’s answer* As much as I hate to agree with her, my answer is the exact same as hers.

    Karim: Alternate universe self of my main enemy. Cuz I’m not entirely sure who that is, but it’s probably Sharn and Shardra. And… their alternate universe self would probably, hopefully be good. And I’d like that.

    Sage: *eyes widen* I’m not really sure. Because on the one hand, I have no enemies. None that I know of anyway. But on the other hand, it’d be cool to meet someone who’d be my, from what I understand, twin. Even if she was evil or something.

    Jace: Hey! I thought I was like your twin!

    Sage: No… you are like a brother who is slightly annoying and just happens to be the same age I am.

    Jace: True…

    Sage: And their’s also the fact that we aren’t twins…

    Jace: *sighs* Also true. I’d probably go with meet the alternate dimensional self of my main enemy. Since I, like Sage, know of no enemies that I have. And I don’t want to risk anything happening to mess stuff up with an alternate me.


    I just realized that I keep forgetting to put new questions. *facepalms about 73 times* Whoops. Anyway, here’s one now that I remember:

    Would your charrie rather be able to fly or breathe underwater?


    Rase: Being able to fly would be amazing…I’ve kinda broken some bones thinking I could fly according to David. *winces as he hears David screaming at him that jumping out a second story window was the worst plan ever*

    Scarlet: Yeah, I’d want to be able to fly. It would make sniping so much easier…

    Matz: Flying does sound agreeable, though Icarus too wished to fly. Would breathing underwater mean one could also stand the pressures? Would underwater exploration be available?

    *moving on because he will rattle for hours debating this, but I think he wants to fly*

    Danny: Being able to breath underwater. I fear drowning again.

    Ben: FLY! Wouldn’t it be awesome! I’d be like Mr. Hero Restoration guy! He can fly using his energy power things!

    WYC rather buy a cat (kitten) or a dog (puppy)?

    “Scarlet, What are you eating?” ~ “Ghost peppers...” ~ Robin sighed.

    Veraza Winterknight

    WYC rather buy a cat (kitten) or a dog (puppy)?

    Shara: A cat. They’re so much better than dogs.

    Sharv: I’m with Shara.

    Kari: I don’t really have the time for pets… but kittens are adorable.

    Karim: Can I just say neither?

    Sage: Can I say both!?!? 

    Jace: No. You cannot.

    Sage: *glares at Jace* I wasn’t asking you!

    Jace: I know. *grins mischievously* Anyway. I’d pick a dog.

    Kalsya: Ugh. Pets. *turns and stalks out of room*

    Drakone: I’d pick either. And then I’d blast it to cinders. I don’t like animals.

    Sage: *hears Drakone* *nearly faints*


    Would your charrie rather be unable to speak, or unable to read and write?

    R.M. Archer

    Would your character rather buy a cat or a dog?

    Nissa: I already have a cat, and I’d get a second one before I got a dog. Dogs are too dependent.

    Detren: I have a dog, and I wouldn’t mind a cat or a second dog. I think I’d prefer a dog, though. They’re more fun.

    Would your character rather be unable to speak or unable to read and write?

    Nissa: I could absolutely do without reading and writing, but I never stop talking.

    Detren: *nods* I’d rather read and write, personally. Books and history are too important to me, and I could do without people depending on me to talk. *chuckles*


    Would your character rather live in the future or the past (Earth time or fantasy time, either one)? (Bonus points for what era they’d pick.)

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    Would your character rather be unable to speak or read and write?

    Jo: *rolls her eyes* could you pick a question that doesn’t have such an obvious answer?

    Gae: *reads over question* it’s not obvious

    Jo: *raises her eyebrows* be unable to read and write duh

    Gae: but my books…

    Jo: Are you kidding me? *paces* they wouldn’t be able to feed us propaganda that way.

    Gae: but my books.

    would your charrie rather live in the future or the past

    Gae: *jumps up and down excitedly* I know I know! Past! *moans* I can’t choose a time period there’s too many good ones, there’s the industrial revolution and of course when Einstein was living so I could meet him, and I could be on Columbus’s ship, I could watch the declaration being signed! Or meet the first female president!!

    Jo: *stares confusedly at her brother* no, the future. Then maybe someone might’ve figured a way out of this hole! And if I fail the guilt won’t be on me!


    would your character rather have chicken pox or poison ivy? (in the case that they are severely allergic to both)

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