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    Kayla Skywriter

    Would your character rather (knowing that they are a part of a story) have read their whole story before it happens, or ONLY know how things end and have to figure everything else out as the story progresses?

    Alex: Know the end, I’d like some surprises.

    Jayden: If I have to know what’s going to happen I need to know everything

    Jane: I agree with Jayden, only knowing the ending is cruel.

    Calin: I’d like to know just the end.

    Alex: Calin, come over here and be my friend, I’d come hug you, but I don’t know where you are.

    Calin: *moves over to his new best friend* *hugs Alex*

    Jane: *whispers* what are they doing

    Jayden: I don’t know

    Would you rather be colorblind and deaf or completely blind and have super keen hearing?

    Alex: I keep telling you, I AM BLIND, but I’ll take that super hearing if you don’t mind

    Jayden: Someone has to be my brother’s eyes

    Calin: I will

    Jayden: What is happening? I’m supposed to give up everything for my brother

    Calin: Now I will, you can go back to being the villain.

    Jayden: um, okay. But I’d still rather be color blind and deaf.

    Jane: I need to be able to see, goodbye sound.


    How we chose to fight is just as important as what we fight for


    Kayla Skywriter

    New question: Would your character rather be the oldest or youngest sibling?

    Alex: Youngest!

    Jayden: Oldest!

    *glare at each other*

    Jane: I’m an only child, so I’m both. But I’d rather have an older sibling than a younger one, so Youngest?

    Calin: I’ll stay the youngest


    How we chose to fight is just as important as what we fight for


    Veraza Winterknight

    Would your character rather be the oldest or youngest sibling?

    Kari: Uh. I’m the middle child. So… I guess youngest? Cora’s always so motherly, I don’t want to get that over protective. But Karim’s fine when he’s not being annoying, so I’ll be youngest.

    Eina: I’m the middle as well, and I don’t really care. Oldest, I guess.

    Keldan: I was the oldest until they died. I’ll stay.

    Zane: I’m already the youngest.

    Lyra: Um. I don’t have any siblings.

    Neera: Oldest. Then Tyrone would have to listen to me and I’d get to do more.

    (ENFP) Even the word hopeless is not entirely devoid of hope.


    Emberynus The Dragonslayer

    Would your character rather be the oldest or youngest sibling?

    Abner: *sets his jaw* oldest. . . I-*voice chokes off* I want to be the oldest again. *tears fill his eyes*

    Adair: I-I *bites her lip* I don’t care!! I like being- I mean I LIKED being-UGH I don’t care, *bursts into tears* *covers her face with her hands*

    Abner: Adair- Adair are you alright?! *puts a hand on her shoulder*

    Adair: NO! Do I LOOK alright?!! OF COURSE I’m not alright!! Leave me alone! Don’t touch me. *smacks Abner across the face*

    Abner: *winces* *takes his hand on her shoulder* *lowers his head*

    Me: ADAIR! That’s not allowed here!

    Adair: I don’t care! You already made me keep my guns and knives away! I feel like stabbing him through his heart right now! *glares hatefully at Abner*

    Me: ADAIR!!! You’d better not! I’m sure the other nice people in this forum wouldn’t appreciate it! And neither would I! BEHAVE yourself! And stop being so cruel to Abner! If anyone deserves your kindness it’s him!

    Adair: I’ll do as I please *fingers something at her side*

    Me: *kneels down in front of Abner’s chair* Abner, are you okay? *puts hands on his face*

    Abner: *nods* I’m alright. Thanks.

    Me: Your welcome *kisses his cheek**then in answer to his shocked, embarrassed expression* I’m the author. I’m allowed to do that.

    Abner: *blushes* thanks

    Me: Your welcome *sighs* see @banana-peacock-warrior that’s what Abner meant by “not the most friendly*

    Francis: *in answer to the question* I-I don’t know *glances nervously at Adair*

    Phoenix: Youngest

    Skye: Oldest, the youngest always gets pushed around

    Judah: Middle

    Hector: *sighs sadly* Oldest


    You can't live for long living for nothing-Hector Griffin



    *Megyn smiled brightly when Abner first walked in, then she and Jim watched the ‘exchange’ with @emberynus-the-dragonslayer, Abner and Adair with sadness and dismay. . . and at the end, exchange  half-hearted smiles*

    Megyn: *leans forward and whispers in his direction* “I’m sorry, Abner.” *smiles sympathetically at him*

    Would your character rather be the oldest or youngest sibling?

    Dayton: *rolls her eyes* The oldest.

    Alan: “Hm. Don’t know . . . Don’t really care.”

    Jim: *thinks a moment* “I guess the oldest. Like to help out younger ones.”

    Megyn: *sits thinking deeply with an almost sad expression* “Though I really wouldn’t care as long as I had a sibling, I’d rather be the youngest.  .  . and have an older brother. . .

    New Question: Would you rather die slowly of an incurable disease or be ripped apart by a savage beast?

    *All blink in horror and dismay*

    Dayton: *grumbles and stiffens her back* “I’d rather just have it over with. So the beast for me.”

    Alan: *swallows nervously* “Umm . . .Do I REALLY have to choose?! I’d rather not have either . . . *thinks*  Just let me be eaten alive. Might be more exciting! . . .

    Jim: *sets his jaw and thinks* “I’d rather be eaten alive if nobody saw it happen. Don’t want anybody to be haunted by that. If I’m not alone . . . *shakes his head* I don’t know . . . ”

    Megyn: *clasps her hands around her knee and swallows* “I’m not sure . . .  I’d tend to agree with Jim . . . but being sick might actually provide even more opportunities to share my faith with others. * ponders a moment more*  “If it was to protect Eirian, I’d rather be eaten alive. Otherwise, I’d rather be sick. In the end, it really doesn’t matter how you enter eternity; only where and with Whom you spend it.”

    Psalm 119:11
    Your word I have hidden in my heart,
    That I might not sin against You.

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