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    Before I came to Christ, and in my first months as a Christian, I was a huge fun of worldbuilding. I spent hours creating cultures, maps, climates, languages and so on, not for a certain story, but just for the sake of creating a fantasy world. Later, I slowly stopped, since I felt I spend too much time on it, and moreover, I thought it doesn’t glorifying God.

    As I grew more, some of my old perceptions have changed – for example, I can glorify God by simply drawing animals (and praising him for his amazing creation). So, I started wondering, maybe worldbuilding for its own sake isn’t necessarily bad and ungodly. Is my urge to invent whole new worlds is sinful and fleshly? Or maybe it’s a talent God gave me to glorify him? And if so, how can I use it to glorify him and to deliver godly values and messages?…

    I don’t trust myself and my knowledge of God enough in this subject, so I would be very thankful to anyone who’ll help me with some wise advice! 🙂

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    Sure, worship can happen in every area of life. Worldbuilding isn’t much different from taking a walk in that way. Just, hopefully, worldbuilding doesn’t consume your life. 😛

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    I’d venture to add that worldbuilding is a reflection of God’s creativity. Personally, I’ve come to better appreciate and understand God as a creator through building worlds and characters of my own and developing their workings. It shows me different facets of His character, and plants a wonder that He’s able to create all that He does flawlessly. When I look at my own feeble attempts, it puts His power and knowledge and craftsmanship (both as a creator in general and as a storyteller) into greater perspective. Like most things, I think it depends on your intention with and mindset toward it.

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Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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