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    Martin Detwiler

    Quick midday edit: I’d like to retroactively label what I was talking about as “dynamic cultures” rather than fractured. It was late and I couldn’t think of a better term. 😛

    Hopefully will make a real response tonight. 🙂


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    Hope Ann

    A pity. I like the term ‘fractured.’

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    Catherine Roche

    @hope-ann @kate @r-m-archer @morreafirebird @karthmin Wow, this is so helpful! Thank you to all of you. I made a Google Document based on this to help me develop my worlds. Link

    (Side Note: R.M., I’ve been doing some research into genre, and what I’ve discovered is that one of the main aspects of Speculative Fiction that readers love is a well-developed, unique world that they can immerse themselves in; so, going deeper than is strictly necessary is great.)

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    Hi! This has probably already been mentioned, but Story Embers has a worldbuilding questionnaire. Here’s the link that shows the resources that Story Embers has: https://storyembers.org/resources/

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Viewing 4 posts - 16 through 19 (of 19 total)
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