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    I’m just wondering who’s doing which one because I’m doing Writer’s Journey and I love it so far, but I just want to know which one you all are doing/like most and where you are. I’m on checkpoint 3# (I think…) on the Writers Journey and it’s great! What about you? 😀

    Lady Iliara

    @ashlyvye I’m doing the Writer’s Rank Advancement Guide, so I’m at different ranks for different things. But overall I got Novice. 😀

    I haven’t had the chance to check out any of the resources yet; I have plays I’m performing in through next month, so I think summer will be the time for me to get back into writing again!

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    I barely had a second to glance at the two plans when SE opened, so I don’t know which one I’m doing yet.
    I’m a Novice.

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    Daeus Lamb

    *heart is warmed* 😀

    K.M. Small

    @ashlyvye I’m probably going with the Writers Rank Achievement Guide, as I’ve identified my weak areas and really want to focus on strengthening those 🙂

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    Hmm, two Writer’s Rank Advancement writers… I’m curious, why’d you guy’s choose the ones you’re doing?

    Lady Iliara

    @ashlyvye I think it said that if you score less than 30, the Journey Plan was a better option. I scored 35 (I think), so I chose the other. Also, I’m more confident in some areas than others, and I liked the thought of picking and choosing which resources seemed most helpful. 😀

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    I scored a 50, so I’m at the intermediate level. I’m not allowing myself to write until after May 12th (for purposes of sanity and priorities), but when I do, I’ll be most likely be using the Writer’s Rank to focus on the areas I need improvement in, but while referencing the Journey to keep an eye on the overall result as well.


    R.M. Archer

    I scored a 40, intermediate, and I’m using the Writer’s Rank Advancement Guide. It feels more manageable to me to focus on each area individually, as well as more flexible. The Writer’s Journey felt to rigid for my taste. *shrugs* The test told me I’m not nearly as good as writing as I thought, though. I need improvement (and in most cases about three tiers of improvement) in almost every area. The only thing I felt really confident in was genre. XP I didn’t think I’d score amazingly, but I’d expected there to be one or two big areas I was comfortable in and there weren’t. *sighs* I’ve got a lot of work to do.

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    I am doing the Writer’s Journey. I am a Novice writer essentially. I retired from my ‘day job’ as an Orthopedic PA after 30 years with same practice. I have always wanted to write to get my story and His story out there whether it is non-fiction or fiction. I have been reading and studying some about story structure and outlining from K. M. Weiland and others. I also am reading and studying about short stories but haven’t written it yet for the Checkpoint 1. I have done some reading on platform and have been doing some blogging on WordPress and Blogger for practice. So I guess I am doing a combination of Checkpoint 1, 2 & 3 at the same time on the Writer’s Journey.


    Linyang Zhang

    I scored an intermediate. I’m planning on using the Writer’s Journey Plan, because I’m the sort of person that NEEDS a checklist. But I suppose I will be checking out some of the resources and books mentioned in the other guide thing.

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    I scored a 60 and got expert level and will work on pursuing publication. 🙂

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    I’m using the Writer’s Rank Advancement, because the Writer’s Journey seemed to me to be focused primarily on publishing as the end goal, whereas I’m looking more to simply improve my writing. I believe I scored a 49 on the ‘Discover Your Writing Rank’ quiz.

    Aislinn Mollisong

    The what now? I must have missed this…. *goes to check it out*

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    Andrew Schmidt

    I did the test once and got intermediate. I might do the test again sometime soon.

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