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    Catholic Creed


    Would not allowing me to tap to Believer at midnight be a sense of pride? 🤔

    No. It is called keeping a decent sleeping schedule. Which is taking care of myself. Which is loving myself – which is something Jesus commanded (love thy neighbor as thyself).

    For Pete’s sake! I have to get up at 4:00 am!

    Which is for my job – I work in the garden center at Lowes on in Merchandising. We have to be there at 5:00 am. Getting up so early can bite sometimes, but I love my job so, there’s that.

    Which is funny because I have a degree in Accounting. 😂


    But on another note… fanfiction is cool! Is there something in particular you’re writing about?

    My premise boils down to “a Beauty and the Beast / Treasure Planet fusion about a band of cursed pirates displaced in time who will do anything to get home – including kidnapping the daughter of their friend and rescuer.”

    Link here

    I don’t really like my exposition so far, so I’m taking a minute to restructure the darn thing into something more entertaining that also sets up for the story. We’ll see what it looks like 😰




    One final note: You drink your coffee your way, I drink it mine. Rebel against the societal conventions that enforce segregation of people who drink different beverages, still less people who drink their coffee differently. I mean, come on! The American Rebellion against British taxes is NOT the place to become snooty.

    (Also, I will on a whim doctor the snot out of my coffee. But 4:00 am coffee is straight black, sipped on until time to go when the last bit is thrown back with reckless gusto.)

    When life knocks you down, wait 'til it passes over you and then attack it from behind.

Viewing 46 post (of 46 total)
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