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    So.. Just for fun.

    What genre(s) of stories, books and stuff, in general, do y’all write in? And why?

    What influenced you to write in that particular genre?


    (some brave soul–or Sparky Emberling–can start us off… )

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    So I started out writing in the sci-fi genre for this reason: superheroes.

    I love superheroes, their origin stories, their powers, and their arcs. I grew up reading comics and watching every superhero related show that existed in the early 2000s, and since then, my love has only grown, because I learned to write about it.

    But my novel is in the fantasy genre. I don’t have a reason for that, specifically. It just…sounded fun? And it is. Nothing like mermaids, archers, princesses, and dragons to make a story sparkle.

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    Quinn O’Fallon

    Fantasy, all the way. I tried writing sci-fi, but it wasn’t me. I spent a lot of the time wishing I was writing a fantasy novel. I still like to throw dashes of sci-fi technology in there, though…

    K.M. Small

    @girlsetfree I write fantasy and dystopian. Bryan Davis’s novels inspired me to write fantasy (plus a bunch of movies I watched as a kid), and Nadine Brandes’ Out of Time series inspired me to write dystopian. I mainly write in these genres because I like to explore other worlds, especially fantastical ones and ones that are futuristic but don’t have too much strange technology 😛

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    Okay. I finally dug up enough courage to actually go along with my own thready… 🙂

    I am writing in the Military Fiction/Thriller genre. Why? Because it’s my favorite genre nowadays. Perhaps that would change with time, but for now… that’s how things stand. Why is that my fav genre? I love the armed forces, the political thrills and world-ending tensions, and the challenge of balancing world-level events with more personal, emotional interactions between characters. Plus, I think that this is a genre that are missing good Christian authors.

    Right now, I’m into submarines and ICBMs. Be aware and beware. 🙂

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    Zachary Holbrook

    I write high fantasy. I was inspired by Brandon Sanderson’s cosmere to create an immense, detailed universe of my own, a project I’ve been working on for the past year or so. So far I’m only a fraction of the way finished, but I like the ideas I’ve developed so far.

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    Lady Iliara

    I definitely write fantasy, mainly because most of my favorite books were fantasy and I grew up imagining and acting out little “stories” when I played. The very mindset is part of me I suppose, because I just haven’t had ideas for dystopian or sci-fi or historical fiction. Once a long time ago, I had an idea for a girl who lives in a dystopian world, but in the opening scene she gets transported to a fantasy world, so it wouldn’t count. (Also I was 8.)

    Which brings me to a minor question: is steampunk a different genre than fantasy? Is it a sub-genre? (Is it even a genre?) What do y’all think?

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    Sarah Baran

    I write fantasy because Tolkien.

    *as Sarah wins the award for most involved answer*

    Lady Iliara

    @ethryndal How true. In fact, that may be the most correct answer… 😛

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    @girlsetfree I generally do coming-of-age. (aka bildungsroman)

    I’m in the very beginning stages of outlining and plotting my first novel, but it looks like it will definitely be a coming-of-age, with some elements take from mystery and historical fiction.

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    R.M. Archer

    I write fantasy, primarily, ever since I read the Magic Kingdom of Landover and Shannara books by Terry Brooks. (Before that it was mystery, but we’re just going to forget about those…) I also write sci-fi/dystopian (my main sci-fi world is also kind of dystopian, but it mostly comes across as sci-fi so… I’m never sure how to classify it, lol.) since I began reading more YA dystopian. I may not have enjoyed the majority of the YA dystopian I read, but it did influence my writing. ;D

    Primarily, though, I write fantasy. I like the freedom and flexibility I have. It’s really just a blank canvas. You can do just about anything with it. As someone who has too much desire for control it’s nice to be able to just write freely.

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    I primarily write fantasy.  For NaNo a while back, I wrote a dystopian story and I loved doing it, but I realized that it wasn’t my strongest area of writing.  So I write fantasy, both portal and high fantasy and throw in some dystopian elements for fun.


    Ohh…. Lots of fantasy-writing people over here. Bet we can find a few dragons and unseen creatures somewhere here. 🙂

    While I do not want to offend anyone (farthest thing from my mind, really)…is there anyone in SE who writes in other fiction genres besides fantasy/dystopian/sci-fic? Like stories with actual people in reality, something like that…historical fiction, thrillers, cli-fic, whatever.

    Just curious!!

    God bless you all!!


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    Sam Kowal

    @girlsetfree *wicked grin* Let me interrupt your question by informing you that I, too, write fantasy.

    Okay. Now that’s out.

    There are some people here, I believe, but I can’t remember tags off the top of my head. Over on Kingdom Pen, we were always excited to meet someone who wrote in a different, more realistic genre. So honestly, it’s wonderful to have you here

    *nom, nom, nom*


    @sam-kowal. So you’re saying that I’m the lone ranger for realistic fiction here. *raises eyebrows* Good to know. 🙂

    I’m fairly new to KP, having just been accepted there. 🙂 I’ll look around there.. whenever I have a few extra minutes.



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