What does it look like for God to be alive in your story?

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    Kate Lamb

    @Daeus-Lamb @Ethryndal great point about the author’s walk with Christ seeping over into their work. As far as I’ve observed that’s definitely true, but I hadn’t thought about it in so many words.

    So to me, God is alive in a story when the story points people beyond the surface and leaves them thoughtful and wondering. Even if God is not specifically mentioned—or the characters aren’t “Christian,” per se, but just characters in a world of my own making—I think our stories can have a godly influence and open the door to further understanding of God.

    that’s the perfect way to say it. Couldn’t agree more.

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    Sam Kowal

    @daeus-lamb There’s some really long and deep replies on here. I would just add, for something simple:

    A story with God alive in it should make people suck in a little breath and say ‘Oh. There is a King in all of this. And he is good.’

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    Kate Lamb

    @Sam-Kowal *nods* Just about. 😉

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    Daeus Lamb

    @lady-iliara Your comment actually reminds me of something K.M.Wieland has said a couple times. I’m going to butcher this, but it was something like:

    “Storytelling isn’t about giving the right answers, it’s about asking the right questions. Answers are inherent within questions by nature, so the real issue is finding what questions to ask.”

    I think that’s a slight exaggeration, but pretty much right on track.

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    Lady Iliara

    @daeus-lamb Wow, that is a great quote. Spot-on! 😀

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    Carolyn Matthews

    @daeus-lamb     It’s a really cool question. I think that God should be acknowledged in the story as a real being. Characters should struggle throughout the story, occasionally yelling at God. Basically, make it realistic and include God’s patient silence throughout the novel, as well as encounters with him. I feel like you should also give him control of the story line throughout the novel, so that he really is working throughout it. I’m not sure if I just restated anybody else’s answers; I’m reading them now.

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    Brie Donning

    Good question. I really like what @daeus said here.

    Oh, here’s another one — God feels alive when there is an understanding (implicit or explicit) that Humans possess eternal souls.

    There’s that, there’s a sense of purpose, of  a world that’s wrong and needs to be made right, and there’s a moral divide.

    I once read a fantasy novel by a Christian author that just didn’t have that. There was a hero who was fighting against an evil mage, but he was angry, destructive, and wasn’t really a better person than the evil mage. Sure, he wasn’t trying to gain power over the world, but he didn’t really care about most people. And there wasn’t anyone else trying to guide him onto a right path. I didn’t feel God in that story at all.

    And then there’s A Cast of Stones by Patrick Carr. The main character is a drunk to start off. He doesn’t care. But he does have a whole bunch of people giving him advice, making him into a good person.

    I’ve also noticed in some older books (And even a few newer ones), that though the characters aren’t strongly Christian, and aren’t always praying or thinking about God’s existence, he’s always there, in the background. Nominal belief on God is just woven into the background of society. The Scarlet Pimpernel books are one example.

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    I’ll….. probably be back if I have any particular deep thoughts of my own but wow this is one deep topic, peoples. -awed applause-



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