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    Carl Watson

    My favorite writing technique is to start by brainstorming ideas. I find that having a list of topics and ideas helps me to stay organized and focused. Once I have a list of potential topics, I like to narrow it down to one that I feel particularly passionate about. From there, I like to spend time researching the topic and gathering a variety of sources. Once I have a good understanding of my topic, I can start to construct an outline of my essay. As I’m professional Wikipedia Writer this helps me organize my ideas and gives me a structure to work from. Finally, I can start writing the actual essay, making sure to include strong evidence and examples throughout to make my points more concrete. I find that this technique helps me to write better essays and puts me in a better position to achieve success. What are your thoughts on this ?


    Since I became a non fictional writer (chronicles and travel diaries), I can relate to this method. But my main resource of themes came from obsereving things around and my thoughts about. The research is the third part.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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