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      Thanks. *blushes*

      Your WIP sounds so epic!!! I have mad respect for people who can write fantasy. *gives applause*

      I have trouble explaining my WIP in a way that makes it sound interesting. So please bear with me. Lol.

      My story is about a teenaged girl named Alexandrea Monarch, and the quest she and her friends go on to find out the strange things happening at their school. *face palms because it doesn’t half as cool as I want it to*

      The Wingfeather Saga is Fantasy series. I must admit I have only heard of two of those authors *ducks head behind book* I just found Nadine Brandes, and I’ve been obsessed with C.S Lewis since I was a kid.

      I know a lot of questions have been asked lately, so I’m going to go for a strange one. If you could pick to meet any author, famous or otherwise, who would it be?

      Thank you for taking to me *smiles*


      August Grace


        Wow your WIP sounds awesome!

        I know! I struggle with making my novel sound interesting! When I tell non writer people my writing projects, they look at me blankly and say. “Wow that sounds cool.” or “Uh-hu.”  and their voice just lacks that enthusiasm that my soul squints at them and goes, “Liar.”

        Oh yes! *punches a fist in the air* A FANTASY SERIES!!! I’ve been trying to find a good fantasy series since the moon was a lil’ child. This is already flying to my TBR.

        Ok WOW you gave me not only a awesomely strange question but also a hard one.

        I would love to meet Nadine Brandes… but then I really want to meet C.G. Drews because we live in the same country (lol). But I would travel back in time to meet C.S. Lewis. Then he can tell me all his secrets to success. hehe

        So ummm…. I don’t know which one! *closes eyes tightly to think* Ok. I’ll go with C.G. Drews.

        Can you tell me your answer to that question? I’m really curious now.

        When I read ‘Thank you for taking to me *smiles*’ I smiled like had just won the lottery and said ‘Nah. Not a problem. Thanks for taking to me!’

        Aussie contortionist, acrobat, photographer, filmmaker, runner, musician and health fanatic.




          Thank you *grins and blushes*

          I’m kinda glad I’m not the only one who struggles with that, haha. I get what you mean about taking to non writers/readers. They just don’t seem to get it.

          Yay! The Wingfeather Saga is such a great series. I’m really hoping you like it. *smiles brightly*

          I must confess that I haven’t heard of C.G. Drews. What are some of the books he has written?

          Ooh, that’s a tough question… I would have to say it’s either C.S.  Lewis, or… Maybe one of authors from the Bible.

          I’m always so super happy to talk to other writers *smiles so hard my face hurts* I don’t get to do it very often.

          Another question; If there was one book you could forget completely, just so you could read it again like it was the first time, what book would it be?


          Abigail Rebekah


            Hi, *waves*

            I’m happy to chat 😉

            So, do you have a fav book or series?

            I really like the Men of Grit series by Joh J. Horn. Oh, and Hope Ann’s books.

            Have you been to any other countries before? I’ve been to America which I LOVED  xD

            Oooh, cool WIP.

            Sorry, last question…

            How many siblings do you have?


            ~ Laugh. Drink Coffee. Smile. And Write ~




              Hello there! *waves back*

              One of my all time fave books is The Ryn, by Serena Chase. I’m not sure if I could name a fave series though, that’s a tough question. Lol XD

              I haven’t heard of those series yet, but they sound really cool!

              I have never been out of my country, but I’ve always wanted to travel.

              And, I have a few blood relatives, but I mostly have a lot of close friends.

              If you could travel back in time to witness one thing, what would it be?


              Abigail Rebekah


                Cool. What genre is The Ryn?

                Yeah, they are really good 🙂

                Do you live in America?

                Nice. I have quite a few cousins, but some live in England so I’ve never met them in person before *crying face*

                Oooh, cool question…

                Well, I guess seeing Jesus when he was alive/when he died would be very powerful and amazing, so I’d want to be able to go back then. But also, being able to witness how people like Corrie Ten Boom and Irena Sendler stood up against the Nazis would be amazing too. IDK 🙂

                How about you?

                P.S. How old are you?


                ~ Laugh. Drink Coffee. Smile. And Write ~




                  The Ryn is probably in the fantasy genre. I highly recommend, if it’s something you’re in to.

                  Having cousins in England sounds awesome! Although never having met them is kinda sad.

                  I either live in America or Mars…I’m not really sure which. 😉 I am between the ages of 1 and 84,000. Probably closer to one side then the other, lol.

                  Going back to when Jesus was alive would be so incredible! I think I would go back the time when He walked on water, that would be amazing to see!


                  August Grace


                    G’day from a beautiful and sunny Australia!

                    C.G. Drews is a young woman (btw, I would have assumed her to be a man just by her initials as well). She has published ‘A Thousand Perfect Notes’ and ‘The Boy Who Steals Houses’. Both are on my TBR… my library is just taking forever to get them in.

                    Same! I absolutely love the SE writing community! Everyone is so positive and kind!

                    Wow you are good at asking hard and equally strange questions! The one book that I would forget, only to fall in love with it again would be ‘The Detective’s Assistant’ by Kate Hannigan. I remember when I read it first, years ago, I just saw the cover and was like ‘I WILL GET THIS BOOK NO MATTER WHAT IT TAKES…’ It was a very rewarding and beautiful read.

                    What would your answer to the question be? If you could meet any book character in real life, who would it be?
                    (the answer can be someone who was real, or an imaginary character) I wouldn’t mind going back to see Jesus. But if I could only choose a fiction character, I’d choose Aslan, or Winnie (from Winnie the Horse Gentler, my fave tweens series).


                    Aussie contortionist, acrobat, photographer, filmmaker, runner, musician and health fanatic.




                      Hi again!

                      I am glad I am not the only person who thought that sounded like a guy’s name. *blushes* I will have to check those books out. I’m always on the lookout for new reads. *claps hands excitedly*

                      Haha, I’m glad you like my strange questions. To answer yours….It would probably have to be The Ryn. I’m not going to lie, it’s got to be one of my favorite books of all time!

                      To answer your second question – which, by the way, is a great one! – I would have to copy you and say Aslan. And for a second choice…. I don’t know if you could actually meet them, but the White Light from Fawkes.

                      If you could go into any book series or novel, what would you pick?



                      August Grace



                        Cool! I’ll have to check out The Ryn… just to because I can’t be bothered to Google it… what is it about? What is your favourite part?

                        Aw! *slaps hand in face* I should have thought of the White Light!

                        I’d totally go into Fawkes, Narnia and the Kingdom series. I honestly can’t pick one. 🙂

                        If you could spend a day with one famous author… who would it be?

                        Aussie contortionist, acrobat, photographer, filmmaker, runner, musician and health fanatic.



                          <p style=”text-align: left;”>G’day! Haha :D</p>
                          The Ryn is a story about a young lady. She is a princess with amazing gifts born to save her kingdom from deadly enemies, but….She has no idea she’s even a princess! My example doesn’t do it any amount of justice, though. And my favorite part is….that’s a tough question, btw….Oh! Is probably the part where she inadvertently locks her bodyguard/handsome knight in a room. Lol.

                          Yeah, haha, I love how sarcastic the White Light is. My favorite line was “Maybe he can fix the pigeon.”  I’m super sarcastic, so I think the White Light and I would get along. XD

                          I would go into Narnia in half a heart beat, haha. Fawkes I would have to give it a bit more thought, it’s a pretty scary world. Full confession…I have not heard of the Kingdom series. *blushes* What is it about?

                          Ooo, I like this question! *claps hands gleefully* If I could spend a day with one author, it would probably be C.S Lewis. And if not him, then John White. What about you?

                          If you could co-author a book with someone, famous or unknown, who would it be?


                          Emberynus The Dragonslayer

                            @shadowwriter161 Wow. I haven’t talked to you in a while!  Your stories sound awesome!

                            You can't live for long living for nothing-Hector Griffin




                              Hi! Yeah, it has been a while.

                              Thank you *smiles* I still struggle with making the book sound interesting and exciting to others. Does anyone else struggle with that?

                              Also, I have to say, I LOVE your name! It’s so cool. Mad props.


                              August Grace


                                Wow! The Ryn is now officially on my TBR. 🙂

                                I laughed so hard when you mentioned the White Light’s sarcasm! Yes! That’s my fave line too!

                                The Kingdom series (I need to say I only read 2 of the books) is a Christian medieval allegory of the Bible. I’m not sure if that makes any sense… just Google it if it doesn’t. *grins because that’s the fix for everything*

                                I would spend a day with Nadine Brandes or C.G. Drews.

                                Oooooo! Co-author? ok wow… IDK! Maybe Hannah Shoop, or Nadine Brandes. Who would you co-author with? If you could, would you co-author with an author from the past (if you lived when they were alive)?

                                Aussie contortionist, acrobat, photographer, filmmaker, runner, musician and health fanatic.




                                  Yay! *happy dance* When you read it, I really want to know what you think.

                                  Sarcasm is like a second nature to me XD

                                  I will definitely look that up, thank you. *smiles*

                                  Spending the day with Nadine Brandes would be awesome!

                                  Trying to choose who to co-author with is super hard. Lol. Maybe C.S. Lewis. His works are incredible, and I think working with him would be awesome.

                                  If you could mesh any two books from completely different series, which two books would you choose?

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